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Wellness Valley | Health and Gastronomy in Emilia-Romagna

by /// March 14, 2024
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Health and Gastronomy in Emilia-Romagna have a connection that is lost in time.

During the centuries this region in the North of Italy has selected its best foods and has been able to express 44 regional products recognized by the European Union with the PDO and PGI quality mark, 14 Slow Food productions, and more than 200 traditional products registered in the Italian Ministerial Atlas.

A healthy gastronomy focused on well-being that is strongly linked to the local products, of which it respects traditions and values.

Valmarecchia | Photo © ProLoco Badia Tedalda
Valmarecchia | Photo © ProLoco Badia Tedalda

The Wellness Valley of Emilia-Romagna

From the basic elements of the Mediterranean diet to the products of the earth, Emilia-Romagna is a concentrate of the Italian gastronomic heritage. An excellence that we want to share with the whole world through the creation of the Wellness Valley of Emilia-Romagna.

The “formula of eternal youth” made in Emilia-Romagna is also due to the many PDO and PGI products that have been produced here for centuries.
This is the case of the ExtraVirgin Olive Oil of Brisighella, a food that is perfect to be used raw on fresh vegetables and bread. The particular soil conditions favored the selection of some native crops that give unmistakable characteristics to the extravirgin olive oil produced in these areas.
But it is also the case of the most famous food product of Sogliano sul Rubicone (FC), the Fossa Cheese, a unique product that takes its name from the medieval technique of aging in pits dug in the rock.

The union of health and gastronomy in Emilia-Romagna is transmitted also through the area’s typical dishes, such as the Piadina Romagnola. Perfectly balanced from a nutritional point of view, Piadina bread is a street food ideal to be eaten “on the road”. To taste it in the most balanced way from the nutritive point of view, we suggest filling it with the Squacquerone PDO Cheese and Parma Ham.

But if you’re looking for the true gastronomic treasure of Emilia-Romagna, you will find it in one of the many local Farmers’ Markets. Every day these markets bring products from the surrounding territory, giving people the chance to buy seasonal local foods, which represent the perfect nutritional balance that the body needs.

As local people well know, this is the best way to buy genuine flavors. In addition to the PDO and PGI excellences, in these markets, it is possible to find cured meats from the area such as the ones of Mora Romagnola, fresh cheeses, local chickens, organic eggs, sourdough bread, quality honey and jams, seasonal fruit and vegetables and many other products coming from the surroundings.

Piadina Romagnola | Credit: Nicoletta Zanella (via Shutterstock)
Piadina Romagnola | Credit:

If you’re among those who can’t wait to get on the bike, we recommend one of the many excursions along the Roads of Wines and Flavors, a visit to the interesting Taste Museums, or a walk in the hilltop castles and villages; these are in fact the real treasure chests of the regional gastronomic tradition.

In Bagno di Romagna, for example, the combination of gastronomy and health has been enriched with haute cuisine. The Hotel Tosco Romagnolo is today the home of Paolo Teverini, internationally renowned chef and precursor in the 90s of “Natural Cooking”. Here modern cooking techniques and the best raw materials come together in creations aimed at the well-being of clients while enhancing both the taste and aesthetics of every dish. All just a few steps from the warmth of the natural spa!

In San Clemente (Rimini), on the other hand, biodynamic farming practices are combined with a passion for music and art. Tenuta Mara owns 7 hectares cultivated exclusively with Sangiovese grapes, within an ecosystem that includes 700 bird nests, 50 bat boxes, a small riding school with 3 horses, and a permanent laboratory for artists and researchers. Here the wine is refined in painted vats, accompanied by the Gregorian chants that surround the barrels.

Health and gastronomy in Emilia-Romagna are also linked in the Conca Valley, in the Agriturismo Fiammetta Farm. 41 hectares of land divided between the wooded area and the area dedicated to the cultivation of vineyards, olive trees, and alfalfa.

In Forlimpopoli, moreover, it is located the well-known Casa Artusi, the very first center of gastronomic culture devoted to Italian home cookery. To all food lovers we suggest to take part in one of the many thematic lessons that are organized here: accompanied by expert teachers, the tireless Mariette, you will learn all the secrets of the fresh handmade pasta and traditional cuisine.

The WellnessValley of Emilia-Romagna is not only a circuit of activities and places for your well-being, but a research that includes sports, local traditions and healthy gastronomy, to present the best that Emilia-Romagna can offer.

Project realized with the contribution of the European Fund of Regional Development POR FESR 2014-2020.


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