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Blue Flag 2024: the beaches of Emilia-Romagna

by /// May 22, 2024
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From the beaches of Ferrara to the border with the Marche region, 9 beaches in Emilia-Romagna have been awarded the 2024 BLUE FLAG certification.

The decision was taken by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE), based in Denmark, which every year examines the seaside towns of more than 50 European and non-European countries and awards the prestigious certification to the best ones.

More than 30 different parameters are taken into account and, contrary to popular belief, the beauty of a seaside resort and its beaches are of secondary importance.

The main aspects that are taken into consideration are the health conditions of the sea, the administration of the territory and of the waste, urban furniture and accessibility to the beaches, the presence of cycle paths or green areas, but also the presence of appropriate safety and comfort plans within individual beach establishments.

With its 110 kilometers of sandy bathing beaches, Emilia-Romagna is confirmed also in 2024 as one of the best Italian and European destinations for a happy and sustainable summer holiday.

Comacchio and its beach towns (Fe)

Comacchio (Fe), Lido degli Scacchi
Comacchio (Fe), Lido degli Scacchi

Comacchio is an oasis of wellness, a perfect mix of comfort, adventure, fun, desire for the sea and the essence of pure nature.

We are in the 7 beach towns of Comacchio, halfway between Ferrara and Ravenna, poised between the blue Adriatic Sea and the green Po Delta Park.

Here, nature expresses itself in all forms, offering long stretches of beach with shallow waters where children can play in all safety.

A perfect destination to enjoy the sea and the nature with the family.

Lido di Volano, Lido Delle Nazioni, Lido di Pomposa, Lido Degli Scacchi, Porto GaribaldiLido Degli Estensi, Lido di Spina

Ravenna and its beach towns (Ra)

Lido di Dante (Ravenna)
Lido di Dante (Ravenna) | Credit: Roberto Binetti, via Shutterstock

Ravenna is a city of unparalleled charm, home to as many as eight Unesco World Heritage monuments. And that’s not all! The blue Adriatic Sea is only a few kilometers away from the historical centre of the city, with nine beach towns stretching along 35 km of coastline.

Each one of them has its own characteristics and meets different needs according to the type of stay: sun and relaxation, games, sports and fitness and, last but not least, the great amusement park Mirabilandia and the zoological park Safari Ravenna.

Added to all this is the excellent cuisine of the Romagna tradition and the many trails in the nature and in the green of historical (San Vitale and Classe) and coastal pine forests, integral part of the great Po Delta Park.

Casal Borsetti, Marina Romea, Porto Corsini, Marina di Ravenna, Punta Marina Terme, Lido Adriano, Lido di Dante, Lido di Classe, Lido di Savio

Cervia (Ra)

Cervia (Ra), Spiaggia
Cervia (Ra), Spiaggia | Credit: Claudio Zaccherini, via Shutterstock (solo per uso editoriale)

On one side is Milano Marittima, with its haute-couture fashion shops, trendy clubs and late-night parties; on the other is Cervia, ancient seaside village that grew up around salt pans and fishing nets, and today is populated by hotels that offer wellness and gastronomic holidays with a glamorous touch

CerviaTagliataPinarellaMilano Marittima

Cesenatico (Fc)

Cesenatico (FC), Spiagge di Valverde
Cesenatico (FC), Valverde beach | Credit: Redmason, via Shutterstock

Every year, many tourists from all over Italy and Europe come to the fine sandy beaches of Cesenatico. They chase excellent services, but above all the high-quality local cuisine related to the identity of this ancient seaside village.

Welcoming and safe beaches, wide tree-lined boulevards and vast green areas make for a perfect holiday for anyone looking for a relaxing atmosphere.

Zadina-Ponente, Valverde-Villamarina

Gatteo Mare and San Mauro Mare (Fc)

San Mauro Mare (FC)
San Mauro Mare (Fc) | Credit: VividaPhotoPC, via ShutterStock (for editorial use only)

The best time to visit Gatteo Mare and San Mauro Mare is undoubtedly summer. During this season, this small town on the Adriatic coast proves to be an ideal place for a safe and relaxing stay.

The clean and shallow waters, modern facilities and well-equipped beach establishments make this place suitable for all families… and you immediately feel at home!

Bellaria Igea Marina (Rn)

Bellaria Igea Marina (RN)
Bellaria Igea Marina (RN) | Credit: Wonderlust Media, via Shutterstock (for editorial use only)

Located right in the middle of the Riviera Adriatica, the ancient seaside village of Bellaria Igea Marina is today a modern, nice and friendly town.

The golden beaches and its wide range of possibilities for tourists make it very attractive, especially from May to September.

At its back, the countryside of wheat fields and orchards tempts visitors – both by bike and on foot – along the banks of the Uso river: unique itineraries that will make your stays unforgettable.

Misano Adriatico (Rn)

Misano Adriatico (RN)
Misano Adriatico (RN) | Credit: GagliardiPhotography, via Shutterstock

It’s true: tourism was born not far from the beaches of Misano Adriatico. Surrounded by green hills, with a long beach and a scenic city dock in Portoverde, this town has always been a perfect destination for traditional family holidays, enriched with excellent beach establishments and high-quality accommodation facilities.

Not far from the town, the roaring engines at the Misano World Circuit do the rest, attracting many speed freaks from all over the world.

Riccione (Rn)

Riccione (RN), Spiaggia visto dal porto canale
Riccione (RN), The beach seen from the canal port | Credit: D-VISIONS, via Shuttestock (for editorial use only)

Known as the green pearl of the Adriatic, Riccione is famous all over Europe for its hospitality and electrifying nightlife.

Along the renowned Viale Ceccarini, core of the seaside area, are shops, luxury boutiques, restaurants and outdoor cafés. The wide and fine-sand beach offers state-of-the-art facilities and its beach establishments – all full of comforts – will offer you special and sophisticated atmospheres.

Those who love fun will find what they are looking for, with the great amusement parks as Aquafan and Oltremare Park and the best-known clubs scattered around the territory.


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