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Pink Night 2019: top events not to be missed

by /// June 30, 2023
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The July 5th will start the 14 editions of the  Pink Night, the New Year’s Eve of Romagna’s Riviera that marks the opening of the seaside season of Emilia-Romagna, together with a condensation of the possibilities that the Riviera offers its guests.

110 km with more than 400 outdoor events with a great lineup formed by free concerts, big names of international music and many parties, until the dawn and throughout the weekend. And then the fireworks, the beautiful villages inland, the live concerts on the beach and hundreds of events including shows, exhibitions, food and wine and much more, with bathing facilities, museums, bars, and restaurants open, entertaining the people from sunset at dawn.

Pink R-Evolution is the theme chosen for this year’s edition, a theme that 30 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, invites guests of the Riviera to rediscover relationships and rediscover the pleasure of being together, united also in the differences with a full program of events and concerts.
A historical theme that wants to rediscover the human side of one’s life and forget, even if only for one night, all the differences and the temples.


The top events of Pink Night


Pesaro – Friday 5 July – Gene Gnocchi and Dino Grassi Band

On Friday July 5  at the Piazzale della Libertà in Pesaro the DINO GNASSI Band will enchant the audience with its great music, but the surprises do not end there because the evening will be accompanied by a very special guest: Gene Gnocchi, one of the most famous Italian comedians, will be present with his personal Tour.

Towns, Villages and Castles of Romagna – From Friday 5th to Sunday 7th July

Among the many initiatives planned in the towns and villages of Romagna, we point out the 2019 edition of Santarcangelo dei Teatri, one of the most famous theatre festival of entire Italy, with the suggestive “Dragon, rest your head on the seabed“, a show in which the surface of the water becomes the screen on which the story of a fantastic creature flows.

Dragon, rest your head on the seabed is a composition for six synchronized swimmers and a pool that blends dance, sport and science fiction. The surface of the water becomes the screen on which the story flows: a fantastic creature is decomposed and recomposed through the multiple identities of the six swimmers, producing extraordinary visual effects.

Even the Este Castle of Ferrara on the occasion of the Pink Night offers a rich program of initiatives. From 7.00 pm on Friday 5th July and until late at night it will be possible to take part to boat excursions, concerts and special guided tours that illustrate the many aspects of the court life of the Castle: from the women who lived there to the mysteries of the Court, from parties to large Renaissance banquets.

Lido delle Nazioni – Friday 5 and Saturday 6 July – Baby K

Friday July 5 will be an evening of Latin rhythm mixed with Italian rap on the beach of Lido delle Nazioni, where the singer Baby K will perform a free concert in Piazza Italia with her greatest summer hits.
The evening will be played by the radio frequencies, while at midnight the evocative fireworks display is scheduled for the whole of the Romagna coast.

Let’s stay on the radio theme because Saturday 6 will be the turn of the Radio Company, the great Italian party with the greatest hits ever mixed by Dj Antonello Cerri and vocalist Daniele Belli.

Cervia – Saturday 6 July – Miami & the Groovers

On Saturday July 6 in the stunning scenario of Cervia city, the Miami & the Groovers will offer a great free concert in Piazza Garibaldi.
A long musical line that will resume the folk sounds of Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, passing by Bruce Springsteen rock, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Elvis, Chuck Berry.
A long journey in which Miami & the Groovers will guide the public through stories of outlaws, travelers, and pioneers.

Cesenatico – Friday 5 and Saturday 6 July – Radio Bruno Summer Edition and Cesenatico Noir Festival

The Summer in Cesenatico is devoted to Radio Bruno, and also this year on the occasion of the Pink Night the most energetic radio of Emilia-Romagna on Friday 5 will organize a great free concert with the best Italian Bands and Singers, such as I Nomadi, Le Vibrazioni, Elodie, Federica Abbate, Fred De Palma, Lorenzo Fragola, Sergio Sylvestre and Tormento.
The Cesenatico Concert is only the first of a long Summer Tour that will bring Radio Bruno and the greatest protagonists of Italian Music in city squares.

Saturday July 6 a special preview of Cesenatico Noir Festival will be staged in the corniche of Piazza delle Conserve.
Pending the second edition of the event dedicated to noir literature, scheduled from 25 to 28 July, there will be the possibility of attending the preview of the Festival by meeting the authors JOE LANSDALE, LEWIS SHINER, SEBA PEZZANI.

Gatteo Mare – Friday 5 and Saturday 6 July – Paolo Belli Band

Not to be missed on Friday 5 at the Don Guanella gardens the free concert by Paolo Belli, that with his Swing Band will liven up the town with a show made of overwhelming music, funny gags and an unmistakable sound.
At midnight then, off to the traditional Fireworks show simultaneously in all the cities of Riviera.

Saturday 6 will be the turn of Zebratre in Concerto, a band that will offer a musical journey through the most beautiful songs of beat music and the great hits of the 70-80-90s

San Mauro Mare – Friday 5 July – Mirko Casadei Band

Friday 5 of July the city of San Mauro Mare will offer an evening together with the most famous Italian dance orchestra in the world. Mirko Casadei will bring his new style and rich in influences proposing a concert in the name of new sounds and musical contaminations.
With the new single written for the latest film by Maria Grazia Cucinotta “Tutto Liscio”, Mirko presents a pop ballad with the flavor of evocative instruments such as the accordion and the clarinet in C, recalling a world of emotions.

Bellaria Igea Marina – Friday 5 Saturday 6 July – Mahmood and the Stadium

As per tradition Friday 5 July in Bellaria Igea Marina will be staged the Children’s Pink Night. The Adriatic town will be transformed into a large playground under the stars, coloring every corner of the city with street artists, stilts, percussion, parades, theater, music, puppets and courses for the little ones to become a firefighter for a day.

But the real highlight of Bellaria’s Pink Night will arrive at 11.30pm at Beky Bay Beach, where Mahmood, fresh winner of the Sanremo Festival, will perform a special summer concert.
Saturday July 6 will be the turn of the Italian band Stadio, which will offer an anthological show that celebrates, after 26 years, the Band’s first Live album.

Rimini – From Wednesday 3 July – Francesco De Gregori + various events

In the Headquarter of Romagna summer, the Pink Night begins as early on Wednesday 3, as the arrival of the RDS Radio station and the Performance Benji & Fede.
A moment not to be missed, especially for the Italian Fans, who will have the opportunity to approach their heroes in a convivial and intimate atmosphere.

Friday July 5 will be the turn of the highlight of Notte Rosa with the great concert of the great Italian singer Francesco De Gregori. On stage in Piazzale Fellini Francesco De Gregori will present his greatest successes.
From 24.00 onwards, at the same time as the whole of the Romagna Riviera, it will be the turn of the great fireworks display that will color the entire Adriatic Riviera.

For all art lovers then we point out that from 6 July to 25 August in Castel Sismondo the exhibition “Revolutions: 1989-2019 – The Art of the New World“, an exhibition that wants to tell the three years, from 1989 to 1991, that shocked the world.
The exhibition project aims to retrace these three extraordinary years with video, sound and television materials plus a series of events that warm the hearts of those who were there and intrigue the younger generations by presenting them Italian creativity, which many consider being at their peak at the end of the 20th century.

As per tradition, on Saturday July 6 the Rimini beach will host the concert at dawn which this year will see Roberto Cacciapaglia Diapason Piano Concert.
But the Rimini Pink Night certainly does not stop at the first weekend of July, on Monday July 8 on the occasion of the Percuotere la Mente Music Festival, Echo & the Bunnymen will perform a special concert Rimini.

Riccione – Friday 5 and Saturday 6 July – Radio Deejay Summer

Radio Deejay returns to Riccione with “Pink like and Deejay“, a Live three-day show with the DJ set and the animation by the most famous voices of the Radio.
Shows start Friday 5 at 6 pm and will continue with the music of the Radio’s DJs that will transform the Riccione main square into a magnificent dance floor interrupted only by the magic fireworks to mark the midnight of the summer new year of the Adriatic Riviera.

On Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 it will be the time of the Emporio Armani Sportour Summer Edition.
Emporio Armani presents an event dedicated to sport and fun on the beach with a bunch of sporting activities on the calendar, which will be held with the constant support of highly qualified instructors: amateur beach volleyball, with a double elimination tournament; the brand new cross net that is beach volleyball with crossed nets; beach tennis; yoga on the beach and yoga on sup in the sea, balanced on the paddle.

Misano Adriatico – Friday 5 and Saturday 6 July – The Kolors

It will be the music of The Kolors, the band of great success among the young and captained by Stash, that will animate the night of Misano Adriatico on Friday July 5.
Saturday 6 instead the Pink Carnival is scheduled: the parade of allegorical floats and masked procession on the Misano seafront for an evening of fun for adults and children.

Cattolica – Friday 5 and Saturday 6 July – Radio Due Summer Live

The voices and music of Radio Due Summer Live will delight the Pink Night of Cattolica.
Shows will starts Friday 5 with Comedy Central Tour, where Federica Cacciola and Gigi and Ross will conduct the TV entertainment program dedicated to Italian comedy.
Friday July 5 will be the turn of the free concert by Federica Carta and Shade. Back from the great success of Sanremo 2019 Federica Carta and Shade will stop in Cattolica with the new song “Without doing it on purpose”.
On Saturday 6 it is scheduled the Italian band Tiromancino concert, the historic Italian group whose music is based on a mixture of form, song and the search for unconventional sounds.

Ravenna Beaches – Friday 5 and Saturday 6 July – Giusy Ferreri and Marina Love Parade

On Friday July 5 the famous Italian singer Giusy Ferreri will perform a free concert on the beach of Marina di Ravenna with her best Summer Hits.
A concert not to be missed and that will bring the Hits of summer 2019 directly on the beach of the Adriatic Sea.


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