Summertime: the locations in Romagna of the Italian Netflix series
Romagna’s Coast

Summertime: the locations in Romagna of the Italian Netflix series

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Summer in Romagna is a moment of escape, freedom and discovery, when even the love you’ve always wanted may come true. It’s in this scenario that the new original Netflix show Summertime, produced by Cattleya and freely inspired by Federico Moccia’s book series, takes place.

Released in 190 countries on 29 April 2020, it has been one of the most appreciated Netflix titles in Italy, noting audience appeal also abroad.

Summertime is a modern love story set during summer on Italy’s Adriatic coast. The protagonists are Ale (Ludovico Tersigni) and Summer (Coco Rebecca Edogamhe), two young adults coming from two very different backgrounds that destiny brings together for a passionate and unforgettable love story.

In the background, all the things that make it a perfect teen drama: the friends (Dario, Andrea Lattanzi; Sofia, Amanda Campana; Edo, Giovanni Maini), the family (Isabella, Thony; Blue, Alicia Ann Edogamhe), the first kisses, the search for an own individuality, the desire for redemption and, most of all, the faith that anything’s possible if you want it bad enough.

With sun-drenched scenarios, the filming locations perfectly reflect the essence of summer. Most of the scenes have been filmed in Romagna, between Ravenna and Cesenatico.

Thanks to the warm and deep tones of photography, the scenes are filled with that sense of lightheartedness that has always marked the summer towns of the Adriatic, recalling in the collective imagination a mix of colours and experiences that has made this land famous all over the world since the 1960s.

Let’s see together the most representative places of season one.

The valleys in Marina di Ravenna

Summertime | Foto © Netflix

Summertime | Photo © Netflix

You won’t find a landscape like this anywhere else. Here, in summer, at sunset, the sky seems to burn against the horizon, reflecting itself and the green of the Pine Forest of San Vitale in the waters of the valleys. If you are incorrigible romantics, this is the perfect place for you, as it was for Ale and Summer.

The Dam of Marina di Ravenna

The two dams, one in Marina di Ravenna and one in Porto Corsini, almost look like two long arms that stretch towards the sea.

Two ‘railways’ of almost 3 km length, dotted by the typical fishing huts , along which you can whether run or walk at any hour of the day. Someone comes here trying to find some peace, someone to do some sports, and someone else for a romantic walk or just to feel the salt caressing their face… And then, there’s who does ‘motorcycle races’ (strictly forbidden of course), like Ale, the hero of our series.

The ‘promenade’ in Marina di Ravenna

Summertime | Foto © Netflix

Summertime | Foto © Netflix

One of the many places where the young characters Ale, Summer, Dario, Sofia and their friends meet in Summertime is at the foot of the lighthouse in Marina di Ravenna, surrounded all around by fishing and sailing boats (MarinaRa). At sunset time, everyone meets here, enjoying something to drink with a seascape.

This film adaptation is not so far from reality: this area has always been a meeting point for tourists and citizens who want to take a break from everyday life at the historical little bar.

The beach of Marina Romea

A hut peers out from the middle of the sea, in one of the most beautiful beaches in Ravenna. It’s Marina Romea, at the mouth of the river Lamone. The pine forest flanks the wild dunes, while little beach resorts contrast with the surfers in search of the perfect wave and the camping parks lost in nature. Do you want to see what it’s like? Then follow Dario and Sofia in episode 6.

The city dock

Darsena 3.0 | Magazzini Granai Silos (Via Manfredi Eustachio 2, Ravenna)

Darsena di Ravenna | Foto ©

Along the canal that connects the city with the sea, you will find the underground soul of Ravenna. Along the pier you will see, one after the other, a series of old port warehouses, which suggest a past that, even if it is far gone, still reverberates in memory.

Today, the future of the area is made of murals, multi-functional spaces, and avant-garde clubs (among them, for example, the Darsena PopUp), but most of all, it is the favourite destination of girls and boys, family and athletes that made of this area a meeting place.

The beach of Bassona

Summertime | Foto © Netflix

Summertime | Foto © Netflix

“You’ve been here before?” “No. […] It’s funny though. It feels like somewhere far away”.

Ale’s few words are enough to make you understand what you feel when you step on the beach of Bassona in Lido di Dante. Just forget about the typical noise of the Riviera, with enraged moms and screaming kids. Nature, silence, tranquillity and the scent of summer reign here. All around you, just the sound of the sea and some voices carried by the wind, coming from the distance.

The Beach of Casalborsetti

Do you want the word ‘freedom’ to have a deeper meaning? Do you want to be embraced by nature, to be so close to the sea to hear its sound? Then, Casal Borsetti is your haven: a long stretch of sand enclosed by gentle dunes and a luxuriant pine forest, with a series of well-equipped camping parks (as the one where Edo works).

It’s not so easy to get there if you don’t pick the right track. No wonder why Ale and Summer meet here to spend their last day together…

The Grand Hotel in Cesenatico

Summertime | Foto © Netflix

Summertime | Foto © Netflix

The Grand Hotel in Cesenatico is just a few metres from the sea. Founded in 1929, today it is the absolute symbol of the city. It’s the hotel of Ale’s mother, and it’s where Summer finds a job as a receptionist during the summer months.

Right in front of the hotel is the favourite place of lovers and kids on the skateboard: Piazza Andrea Costa, which has now been hosting for several years a bright majestic Ferris wheel.From there above, you can admire the city and its landscape, including the big skyscraper overlooking the sea, which is — along with the one in Rimini — an eye-catcher on the coastline.

Molo Ponente in Cesenatico

Molto Ponente (Cesenatico)

Molto Ponente (Cesenatico) | Foto ©

“Emojis are everything. Words… they don’t matter anymore”. This is what Sofia tells Dario just before diving into the blue of the Adriatic Sea.

On the background of the quays Molo Ponente and Molo Levante, dotted with the typical fishing huts, you see a place of Romantic strolls, little fish restaurants and a perfect skyline, embellished by the smooth colours of summer.

The seafront of Cesenatico

The beachfront in Cesenatico is an immense promenade of light-heartedness. The seagulls on the shore, the coloured umbrellas, the kids taking hands, the crowded benches, and the prices of the Italian gelati hand-written on the boards of historical kiosks are all there.

In summer, on the beachfront you can breathe deeply the pure air of the sea. This is the setting where Edo and Summer argue, but also where they laugh and hug, and feel all the unique emotions that only friendship can give

The beach in Cesenatico

Summertime | Foto © Netflix

Summertime | Foto © Netflix

There’s something warm, romantic and at the same time funny and retro in the landscape views of the beaches of Cesenatico. The horizon seems to combine with all the other colours of summer, where sunbeds and umbrellas build unique layouts: it’s a kaleidoscope of emotions that only here you can feel.

The beach of Ponente is much quieter than the one of Levante, hidden among old summer camps and modern tourist villages it attracts people who prefer less-crowded places and want to enjoy the charm of nature. Searching for the beach resort you’ve seen on the screen? Look on Google Maps, it’s ‘Paradiso’, and it sounds just like Romagna—‘paradise’.


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