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The best routes to discover the Fishing Huts

by /// August 31, 2021
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As we have already said, the Fishing Huts, with their colourful and unmistakable shape, are one of the most famous symbols of the Emilia-Romagna landscape.
If you are interested in discovering this unique area full of colours and light, here is a list of the best routes:

  • tips for amateur fishermen;
  • travel ideas for birdwatching enthusiasts;
  • next destination for photography lovers.

Fishing huts can be visited all year round.

With its mild temperatures, spring is the best time to see nature waking up from its slumber.
In summer, you can add a vintage touch to your beach vacation.
Autumn offers a relaxing haven away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.
In winter, fishing is suspended and the nets are dismantled: this is the perfect time for those who seek tranquillity and want to get to know locals.

But discovering Emilia-Romagna’s fishing huts also means stepping back in time, in a sort of open ecomuseum focused on the daily life and age-old fishing traditions of these wetlands.

  • Cervia Fishing Huts | Ph. Simone Manzo
  • Cervia Fishing Huts | Ph. Alberto Bruno Arpini, Visit Cervia
  • Garibaldi’s hut, Marina di Ravenna | Ph. Municipality of Ravenna
  • Marina Romea Fishing Huts | Ph. Nicola Strocchi.png
  • Cesenatico Fishing Huts | Ph. Municipality of Cesenatico
  • Cesenatico, Piazza Spose dei Marinai | Ph. elpo81
  • Milano Marittima Fishing Huts | Ph. Simonetta Ricci, Visit Cervia
  • Comacchio Fishing Huts | Ph. Vanni Lazzari

The "Piallasse" and the Po Delta Valleys: from the Po di Volano area to Ravenna

North-to-south route passing through the lagoon and valley system, rich in biodiversity, of the Po Delta Park.

Po di Volano (FE) – hidden in the pine forest of the Ferrara nature reserve, there are many fishing huts to spot.
Porto Garibaldi (FE) – many fishing huts can be seen from the pier.
Valli di Comacchio (FE) – Valle Molino, Fattibello, Canale Relitto Pallotta and Canale Valletta are the main areas where the oldest fishing huts can be found.
Sant’Alberto (RA) – surrounded by the pristine nature of the Po Delta Park, along the right bank of the Reno river, you can spot a number of fishing huts.
Casalborsetti (RA) – you can spot the fishing huts along the banks of the Destra di Reno canal and the mouth of the Lamone river.
Piallassa della Baiona (RA) – This green oasis has many stilt huts and huts hidden in the pine forest. Within walking distance you can find Capanno Garibaldi, where Giuseppe Garibaldi and his wife Anita hid. This hut still has its original roof made of swamp sawgrass.
Piallassa Piomboni (RA) – To see some huts dating back to the past century.

Must-see stops: Mesola, Goro, the Mesola forest, Comacchio, and the San Vitale pine grove.

Fishing huts in the small port from Rimini to Comacchio

South-to-north route to discover the life of local communities, rooted in century-old maritime traditions.

Rimini – Here the fishing huts have almost completely disappeared, but you can still see the remaining ones along the pier of the old port, where director Fellini used to imagine the Rex ocean liner appear at night, or at the mouth of the Marecchia River, between Borgo San Giuliano and Rivabella.
Cesenatico (FC) – Starting from Leonardo’s Canal Harbour, there are some huts both at the end of the pier, where you can also enjoy an amazing view of the coast, and in the internal canals, not far from the age-old fishermen’s dwellings.
Cervia (RA) – In the city of white gold, you can find a fishing hut along the pier.
Marina di Ravenna (RA) – Walking along the pier you will see a lot of huts, some of them being built in stainless steel. Up for a challenge? Try to spot the one with 2 nets!
Porto Garibaldi (FE) – Along the pier of the town that was named after the hero of the two worlds, who came ashore here as he fled from the Austrians, the fishing huts on the background create a postcard scenery.
Comacchio (FE) – known for its eels, it also boasts a variety of fishing huts just outside the city.

Must-see stops: the salt pans in Cervia, the Piallassa della Baiona lagoon, Lido di Spina.

From Ravenna to Cervia: History and Nature

Lido di Dante (RA) – here you can find fishing huts on both banks of the Fiumi Uniti river; from the right bank you can even spot the bell tower of the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe.
Fosso Ghiaia (RA) – its century-old fishing huts dot the banks of the Bevano stream.
Cervia (RA) – there are huts for recreational fishing along the canal that flows into the salt pans, and the Canale del Pino and Canale Bova canals.

Must-see stops: Sant’Apollinare in Classe, the Classis museum, the Salt Warehouses.

Bask in the magical atmosphere of the fishing huts, with their flamingos, salt pans and seaside towns, capture it on camera and cherish it forever.


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