Valentine’s Day: 10 places to make them fall in love
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Valentine’s Day: 10 places to make them fall in love

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Sweet words of love whispered in your beloved’s ear…but when that moment arrives everything must be perfect: word choice, the outfit, and the right atmosphere.

You just need to miss a note and Puff! The magic disappears, leaving you alone with your remorse and your doubts.
And if everyone has his own unmistakable style on love words to say and how to introduce himself, on the other hand, it is precisely on the choice of the place that you can fall.

So here you will find 10 tips from Travel Emilia Romagna‘s editorial staff about the best places to launch your love attack.
Spots with an uncontrollable love charge, a kind of elixir made by expert contemporary druids … because in conclusion, as someone said, to “live happily-ever-after, you must start somewhere”.

Bologna – The Asinelli Tower

A charming panoramic view of Bologna | Photo © Steffen Brinkmann, via Wikipedia

98 meters above the sky.
If you are not afraid of dizziness and the effort that is made to get up there, the Asinelli Tower is one of the special places where you can ask for the heart of your beloved. Firstly panorama is breathtaking and secondly, the sky breathes the soul and you will hardly be given a negative response.
If not, you can always leave them up there to reflect on what they have lost forever.

Ravenna – The Galla Placidia Mausoleum

Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, Ravenna
Mausoleum of Galla Placidia, Ravenna | Photo © isatz, via Wikimedia

Under a starry sky.
Love declaration is already a special gesture, but if you do it under a starry sky from a millennium and a half ago, it is even more special. And then the night is the moment of romance, and inside the Galla Placidia Mausoleum, it is always night.

Parma -The Regio Theater

Regio Theatre Parma - Ph. Paolo Barone
Regio Theatre Parma – Ph. Paolo Barone

Heartbreak, passion, love, death … and it’s all on the stage.
Investigate your partner’s tastes with caution, and after that choose a suitable work booking two premium seats… the special environment of the Regio Theatre will do the rest for you.

Ferrara – The Schifanoia Palace

Schifanoia Palace, Ferrara | Ph. Massimo Baraldi
Schifanoia Palace, Ferrara | Ph. Massimo Baraldi

Undoubtedly one of the most beautiful monuments in the entire Este city.
Built by Duke Alfonso V d’Este as a place for recreation and rest, it is a space dedicated to sweet literary and artistic idleness.
Here in the Hall of the Months, you can reveal all your love and remember, nobody was ever rejected under the fresco the Goddess Venus which is painted here.

Maranello – The Ferrari Museum

Ferrari Museum, Maranello - Ph. Ferrari Museum
Ferrari Museum, Maranello – Ph. Ferrari Museum

Red as passion.
Expensive toys that speed at 300 km, the smell of tires, the adrenaline that rises to the maximum. What more exciting and sparkling place than the Ferrari Museum in Maranello to open your heart ?!
Above all, fasten your seat belts before declaring yourself: taking walls at those speeds could be a traumatizing experience.

Ferrara- The Verginese Palace

Este Villas
Este Villas, Delizia del Verginese | P. Vanni Lazzari

The alcove of the Este Dukes.
Built by Alfonso I d’Este as a hunting lodge in the countryside, it later became the residence of the first courtesan of the Duke and, precisely for this reason, the Delizia del Verginese expresses love feelings from every single stucco.
As a result of its history, the Verginese Delizia is recommended for those who appreciate chivalric love, the one where you are on your knees, with the ring in your hands, making your marriage proposal.

Bologna – The Dozza Village

Dozza | Ph. Mariella Fornero
Dozza | Ph. Mariella Fornero

Painted alleys upon the hills of Emilia-Romagna.
Walking through Dozza it is impossible not to be fascinated by the art of its village and the calm and relaxation typical of these hill towns.
Sneak into one of the many weddings that are celebrated here every day and ask your partner the fateful question; in case of a negative answer, there is always the Enoteca Regionale ( Regional Wine Shop) to comfort you.

Parma – Torrechiara Castle

Langhirano (PR), Torrechiara Castle, Ph. Marco Tommesani
Langhirano (PR), Torrechiara Castle | Ph. Marco Tommesani

If the clock doesn’t remind us that we are in the 21st century, we would expect to suddenly see a princess appear from its balconies.

In addition, the Castle of Torrechiara is a place reminiscent of “Dolce Stil Novo” with knights in shining armor and sword-sword duels to win before declaring your love.

Ravenna – Brisighella

Brisighella, Torre dell'Orologio, Ph. Nbisi
Brisighella, Torre dell’Orologio | Ph. Nbisi

Brisighella is one of the most famous villages in Emilia Romagna and stands on three chalk hills.

Its skyline is unmistakable and bears the marks of Leonardo and the Renaissance, the Medici House, and Florence.
So, take a tour of the town, visit the Via degli Asini (Donkeys Alley) and climb to the top towards the fortress. Remember, history plays for you!
In the past centuries, thousands of reluctant lovers are surrendered to so much nature poetry.

Rimini – The Winter Sea

The Winter Sea | Photo ©
The Winter Sea | Ph. ©

Fellini’s sea.
Even if we are in February, the beaches of Romagna have a very special charm; right here in fact, where every single grain of sand has seen thousands of loves born and die, everything will contribute to your success.
Not everybody also knows that the great Federico Fellini was born here and much of his films were cinematographic versions of his youth in Rimini beach.
Love force is strong in this land, try to take advantage.


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