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Big Benches in Emilia-Romagna, Italy

by /// May 28, 2024
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Of the 282* Big Benches, 15 are in Emilia-Romagna.

The Big Bench Community Project (BBCP) was born in 2009 when the American designer Chris Bangle and his wife Catherine – residents of Clavesana in Piedmont – thought of these oversized installations as a solution to support the local communities, the slow tourism, and the excellence of the artisans of the towns where the benches are located.

What are the Big Benches?

Obviously, they are large benches (approximately 2 and a half meters high and 3 meters long): a large-scale reproduction of the classic benches in public gardens.
But behind the structure, there’s a philosophy: a change of perspective given by the size of the bench, capable of giving those who sit on it a child-like look, capable of being amazed and moved by the beauty of the landscape.

These are just the 2 essential requirements of a Big Bench:

  • the position in a panoramic place, isolated and surrounded by nature
  • the construction on land accessible to the public.

These installations – in addition to giving perfect shots for Instagram – allow you to live an intense experience, to be shared with others: benches are large enough to accommodate many friends, enjoying the surrounding landscape; and at the same time, Big Benches allow you to discover the unique heritage of little-known towns.

The Passport of the Big Benches

If this intrigues you, you can collect your visits on a special passport where to print the stamps from each bench.
To find out where to get your passport and where to collect the stamps, just look for the signs near each of the Big Benches overlooking the incredible landscape of Italy.

Big Benches for families, and more!

Big Benches are a perfect attraction to amaze your children: they will savor the thrill of discovery, among meadows and trees.
Here’s some useful information to plan your trip to one of the giant benches of Emilia-Romagna:

  • trails pass often through woods and unpaved in places; we recommend the baby carrier to the stroller – even if it’s a trekking stroller – because the paths sometimes include strong ups and downs or narrow passages;
  • comfortable shoes suitable for walking in the woods are recommended;
  • these are mainly short-term routes, but there are no refreshment points along the way; therefore remember to bring water and some snacks (to complete the experience with a breakfast/lunch with a memorable view), as well as sunscreen & hat to avoid unpleasant nuisances;
  • Big Benches are accessible all year round, 24 hours a day; every season is good to visit them: in spring with the awakening of nature, in summer to find refreshment, in autumn to admire the fall foliage, and in winter with the poetry of the snow.

Whether you are a walker, a cyclist, a family with children, or simply a curious person, to go beyond the usual destinations, discover the Big Benches Emilia-Romagna!

Castelnovo ne' Monti (RE) | Big Bench n° 58

Municipality: Castelnovo ne’ MontiGeocoding : 44.43598, 10.48094
Color: red
Time to get there: 30/40 minutes from Felina, about 2 h e 30 minutes from Castle of Carpineti
Inauguration: september 2018

Big Bench Monte Fosola (RE) Ph. dituz
Big Bench Monte Fosola, Castelnovo ne’ Monti (RE) | Credit: dituz

The Big Bench on Mount Fosola, at an altitude of 998 meters, can be reached both from Felina and Carpineti Castle.

From Felina the route is easier and shorter: even if it’s slightly bumpy and sloping, it’s very feasible for the little ones (less feasible with a stroller).

The route from the Carpineti Castle is longer and more demanding, to be done only with already trained children; to lighten the path, the beneficial shade of the chestnut wood that you cross to reach the destination.

Next to the giant installation, you will find a surprise: a Bug Hotel, or a bizarre insect hotel hut.
By opening the box bearing the inscription “Dreams and projects of Fosola” you can leave your memory of your visit to the bench.


Going up the two trunks that act as steps, you will be able to enjoy a landscape without equal: not only the Reggio Emilia peaks – Pietra di Bismantova, Ventasso, Casarola, La Nuda, Caval Bianco, Mount Prado, Mount Cusna, Cerreto – but also Mount Cimone and the underlying Secchia Valley, even the Alps in the distance.

Not to be missed in the area

After admiring it from afar, it will take you less than 30 minutes to find yourself in front of the Pietra di Bismantova, one of the places in Emilia Romagna praised by Dante Alighieri.

On the way back towards Reggio Emilia and/or the motorway, we recommend a visit to three castles: Castle of Carpineti, Castle of Bianello and Castle of Sarzano (more info to plan your visit).

Ligonchio (RE) | Big Bench n° 86

Municipality: Ventasso
Geocoding: 44.31953, 10.34137
Color: pink
Time to get there: 15/20 minutes from Ligonchio di Sopra
Inauguration: october 2019

Big Bench Ligonchio, Ventasso (RE) Ph. @piperitapa875 via @igersreggioemilia
Big Bench Ligonchio, Ventasso (RE) | Credit: piperitapa875 via @igersreggioemilia

The second Reggio Emilia Big Bench is located on Monte della Croce in Ligonchio, a hill overlooking the town, at an altitude of 950 meters.

To reach the bench, located on a concrete platform not far from the lighthouse (monument to the Alpini), start from Ligonchio di Sopra along a path immersed in pine and chestnut woods; the route goes at times steeply uphill, but it’s short and suitable for everyone, even for children.

Along the way, you can tell them that they are crossing a “magical” wood, where there are some works by local artists, including a scarecrow and a dreamcatcher.


Once you reach the panoramic clearing, all you have to do is climb the 4 trunk sections that act as steps to enjoy a unique panorama: Ligonchio from above, the Ozola Valley, and in the distance also the Pietra di Bismantova, the Reggio Emilia hills and the plain.

Not to be missed in the area

Check the possibility of a guided tour to the Ligonchio hydroelectric plant, in Art Nouveau style, often home to concerts, exhibitions & initiatives.

Baiso (RE) | Big Bench n° 93

Municipality: Baiso
Geocoding: 44.509954, 10.609982
Color: orange
Time to get there: 25/30 minutes from Castle of Baiso
Inauguration: june 2020

Panchina gigante Baiso Ph. @gekki69 via Instagram
Big Bench Baiso (RE) | Credit: gekki69

The third Reggio Emilia Big Bench is located on the hill commonly called “la Balota”, a little-known panoramic place.

Positioned along the CAI path 632, it can be reached from the Baiso Castle, crossing the historic village of Cassinago, a crossroads with other paths that allow you to reach both the polychrome gullies of Casale as well as Calcinara or Mount Lusino.

Along the way, there are also 5 artist windows (by Roberto Mercati and Antonio Tarantello) installed 10 meters from each other, each with a different color. A form of Land Art that aims to connect the sensitivity of those who experience it with the landscape and its stories: real frontiers toward infinity.

Getting to the bench is within everyone’s reach, but considering that the first short stretch is uphill on asphalt in full sun, it’s better to avoid the central hours in the warmer months.
Reaching it with the stroller is possible, but quite tiring.

Once at the top, you will also find some shade, so consider having a picnic (providing a blanket and remembering to take away the rubbish).

An open-air bookcase is placed on the back of the bench, from which anyone can take a book to read while stopping at the bench; there’s also a selfie station built on a wooden panel where you can place your mobile phone to take your photos, and a book where you can put your signature.


Climb the 6 steps that take to the top of the bench: you’ll see the gullies, Mount Cusna, Mount Cimone, and Abetone. On the clearest days you’ll be able to see in the distance Calatrava’s bridges in Reggio Emilia, the Ghirlandina tower in Modena, but also the Asinelli tower and the basilica of San Luca in Bologna, and even the Venetian Pre-Alps.
The information on the panorama is facilitated thanks to the map placed at the foot of the bench, and thanks to the telescope which will help you to better observe the points of interest, making you discover the wonders of the Unesco MAB Reserve.

Not to be missed in the area

Since Baiso is near Carpineti, why not visit one of the most famous medieval fortresses of the powerful Canossa family such as the Carpineti Castle?

If you decide to visit this bench in the lavender flowering period (from mid-June to mid-August), you could also take several purplish-tinged shots in the surrounding area.

Castellarano (RE) | Big Bench n° 106

Municipality: Castellarano
Geocoding: 44.3398771,10.5248208
Color: garnet red
Time to get there: 15/20 minutes from the parking
Inauguration: July 2020

Big Bench Castellarano (RE) Ph.
Big Bench Castellarano (RE) | Credit:

Located on Mount Malee, in the municipality of Castellarano, the garnet color of the fourth Reggio Emilia bench was chosen in honor of the Reggiana soccer team.

Mount Malee is one of the most evocative panoramic points in the area because it’s located between two important and historic ridges: Monte della Croce, whose cross was inaugurated on the occasion of the 1935 Jubilee, and Monte del Pino, on which in the past there was a maritime pine.

It can be reached with a very short uphill route, even if almost all in the sun, with a small stretch of dirt road; the route can be covered with a good trekking stroller.
The space to leave the car is reduced, if we exclude the parking lot of the farmhouse located near the beginning of the path.


From this bench, having climbed the 3 large steps positioned to its right, the view spans 360° over the Secchia valley and the main hills of the area, including Cusna, Valestra, Cimone, up to the Ghirlandina tower in the center of Modena; near the installation, a sort of telescope/directional indicator will help you find the different subjects.

Not to be missed in the area

If, in addition to exploring, you would like to indulge your passions, we recommend a golf match at the nearby club or a relaxing break at the Terme della Salvarola, not far from Sassuolo.

Prignano sulla Secchia (MO) | Big Bench n° 108

Municipality: Prignano sulla Secchia
Geocoding: 44.5330155,10.7363124
Color: blue
Time to get there: 15/20 minutes from Prignano
Inauguration: August 2020

Big Bench Prignano Sulla Secchia (MO) Ph. @alebmodel
Big Bench Prignano Sulla Secchia (MO) | Credit: Palebmodel

Located on the top of Mount Pedrazzo, at over 700 meters above sea level, this Big Bench can be reached on foot or by mountain bike directly from the town center along the path called Prignano ring (bench at the third km of the 5 total km) which can be covered in about 45 minutes.


Climbed the 3 large steps made of trunks, the view extends over the Reggio Emilia and Modena Apennines, allowing you to admire a unique scenario, from Mount Cimone to Mount Cusna.

Not to be missed in the area

Two proposals are less than 40 minutes away: Maranello for motor lovers or the Bucamante Falls in the municipality of Serramazzoni for nature lovers.

Baiso (RE) | Big Bench n° 195

Municipality: Baiso
Geocoding: 44.444324,10.60286
Color: light blue and yellow
Time to get there: 1 hour or 1 hour and 10 minutes depending on the path
Inauguration: March 2022

Big Bench San Cassiano, Baiso (RE) Ph. morenaravecchia
Big Bench San Cassiano, Baiso (RE) | Credit: morenaravecchia

The second Big Bench of Baiso (after n° 93, at number 3 of this list) is located at the highest point of the municipality (850m above sea level), in the hamlet of San Cassiano and is within everyone’s reach; it’s one of the few to have a grove behind it, which guarantees some coolness in the summer.

You can reach the bench with two possible paths.
The softest, suitable for families with small children, is on a paved road and begins near the village cemetery, highlighted by the classic arrow indicating the direction of Valestra; from there you can reach the bench in 1 hour and 10 minutes of walking.

If you take the same road by car, you can take advantage of the parking made available by the Municipality of Baiso which is just 200 meters (5 minutes) from the bench, on a flat road.

For those who have particular problems and difficulty walking, it is possible to arrive by car up to 50 meters from the bench.

The strongest and most suggestive in terms of landscape, on the other hand, is more suitable for those who love walking or mountain biking; it starts from the sports field and lasts 1 hour, at times with gradients of 350 meters.


From the top of the bench the panorama overlooks the valley of the Secchia river and the cities of Sassuolo and Modena, up to the hills of Verona to the East, and – in addition to the splendid view of the Bismantova stone – the Reggio Emilia Apennine chain with Mount Cusna, Mount Ventasso and Alpe di Succiso to the West.

Not to be missed in the area

After visiting the Carpineti Castle you could reach the famous Bismatova Stone (which you have admired from afar from the bench) in just over half an hour.

Casalgrande (RE) | Big Bench n° 203

Municipality: Casalgrande
Geocoding: 44.57068, 10.71445
Color: purple
Time to get there: ND
Inauguration: April 2022

Big Bench Casalgrande (RE) Ph @iamfrandapanda
Big Bench Casalgrande (RE) | Credit: iamfrandapanda

This Big Bench is located in Via Castello in Croce di Casalgrande, a place that retraces the ancient road that leads to the Castle of Casalgrande, today seat of the astronomical observatory.


From this bench, you can see the Euganean Hills, Reggio Emilia, and – on the clearest days – the Ghirlandina tower of Modena and even the sanctuary of the Madonna di San Luca in Bologna.

Not to be missed in the area

Certainly Scandiano, home of Boiardo, and Maranello for motor lovers; if, on the other hand, you are looking for a relaxing break, your destination is Terme della Salvarola, not far from Sassuolo.

Vigolzone (PC) | Big Bench n° 211

Municipality: Vigolzone
Geocoding: 44.900966,9.653649
Color: red
Time to get there: ND
Inauguration: may 2022

Big Bench Vigolzone (PC) Ph. cristinacorneo
Big Bench Vigolzone (PC) | Credit: cristinacorneo

The first bench in the Piacenza hinterland is located on the hills of Val Nure, an area with a strong wine-growing vocation, in Villò di Vigolzone.


The bench dominates the Nure river valley and the Po Valley, allowing you to fully enjoy the extraordinary surrounding landscape heritage.

Not to be missed in the area

At about 3 km you can visit the pretty neo-medieval village of Grazzano Visconti and then – since we are in the lands of the Castles of the Duchy, we recommend a visit to the Castle of Rivalta or the Castle of Gropparello.

Canossa (RE) | Big Bench n° 212

Municipality: Canossa
Geocoding: 44.528756,10.408278
Color: yellow and blue
Time to get there: ND
Inauguration: May 2022

Big Bench Albareto, Canossa (RE) Ph. ellyshallala
Big Bench Albareto, Canossa (RE) | Credit: ellyshallala

This Reggio Emilia bench is located in Albareto, a small village on the hills in the municipality of Canossa near the castles of Rossena and Canossa and is accessible to everyone (even with prams), also offering countless panoramic walks suitable even for the little ones.

The following quote by Gary Snyder was placed on the bench: “Nature is not a place to visit, it is our home”. The car park is about 200 meters away on an asphalted road, which can also be traveled by families with small children, while for the disabled it is possible to complete the stretch of road by car arriving right near the bench.


Starting from the left, you can see the hills of the province of Parma and of Reggio Emilia, where you can see the castles of Rossena and Canossa; making a small leap back with your gaze, the bell tower of the church of San Michele Arcangelo stands out.
The view over the valley allows you to admire the landscape with its changing seasons, wonderful sunsets and on the clearest days a view of the Pre-Alps.

Not to be missed in the area

After visiting the Castle of Canossa and the Castle of Rossena, a visit to the village of Langhirano with a visit to the Castle of Torrechiara or the Pietra di Bismantova in Castelnovo ne’ Monti is recommended.

Serramazzoni (MO) | Big Bench n° 225

Municipality: Serramazzoni
Geocoding: 444.4484065,10.8212532
Color: red
Time to get there: 10 minutes from the parking
Inauguration: June 2022

Big Bench Serramazzoni (MO) Ph. frau_69
Big Bench Serramazzoni (MO) | Credit: frau_69

The second Big Bench of the Modena hinterland – which bears the colors of the Serramazzoni red wine – is located on the hills of lower Frignano among oak and downy oak woods and can be easily reached with a 10-minute walk uphill, leaving the car in the parking lot of Cantina del Frignano.

To emphasize the link with typical winemaking, a grape seedling was planted next to the bench.
Since there are no shelters nearby, in the warmer seasons we recommend a visit during the cooler hours of the day.


From the bench, you can admire a panoramic view of the entire plain, up to the Euganean Hills and the Venetian Pre-Alps.

Not to be missed in the area

For nature lovers, the nearby Bucamante Waterfalls or the Sassi di Roccamalatina Regional Park allow you to spend a few pleasant hours in the countryside; for lovers of villages and good food, the delightful village of Castelvetro di Modena.

Castelnovo nè Monti (RE) | Big Bench n° 230

Municipality: Castelnovo ne’ Monti
Geocoding: 44.398717,10.359333
Color: purple
Time to get there: 25/30/45 minutes depending on the place of departure
Inauguration: June 2022

Castelnovo ne' Monti, Panchina gigante n° 230 via FB Big Benches community Project, CC-_BY_NC_SA 3.0
Big Bench Castelnovo ne’ Monti | Credit: Big Benches Community Project

The bench of the village known for the Pietra di Bismantova is located on Mount Cà di Viola, about 920 meters high. The bench can be reached on foot or by mountain bike in three different ways:

  • walking for about 45 minutes starting from the La Baita D’oro residence restaurant on the SS63;
  • walking for about 25 minutes from the Costa de Grassi town;
  • walking for about 30 minutes from the village of Frassinedolo.


From this place surrounded by nature, still little known and waiting to be discovered, you can admire the wonderful valley enjoying a 360° view of the entire Reggio Emilia Apennines and beyond.

Not to be missed in the area

For climbing lovers, we recommend a stop at the Pietra di Bismantova. If, on the other hand, you’re looking for relaxation, the suggestion is Terme di Cervarezza.

If you’re in the company of children, don’t miss the opportunity for a fun and adventurous break at the Cerwood Adventure Park.

Brisighella (RA) | Big Bench n° 236

Municipality: Brisighella
Geocoding: 44.226048,11.72774
Color: orange
Time to get there: NA
Inauguration: July 2022

Big Bench Brisighella Ph. annamaria_dambrosio_
Big Bench Brisighella (RA) | Credit: annamaria_dambrosio_

The first bench in Romagna stands in the delightful village of Brisighella. It’s located in a wood on top of the hill called Mount Spugi, near Mount Rontana, within the Vena del Gesso Romagnola Regional Park, a UNESCO heritage site since 2023, known for its limestone conformation which gives rise to numerous caves.


From this position, it’s possible to admire the extraordinary landscape of the gullies of the Vena del Gesso Romagnola.

Not to be missed in the area

For art lovers, we recommend a visit to the city of Faenza, known worldwide for its ceramics, while if you’re looking for some relaxation, you can spend some time at the nearby Terme di Riolo spa.

Collagna (RE) | Big Bench n° 251

Municipality: Ventasso
Geocoding: 44.351851, 10.265193
Color: green
Time to get there: ND
Inauguration: August 2022

Big Bench Collagna (RE) Ph. manfredi_maura
Big Bench Collagna (RE) | Credit: manfredi_maura

The Big Bench of Collagna, located in one of the most panoramic places in the area, is bright green to be in harmony with the surrounding nature, in the continuous search for balance between man and the environment.

From its height, it’s possible to grasp the passing of seasons, with the small and large changes that nature brings with it: from the autumn colors to the enchantment of the snow-capped mountains, from the green expanses of summer to the spring explosion of daffodils, anemones, orchids, buttercups, gentians, and brooms.
In the area, it’s also possible to spot specimens of local wildlife.

In the evening, the Big Bench offers the incomparable spectacle of the starry vault from one of the most suggestive and favorable points of the Reggio ridge for observing the night sky.

The bench can be reached with some marked paths, of different lengths and gradients, within everyone’s reach.

Leaving the car in Collagna, the bench can be reached after about 3 km (with a difference in height of 300 metres) by taking the CAI Path 679 and then continuing towards Mount Guardia through the chestnut grove, or by walking along the paved road to Valbona and then continuing on the carriageway.

Shorter alternatives are possible by parking along the roads to Vallisnera and Valbona. In particular, by parking along the road to Valbona, the bench can be reached by traveling a few hundred meters on the cart track, for a difference in height of about 100 metres.


From the Big Bench of Collagna, the view extends over the mountain range of the Upper Secchia Valley, in the heart of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine National Park.

You can admire in a single glance Mount Ventasso, the two thousand meters of Mount Cusna, Cavalbianco, La Nuda, the Cerreto pass, and finally Casarola, the vanguard of Alpe di Succiso, from whose slopes the sources of the Secchia river flow.

Not to be missed in the area

About 15 minutes by car from the Collagna Big Bench you can find Cerreto Alpi, a suggestive medieval village built in sandstone and immersed in an extraordinary natural landscape, between chestnut woods and ancient mule tracks.

Nearby you can also visit the Cerreto mill and an ancient metato for drying chestnuts.

If you want to stay longer and discover the area on foot, there are many paths that can be followed in the area, such as the path of the 5 Cerreto Lakes (one of the 10 paths of the Cerreto) or the trail that, from the Cerreto pass, leads up to the splendid natural amphitheater which houses the sources of the Secchia river (info).

Tizzano Val Parma (PR) | Big Bench n° 276

Municipality: Tizzano Val Parma
Geocoding: 44.497710, 10.174240
Color: red and purple
Time to get there: NA
Inauguration: December 2022

Big Bench Tizzano Val Parma (PR) Ph. _maurizioci_
Big Bench Tizzano Val Parma (PR) | Credit: _maurizioci_

The Big Bench of Tizzano Val Parma, the first one in the Parma hinterland, is located in Musiara Superiore, at an altitude of 1084 meters above sea level, on Mount Caio, near the Schia ski resort.


From the bench, you can admire Mount Fuso with the medieval tower of Rusino, the Apennines of Reggio Emilia and Modena, the Pietra di Bismantova, the Castle of Tizzano, the entire Po Valley, and the Pre-Alps.

Not to be missed in the area

About 20 km (30 minutes by car) away from the giant bench of Tizzano Val Parma in the direction of the Apennines, you can reach the small mountain town of Corniglio, which stands in a panoramic position between Val Parma and Val Bratica, where you can see the medieval castle (today home to a hostel), the carved stone portals along Via Roma and the recently restored centuries-old Roman bridge.

From Corniglio in 20 minutes by car (15 km) you can reach the Rifugio Lagdei, from which numerous excursions depart to discover the Cento Laghi Regional Park.

On the other hand, returning towards Parma, we recommend a brief stop at the Romanesque parish church of San Pietro.

Casina (RE) | Big Bench n° 280

Municipality: Casina
Geocoding: 44,5304170, 10,4203920
Color: white and red
Inauguration: January 2023

Big Bench Casina (RE) Ph. alanik08
Big Bench Casina (RE) | Credit: Palanik08

The place where this giant bench stands is a “magical” place for the community of Trinità, a hamlet of Casina which stands on the hills at 580 meters above sea level. We are in Val Tassobbio, within the Unesco MAB Reserve of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines National Park, an area that offers numerous natural landscapes, including rural villages and mills, castles and churches, gullies and waterfalls.

To reach the bench you can park your car in the public car park which is about 100 meters away.


From this Big Bench you can admire the Pietra di Bismantova and, behind it, the mountain range of the Reggio Apennines with its Monte Cusna.

Behind the bench you can instead see the Castle of Rossena and the Tower of Rossenella, central medieval garrisons of the Lands of Matilde di Canossa.

Finally, the sun rises on the left, giving unmissable sunrises to those who want to go there in the very first hours of the day.

Not to be missed in the area

On a hill next to Casina (about 20 minutes by car) stands the Castle of Sarzano, one of the medieval fortresses linked to Matilde di Canossa.

From Sarzano with another 15 minutes by car you can reach Felina, the most populous and important hamlet of the municipality of Castelnovo ne’ Monti as well as a real balcony overlooking the Reggio Emilia Apennines; from Felina you can take the walking path for Mount Fosola, also accessible to children, which leads to Big Bench n° 58.

Boretto (RE) | Big Bench n° 287

Geocoding: 44.908358, 10.550109
Color: red
Inauguration: April 2023

Boretto (RE), Big Bench n° 287 , ph. Big Bench Community Project, CC_BY_NC_SA 3.0Boretto (RE), Big Bench n° 287 | Credit: Big Bench Community Project

We are in Boretto, in the lowlands of Reggio Emilia, on the banks of the river Po. From this bench – the first on the banks of the Po in Emilia Romagna – you can see the great river, its slow flow and the Lombard bank on the other side.

It is located in a green area surrounded by trees, but still an area of high appeal, such as the tourist port of our town where the famous VenTo cycle path, connecting Turin to Venice, runs through.

The Lido Po area comes alive in fine weather and also includes restaurants and clubs, and the possibility of tours and boat trips on the river.

Toano (RE) | Big Bench n° 297

Geocoding: 44.369889, 10.515556
Colore: acid green
Inauguration: May 2023

The 17th Big Bench of Emilia-Romagna is located in Cà Casalotto, on provincial road no. 8 between Toano and Quara.

You can park along the road in the open spaces or in the village of Quara and take a nice walk of about 2 km. The site can be reached from the provincial road by following a short path that enters the woods, or by skirting the field.

You arrive at a very scenic spot above the valley of the Dolo torrent where you can observe the mountains of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines on both the Modena and Reggio sides. You can admire the Pietra di Bismantova, Mount Cusna, Mount Ventasso, Mount Prampa, Alpe di Succiso, Mount Modino and others directly from the bench.

Montefiore Conca (RN) | Big Bench n° 310

MunicipalityMontefiore Conca
Geocoding: 43.888162, 12.625524
Colore: orange and neon yellow
Inauguration: August 2023

Montefiore Conca (RN). Big Bench n° 310,ph. Big Bench Community Project -CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0
Montefiore Conca (RN), Big Bench n° 310 | Credit: Big Bench Community Project

The 18th Big Bench in Emilia-Romagna is the first in the Rimini area. It is located in Val Conca, in the town of Montefiore Conca.

Set on the Romagna coast, the bench boasts a breathtaking view on the entire coast and part of the Marche region. The Rocca Malatestiana, a tourist fortress rich in history, is the jewel of the area.

The bench can be reached either on foot or by mountain bike, following the CAI 043A path. You can reach the bench by leaving your car on Via Forca and walking a short trail of 700 metres, suitable for both expert walkers and families with children. People with reduced mobility can reach the Bench from via Serra di Sopra (coordinates 43.888162 – 12.625524). We recommend the use of a torch for the return trip on your own, in case of a night hike.

Civitella di Romagna (FC) | Big Bench n° 317

MunicipalityCivitella di Romagna
Geocoding: 44.041930, 11.975023
Colore: white and amaranth
Inauguration: August 10th, 2023

Civitella di Romagna (FC), Big Bench n° 317 ph. Big Bench Community Project
Civitella di Romagna (FC), Big Bench n° 317 | Credit: Big Bench Community Project

The 19th Big Bench in Emilia-Romagna is the first in the Forlì area and is located in the Bidente Valley, in Cusercoli, a hamlet of the municipality of Civitella di Romagna.

The installation of a Big Bench in the municipal territory of Cusercoli had a profound significance, as it helped increase the visibility of the area and attract tourists as well as sports and nature lovers. Located at the Cà Bionda farmhouse, it provides a vantage point for observing the stars and planets in an area free of light pollution.

A place that allows people to escape from the daily chaos and regenerate mind and body. The bench’s location in a flood-affected area also symbolised the rebirth of the community, which came together to get back to normal.

Villa Minozzo (RE) | Big Bench n° 335

Municipality: Villa Minozzo
Geocoding: 44.3151434,10.4433856
Colore: orange and yellow
Inauguration: April 2024

Villa Minozzo (RE), Big Bench | Ph. Big Bench Community Project
Villa Minozzo (Reggio Emilia), Big Bench | Credit: Big Bench Community Project

A brightly coloured bench dominates the Febbio plateau in the municipality of Villa Minozzo (Reggio Emilia). It is located inside the National Park of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, not far from the border with Tuscany, in a area that offers lots of breathtaking landscapes.


The plateau on which the Big Bench stands is about 1,300 metres above sea level. This altitude provides a splendid view of the ridge of Mount Cusna, the highest mountain in the Reggio Emilia area.


Besides the numerous trails that cross the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine National Park, a paradise for trekking enthusiasts, if you visit the Giant Bench of Febbio in winter you can take advantage of the close Alpe di Cusna Ski Resort to put on your ski boots and tackle the slopes. Not far from Febbio you can also find the glacial lake of Cerreto Laghi and the spa centre of Cervarezza Terme.

Lago di Castel dell'Alpi (BO) | Big Bench n° 337

Municipality: San Benedetto Val di Sambro
Geocoding: 44.188056, 11.275000
Color: grey
Inauguration: April, 13th 2024

San Benedetto Val Di Sambro (BO), Big Bench del Lago di Castel dell'Alpi | Ph. Big Bench Community Project
San Benedetto Val Di Sambro (Bologna), Big Bench of Lago di Castel dell’Alpi | Credit: Big Bench Community Project

The first bench in the Bologna area is located on the shores of Lake Castel dell’Alpi, in the municipality of San Benedetto Val di Sambro. Caught in a landslide in 1951, the small village of Castel dell’Alpi was almost completely destroyed; only the church and bell tower were spared, and they still tower above the lake.

The latter was created precisely because of the landslide that, having reached the Savena torrent, blocked its course acting as a dam, creating the basin we see today.

Included in the itinerary of the Via Mater Dei, this corner of the Bolognese Apennines can be discovered with a simple loop trail that runs along the shores of the lake.


The Big Bench at Castel dell’Alpi is perfect for quietly admiring the lake – the only one in the province of Bologna to have formed naturally – surrounded by the Apennine mountains.

Not to be missed in the area

About 20 kilometres from the lake lies the Parco Regionale Storico di Monte Sole, a place where the historical memory of the Nazi massacre is mixed with highly evocative nature trails.

All the Big Benches in Emilia-Romagna can be visited in one day, but our advice is to take the right amount of time to savor and discover all that surrounds them, since they are places linked to the territory, traditions, stories and activities that you would probably never have encountered.

Finally, if you liked the idea and would like to make a Giant Bench in your locality, contact the association, which-exclusively a nonprofit-will support you both technically for the construction and to activate a collaboration with the excellences of local crafts to make products inspired by them that can make a small contribution to the local economy and tourism. Translated with (free version)

*Last updated 22 February 2023


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