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Breathtaking landscapes in Romagna… and where to find them

by /// August 31, 2021
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Sometimes, if you peep here and there on Instagram and in the immense vastness of media, you have probably drawn your attention, or better, your fingers to a photo taken in Emilia Romagna of such a beauty that it took your breath away.

Perhaps, it was a landscape or a view… whatever, in any case, something was able to immediately trigger a question in your mind: “Does this place exist for real in Emilia Romagna or is this the result of a good filter?

Maybe, the amazing places you saw on the photos seemed to you something surreal, but I assure you they exist and are real, I saw them with my own eyes.

Oh yes, I am sorry to dampen you, but the truth has to be spoken: Emilia Romagna has loads of astounding landscapes that can touch and move you deeply.

This is the reason why, in this article, I improvised myself a guide to take you to the 5 surreal and hidden places in Romagna that I carry in my heart and that will make you wish to plan a day trip as soon as possible.

Big marker pen and calendar on sight: let’s start with my list of the breathtaking landscapes in Romagna!

Petrella Guidi - The Balcony of Piero Della Francesca

Balconies of Piero - Petrella Guidi | Photo ©

Balconies of Piero – Petrella Guidi | Photo ©

In the green hills of Montefeltro, on the border with that territory that once was governed by the Malatesta of Rimini, you will find landscapes that inspired Renaissance painters like Piero Della Francesca, Raffaello, and Leonardo da Vinci.

One landscape, in particular, caught my attention: it stretches on the tops and the chalk cliffs of the Valmarecchia Valley. We are in the little Medieval town of Petrella Guidi, not far away from Sant’Agata Feltria, a place of reflection and creative idleness.

Here, at the foot of the remains of an ancient castle tower, you will be left astounded by the breathtaking landscape, the same Piero Della Francesca painted in his well-known artwork The Baptism of Christ (London, National Gallery).

Tredozio - The Smallest Volcano in the World

Tredozio (Monte Busca) | Photo © Lamberto Zannotti, via Wikimedia

Tredozio (Monte Busca) | Photo © Lamberto Zannotti, via Wikimedia

A “mini-volcano” hidden in the hills of the inland of Forli. Well yes, if we move to Tredozio, one of the many municipalities encircling the Foreste Casentinesi Park, in place of Inferno, we will find this little wonder of nature.

This volcano, which you can see even on Google Maps and is always active, actually is the result of a reaction given by the direct contact between a spontaneous gaseous hydrocarbon emission and oxygen, remain always active, but who matters!

This is a place rich of magic and suggestion where you can spend pleasant hours in a good company. From the sunset on, the show is guaranteed, looking at the stars that illuminate this incredible landscape overlooking the great valley of Portico di Romagna.

Marina Romea - Sunset in the valleys

Sunset at Marina Romea (Ravenna) | Photo © Alessandra Monti, via

Sunset at Marina Romea (Ravenna) | Photo © Alessandra Monti, via

If you are a hopeless romantic, the right place for you are the valleys in Marina Romea – no doubts! Check on your phone the time of sunset – today or tomorrow, decide when and go to this little place north of Ravenna.

At sunset, the welkin burns down the horizon, the sun paints with fire the sky and glances off the blue waters of the valleys, outlining the century-old pine forest of San Vitale. You have nothing but to admire it in silence.

San Benedetto in Alpe - A hermitage and its waterfall

The Waterfalls of Acquacheta | Photo ©

The Waterfalls of Acquacheta | Photo ©

On the border of the National Park of Foreste Casentinesi, among mounts and valleys, the little village of San Benedetto in Alpe is the ideal point of departure for an excursion to the Waterfalls of Acquacheta.

Climbing the green hills (it’s a trail of moderate-grade difficulty), you will reach after 1 hour what I think to be one of the most suggestive places in the Tuscan-Romagnolo Apennines. Dante Alighieri himself was struck by this glimpse of wonder, mentioning it in the 16th Canto of the Inferno.

After having descended the valley and crossed the torrent, in a few minutes, you will reach the top of the waterfall and the little village of the Romiti monks (now a mass of ruins), that once was a hermitage of the Abbey of San Benedetto in Alpe.

Sit there and stare at the wonderful landscape that opens up just in front of your eyes. You will understand why the monks weren’t this crazy to search a direct contact with God in this place.

Sorrivoli - A castle open-sky

Castle of Sorrivoli | Photo © Costanzo Battistini, via

Castle of Sorrivoli | Photo © Costanzo Battistini, via

A suggestive view is what you will see near Cesena, as soon as you move from the Via Emilia and start to go towards the hills, in the inland. Landscapes striated with rows of vines and olive trees intersecting the bright colours of fruit trees accompany us along the path, passing country streets, and breathtaking landscapes.

Among all these ones, Sorrivoli is worth a mention: it is not a traditional tourist destination, but all the inhabitants of the area know this place.

During the year, they don’t skimp visits and wonderful wedding ceremonies on the big terrace of the castle, from which you can admire a wonderful panorama over the Valley of the Rubicone River.

NOTE: It is just a small and brief guide, you should handle with discretion and respect, most of all for the environment and its inhabitants.


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