Pet-friendly beaches in Emilia Romagna
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Pet-friendly beaches in Emilia Romagna

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Emilia Romagna is and has always been a welcoming land, with everyone, even with your four-legged friends. Every year, our pets are ready, like us, to go on a beach holiday. For those who love to travel with their pets, the coasts of the Riviera Adriatica are an ideal pet-friendly destination where to go and where you can spend your summer holidays.

From the beaches of Comacchio to the beaches of Cattolica, the entire coast offers a wide range of dedicated services and spaces specifically thought for our little animal friends. On the one hand, the institutional activities with rules and regulations say which beaches allow pets and what kind of behavior owners should keep. On the other hand, private initiatives like seaside resorts and facilities offer us and our haired little friends a number of advantages, like lying under a beach umbrella, agility courses and dog run areas, showers, little swimming pools where to cool off, free training classes, and – of course, a bowl for water and some pet food.

We invite all of you to pay the utmost attention to the existing municipal regulations we are going to mention, in order to avoid administrative sanctions that might be very expensive


Vacanze a Quattro Zampe

If you have chosen Comacchio and its amazing 7 beaches as your summer holidays destination and you are going to take your pet with you, here are listed the municipal beaches where you can go with it:

  • Lido di Volano: it is between the seaside resorts Bagno Franco and Bagno New Age, the piece of free beach is 30mt large and 25mt long;
  • Lido Delle Nazioni: there is a slice of free beach, privately owned, between Bagno Albatros and Bagno Mexico;
  • Porto Garibaldi: it is located South of the residence Park Emilio. The piece of free beach is 30mt large and 50mt long. It is the only beach in Comacchio and surroundings where pets can bathe;
  • Lido Degli Estensi: this piece of free beach is adjacent to the seaside resort Blue Moon, it is 30mt large and 100mt long;
  • Lido di Spina: the free beach is on the left side of the Police beach resort. The piece of beach here is 30mt large and 50mt long.

For further information on times, prohibitions, and permits, we advise you to read the resolution no. 90 of 05/06/2020.


From Comacchio, let’s move southwards, in the Byzantine Capital. In Ravenna, the free beaches where your pets are allowed are:

  • Casal Borsetti: south of the seaside resort Overbeach, in a 70mt-large slice of beach;
  • Casal Borsetti / Marina Romea: a 100m-long stretch of public beach between the camping villages Reno and Romea;
  • Marina di Ravenna: an 80m-long stretch of public beach, close to the south-north of the Ruvido establishment;
  • Lido Adriano: an 80m-long stretch of public beach north to the seaside resort Oasi;
  • Lido Adriano: an 80m-long stretch
  • Lido Di Classe: near the Mouth of River Savio, in the piece of free 60mt-large beach north of the cliff.
  • Lido Di Savio: a 40m-long stretch of public beach, south of the cliff at the mouth of the river Savio

In both these places, pets can bathe in the mirror of water right in front of the pet-friendly piece of beach stretch. It is preferable to keep dogs out of the water in the central hours of the day, indicatively from 11.30am to 2.30pm.

Also in this case, in order to avoid bad surprises or misunderstandings, we refer to the page “On holiday with your dog“.

Cervia e Milano Marittima

In Cervia and Milano Marittima, according to the law, access to beaches have always been forbidden to any animal, except for lifeguard dogs or guide dogs for the blinds.

However, from 6am to 8am and from 9pm to 12am, dogs can access the beach from the beach walkways and are allowed both on the shore and in the water. Again, just to be sure, give a look at the decree.

Bagno 81 | "Rimini Dog no problem"

Bagno 81 | “Rimini Dog no problem”


As in Cervia, in Cesenatico are fixed hours to respect, from 6am to 8am and from 8pm to 12am dogs are allowed on the beach. In this case, though, admission and bathing are allowed exclusively in the free beaches:

  • In the piece of beach in front of the so-called ‘Zona Cesarini’, in Villamarina;
  • In the so-called ‘Spiaggia Dei Diamanti’ in the district Boschetto;
  • In the piece of beach adjacent to Piazza Spose Dei Marinai, in the area called Ponente;
  • In the free beach in Valverde, in the piece of beach between Fincarducci and Eurohotel;
  • In the piece of free beach between the canal Tagliata and the seaside resort Camping Cesenatico, in Zadina

As already said above, here the decree of 29/05/2020 to check for all the information.

Rimini e Riccione

Something has changed also here. These two capital cities of tourism boast coasts with well-equipped seaside resorts and some of them allow now dogs on the beach: our 4-legged friends can have finally a swim in the mirror of the water overlooking some of these seaside resorts.

Although access is allowed during specific hours and periods, there are ever fewer prohibitions that have always restricted an amusing and refreshing bath with our pets.

As mentioned before, there are several rules to follow and respect as written in the decree 1/2020 as concerns the beaches in Rimini and decree n.1 for Riccione.

In Rimini, the animals can access to sea only from 6am to 8pm or in the evening hours from 7pm until 9pm. In Riccione, on the other hand, it will be possible, on an experimental basis, to bathe in the sea from 6am to 7.30am and from 7pm until sunset in the three beaches between the bathing establishments no. 51 and 52; in the stretch of free beach included between the bathing establishments no. 77 and 78; and in the free beach included between the bathing establishments no. 132 and 134.

Bagno 81 | "Rimini Dog no problem"

Bagno 81 | “Rimini Dog no problem”

Moreover, private beaches in Emilia Romagna and along the Riviera in general are well-equipped to welcome their guests and their beloved pets, displaying a series of dedicated services and spaces, especially in the seaside resorts, which, before others in Italy, have been properly equipped over time to allow access to the beaches to dogs.

Beyond all these places to go with your dog on holiday that you can easily find making a web research, we would like to remind you, you should respect the fundamental rules that safeguard the well-being of your 4-legged friend. The heat of summer is intense and hard for them as it is for us, so take care and pay attention to your beach umbrella-mate: he does not want to get a tan but just to be next to you


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