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by /// March 14, 2024
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Why do you live well in a land? What are the factors on which a good quality of life is based?
Surely living according to a healthy style with sustainable rhythms, eating wholesome seasonal foods, being able to dedicate personal free time to the favorite activities (from sport to culture), being able to admire the monumental beauty and the natural beauty a stone’s throw from the home, knowing how to keep roots alive.
And being able to transmit the serenity that derives from all these factors even to the visitors, thanks to hospitality that can make them feel “at home”.

In Emilia-Romagna all these aspects are part of the tradition: just think about the agricultural vocation that this land has always had, the long devotion it takes to prepare fresh handmade pasta, the care with which the most historical villages and the most traditional activities are kept alive, the lively welcome that has made the Romagna coast famous since the early 1900s.
In short, all this is part of Emilia-Romagna’s DNA and today, to formalize this vocation to well-being, a real district has been created, which is called WellnessValley.

If you are curious to know what you can find in this land of well-being, here are some travel ideas among the places of Romagna more related to cultural traditions and craft activities that you can meet along the “Trek & Bike” routes of WellnessValley.

With the Bike OffRoad path from Argenta to Comacchio, for example, you can discover two places that keep the identity of the Ferrara area: in Argenta, the Museo delle Valli is a historical-naturalistic museum that allows you to know the ecosystem of the Po Delta Park, with its uses and traditions, like the artisanal manufacturing of marsh herbs. In the scenic coastal town of Comacchio, also called the “little Venice of Emilia-Romagna”, we find instead the Museum of Pickling Factory, where it is still possible today to understand how traditional eel processing takes place, according to a specific marinating process which has remained unchanged over time.

Comacchio Valleys Ph.
Comacchio Valleys, Ferrara | Ph.

Also in Comacchio the Bike OffRoad route from Goro to Comacchio ends, along which you can find, with its tall bell tower that stands out on the fertile surrounding plain, the Pomposa Abbey, the place where music as we know it was born: perhaps not everyone knows that this important monastic center welcomed, among others, Guido of Arezzo, the monk inventor of musical writing based on the system of the seven notes.

With the Bike Road path that, along the bike lane called Destra Po, leads from Stellata to Gorino we meet, in Ro, the Mill on the Po, one of the Museums of Taste of Romagna; it is an accurate reproduction of a watermill, like those that once stood numerous along the course of the Great River and of which no trace is left, devoted to keep alive the productive memory of the coppia, famous twisted bread of Ferrara with PGI recognition.

Salina Camillone, Cervia
Salina Camillone, Cervia

Following the Bike OffRoad path that leads from Cervia to Ravenna, a visit to the MUSA, Cervia‘s Salt Museum is not to be missed; Cervia’s Sweet Salt boasts the Slow Food Presidium since 2004 and this museum has been created to keep the memory of the work in saltpans alive, a work that is still visible today in the nearby Salina Camillone, the last of the saltpans with craft processing still existing.

Very interesting also the Bike OffRoad Valconca path that, from the Malatesta village of San Clemente, leads through hills of vineyards and olive trees, among ancient mills, fortresses and fortified villages, with spectacular panoramic views of the nearby Riviera, and the Bike OffRoad path that starts in Rimini and leads to Santarcangelo di Romagna, making a small journey through the history of Valmarecchia, with an unmissable visit to one of the oldest shops in the area, the ancient Stamperia Marchi, with its mangano dating back to 1633.

Santarcangelo di Romagna | Ph @jes_piro
Santarcangelo di Romagna | Ph @jes_piro

These are just a few of the many and varied itineraries that you can travel on foot or by bike to get to know the Romagna’s territory and its traditions in a healthy, relaxed, and authentic way.
See you soon in the Wellness Valley in Emilia-Romagna!

Project realized with the contribution of the European Fund of Regional Development POR FESR 2014-2020.


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