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Wellness Valley | 365 days of Sports in Emilia-Romagna

by /// March 14, 2024
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Sport in Romagna is one of those activities that have always distinguished the Wellness Valley lifestyle, based on two main values: the search for the most authentic well-being and the desire to improve life’s quality.

From these values, the development of a real Wellness district, officially born in 2002, that every year brings visitors from all over the world, curious to discover the wellness secrets of this magical strip of land, which goes from Imola to Rimini.
A human, social, environmental, cultural, and certainly culinary heritage, able to develop initiatives to offer its best, respecting and enhancing its inhabitants.

Modigliana, San Donato Bridge, Ph. avermac
Modigliana, San Donato Bridge, Ph. avermac

The sports offer becomes one of the strengths of this correct lifestyle, which allows you to live healthy, active and away from the sickness of aging: in short, a formula of eternal youth made in Romagna! And if doing sports means having fun, then you can do it 365 days a year because the open-air activities of Romagna never stop.

For example, a healthy session of footing on the seafront, listening to the sound of waves and observing the calm marine horizon, or inside the silent maritime pine groves, millenary and full of charm.
In Rimini, in recent years the practice of Nordic Walking is catching on, a walk with the use of the sticks usually used in mountain hiking.

Walking or running on the plain is fun, but it’s heading towards the hills that we can go hiking. The territory of Romagna presents a series of villages and pilgrim paths that lead to discovering the breathtaking naturalistic and cultural heritage, all doing some healthy sporting activity.

In Bagno di Romagna, the combination of sport and art has a third element of well-being: the warmth of the natural spa! Several structures organize excursions in the surrounding area, such as the Grand Hotel Terme Roseo which organizes walks into the Lama Forest and nearby the Natural Reserve of Sassofratino, before regenerating yourself in the beneficial thermal waters. Even the Hotel delle Terme Santa Agnese in Bagno di Romagna leads you to walk in the Casentino forests for a real hiking holiday.

Bagno di Romagna - Hotel delle Terme Santa Agnese
Bagno di Romagna – Hotel delle Terme Santa Agnese

No problem if you prefer cycling, because on a mountain bike you can visit the territory among little lakes, woods and virgin valleys. The Tosco Romagnolo Bike Hotel is the perfect one to cover the over 400 km of paths of the area on your two wheels.

Cycling tours in Romagna | Ph. Tourissimo
Cycling tours in Romagna | Ph. Tourissimo

But the open-air offer does not end here: yoga, pilates and various other activities are available in the various accommodation facilities of the area, such as the Hotel Miramonti or the Ròseo Euroterme Wellness Resort.
And Bagno di Romagna is not the only location that allows this experience of sport & spa, because Cesena and Bertinoro are also waiting for you.

All the WellnessValley hotels are equipped with Technogym gyms and allow booking a personal trainer in agreement with Time To Move, an association of Cesena that collaborates with the Wellness Valley – Romagna benessere Consortium, for specially-made sports activities, and it is always possible to book your own guide to go hiking or biking whenever you want.

Meditation in the park - WellnessWeek
Meditation in the park – WellnessWeek

Going back to the sea, countless water sports are always possible, in summer as in winter: from sailing to kayaking, from wind and kite surfing to deeper diving, without forgetting aqua gym or the new water volley, volleyball to play in the water with the nets planted directly at 20 mt from the shore.

Between Milano Marittima and Cervia there are many initiatives and events of this kind organized by Bagno Fantini, excellence in the field of sports, entertainment, and beach parties throughout the summer.

But if you don’t like water, you can always stay on the Wellness Beaches: those who prefer psychomotor activities and the natural disciplines can discover the many events and courses organized every summer in a lot of bathhouses along the coast.

Fun is guaranteed also by playing beach tennis, beach volleyball and beach basket!

Riviera dello Sport - Beach Tennis | Photo © Archive Apt
Riviera dello Sport – Beach Tennis | Photo © Archive Apt

The events of the Wellness Valley offer the opportunity to experience all these sports experiences during the whole year.
Impossible to miss the two events Wellness Week and Rimini Wellness, while fun and acrobatics are always at Paganello, the event dedicated to frisbee on sand.
For triathlon lovers, the appointment with the Iron Man in Cervia is unmissable., while for cycling lovers the two historic events not to be missed are Nove Colli and Granfondo Via del Sale.

Paganello Festival
Paganello Festival

Sport is certainly hard, but if combined with good food and good motivation, benefits can be collected in a short time…the same you need to prepare all your suitcases and discover the Wellness Valley  in Emilia-Romagna!

Project realized with the contribution of the European Fund of Regional Development POR FESR 2014-2020.


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