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The Romagna Riviera, Italy’s Longest and Prettiest Promenade

by /// July 19, 2023
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With its more than 90 km of golden beaches, the Romagna Riviera is undoubtedly one of Italy’s most famous seaside destinations.

Even if it seems like a long, uninterrupted stretch of sand, its beaches feature different characteristics that can be perceived as long as you move along the coastline, from north to south.

They range from the wild sandy shores of the beach towns of Comacchio and Ravenna to the more urbanized and equipped areas of Rimini, Riccione and Cattolica.

Along the way, some of the symbols of national tourism, such as Cervia/Milano Marittima, Cesenatico, Bellaria Igea Marina and Misano Adriatico.

There are views for all tastes: wide and sandy beaches, lagoons, pine forests, cities of art and sea towns, everything perfectly integrated with the natural environment that has made this area one of Italy’s and Europe’s most desired destinations for more than 150 years.

The whole Riviera has recently seen the start of a new project of renovation, which in some cases has completely changed the look of long stretches of coastline, thus transforming this “promenade” in one of Italy’s most beautiful ones.

While keeping their typical seaside vocation, these landscapes have been adorned with green and sustainable infrastructures, perfectly integrated with parks, sports and recreational areas, in full respect of the delicate balance between the ecosystem of the beaches and the one of the hinterland.

Ravenna, Rimini, Milano Marittima, Misano Adriatico are just some of the towns that have changed – or are changing – the look of their promenades. In addition, others in Cattolica and Bellaria Igea Marina are being completed.

The maritime Park of Ravenna

Ravenna (Ra), Parco Marittimo
Ravenna (Ra), Maritime Park | Credit: Elisa Lanconelli, Photo Archive Ravenna

A great “park” nestled between the Adriatic sea and the pine forests behind the dunes. This is the project – not finished yet – of the Maritime Park of Ravenna, which has already started to change the beaches of the former historical capital.

Environmentally-friendly wooden walkways, cycle and pedestrian paths, people-oriented services and a network of connections weaving together the sea to the complex ecosystem of the brackish lagoons, integral part of the Po Delta Park.

We highly recommend a stroll at sunset on the most fascinating walkways, to fully enjoy the sound and smell of nature.

The most suggestive ones are between Punta Marina and Marina di Ravenna, but there are other very charming ones in Casalborsetti, Lido Adriano and Lido di Dante.

The promenade of Milano Marittima

Milano Marittima (Cervia, FC), Nuovo lungomare
Milano Marittima (Cervia, FC), A Glamour Promenade | Credit: Hotel sul Mare

Also the glamour promenade of Milano Marittima has changed its look in the last years.

In the stretch between the port canal of Cervia and X Traversa, a promenade of almost 1,3 km directly connects the beach and the beach establishments to the town (works to connect it to the XIX Traversa have already started).

What you can see is a stunning boardwalk between wide green areas and cycle and pedestrian paths: a perfect place to relax and meet friends, have a break from the everyday life, do sports and enjoy the benefits of the sea by breathing iodine and fresh air.

Rimini, like Miami!

Rimini (RN), Parco del Mare
Rimini (RN), Parco del Mare | Credit:

Like the promenade of Miami, and even better! All kidding aside, the new promenade of the city – so-called Parco del Mare (Park of the Sea) – has really changed the look of the Marina of Rimini.

From Torre Pedrera to Miramare, a long promenade of 16 km, where it is possible to relax between sun and salt, walk, but also do various kinds of sports in the open-air – everything surrounded by a unique landscape.

Environment, wellness and urban renovation are the main ingredients of this great project of redevelopment. There are cycle and pedestrian paths, equipped areas and true open-air gyms.

Everything is surrounded by green and curated areas connecting the beach to the city, in the shade of fountain-trees inspired by Gianni Rodari and big R-shaped lamp posts paying homage to Romagna and Rimini.

The new promenade of Misano Adriatico

Misano (RN), Lungomare
Misano (RN), Promenade | Credit:

Green flowerbeds, cycle and pedestrian paths, art installations, benches, illumination and a cable radio system: all this, and much more, is the new promenade of Misano Adriatico, in the province of Rimini.

The renowned beach town, long known for its hospitality, its family-oriented services and the great sports appointments of the Misano World Circuit, can now boast an intervention that upgrades all the area from via D’Azeglio to via Passeggiata dei Fiori.

Taking a stroll with the sea in front of your eyes and the sun over your head has never been so cool in Misano!


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