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SPLASH! Water Sports in the Emilia-Romagna summer

by /// August 31, 2021
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Emilia-Romagna has a vast and so varied territory that at any moment can offer completely different experiences.
In fact, from the blue of the Adriatic sea to the green of the Apennines mountains there are only a few kilometers, and you can choose to spend a few hours in total relaxation or practicing some extreme sport.

In any case, water is such a constant element throughout the regional territory that from the lakes of the Apennine peaks to the rivers that descend towards the Padana Valley passing through the ancient canals of the Cities of Art, we could say that Emilia Romagna is a land that over the centuries has torn much of its territory from the waters.

With the arrival of the summer season, we decided to review all the water activities that our region can offer its visitors: from Rafting on the rivers to sailing the most famous Yachting Clubs of the Riviera, from Kite Surf to practice on windy days to diving in the depths of the Adriatic Sea.



canoe group Ravenna

If you love slow rhythms, uncontaminated nature and the sun at nightfall, what we recommend is a nice canoe excursion!

In the Comacchio’s valleys, you can slip water into an experience that will take you inside the areas of naturalistic value within the Po Delta Park. Also, Ravenna and its northern shores are not far behind, the brackish lagoon of the Pialassa della Baiona and the Valle della Canna, offer excursions in the lagoon landscapes where many species birds nest during the beautiful season. For those who want to learn the secrets of the Canoe, in the month of August, it is possible to take part in specialization courses in the River Side center, which will give you the chance to sail on the Santerno river in Imola.



Sailing is one of the “noble” sports able to combine physical, technical and ability to harness the wind. On the Romagna Riviera, there are several sailing clubs that organize courses for all levels: from Rimini to the Ferrara beaches, summer is the perfect season to learn, or perfect, the conduct of a vehicle driven by the strength of Aeolus.
Also, Suviana Lake awaits you in the adventure park Saltapicchio, where immersed in the Regional Park of the Lakes of Suviana and Brasimone, a few steps from Bologna, you can try the experience of sail a lake immersed in the Apennines landscapes.

Kayaking and Rafting


Rafting in Emilia Romagna – Ph.

In Emilia-Romagna it is possible to seek adventure along many of the rivers that descend from the Apennine valleys: along the Trebbia, a tributary of the Po in the Piacenza area, you can learn and experience everything on the river canoe.
Even the river Enza has morphological characteristics suitable for kayaking. In the western part of the Taro and Ceno valleys, kayaking finds favorable conditions, well known by enthusiasts, thanks to the particular conditions of the Taro, the Ceno and some of their tributaries.
Even more adventurous is rafting, a fluvial experience that consists in descending tumultuous riverbeds with the sole help of a dinghy. To raft, in fact, means literally “sailing on a raft”! A few steps from Bologna you can launch yourself along the river Limentra, preparing the floating jacket and a nice paddle!



For lovers of sails and extreme sports, even the sea is ready to offer numerous joys: the Romangola Riviera, with its particular weather, is, in fact, one of the best courses for kitesurfing!
Kitesurfing attracts more and more fans each year, showing them how they can combine two very different elements, such as water and air. For all lovers, the schools of the Riviera will be able to provide advice and equipment, dispensing also useful warnings on the best conditions to practice this adventurous sport.



Diving Emilia Romagna

The underwater world is certainly very fascinating: to remain immersed in the waters, looking at the seabed in search of something that strikes its attention, and surrounded by the inhabitants of the depths of the sea.
Contemplation, training, cold blood, here are the qualities to practice an activity that leads us to discover the secrets of the Mediterranean sea. Among the many excursions, we recommend a visit to the Paguro Wreck, a platform for methane drilling launched in 1963 in Porto Corsini (Ravenna), destroyed and sunk following a serious accident and which can now be visited in its underwater rest.
Also, in this case, to get informationĀ on submarine excursions, we recommend you to contact the many diving centers dislocated in the seaside resorts of the Romangola Riviera.



Swimming – Ph. UISP ER

Never banal, in an area of Italy that has given the world great champions and where tradition is combined with adequate equipment for training and competition, with the many Olympic swimming pools of the Riviera resorts. A classic sport that gives health and that is taught to Italian children from an early age.
You can take part in many new courses organized by the establishments along the Riviera, especially suitable for children, or let you go for long swims along the coast, when the sun is at sunset and, stroke after armful, you do a race with friends to whom he counted more buoys.



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