Tell me who you are and I’ll tell you which beach to choose
Romagna’s Coast

Tell me who you are and I’ll tell you which beach to choose

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Anyone of us lives his own holidays in a different way and during the time spent on the shore we search for something that can feed our soul. Romantic, party-goers, lazy and alone: everybody has his own temperament, which finds expression in a different way every time we have to decide which beach to choose.

There are the nature lovers, those who love sunsets as solo spectators, those who party during the happy hours and concerts until late night, those who are in search for some relax and others who are committed to the sport. Emilia Romagna with its 110km of coastline meets the requests of all these different personalities.
Just tell us what type of person you think you are and we will tell you which beach suits you best


You can’t detach your eyes from the lens of your camera, even if you are at the seaside, you always need a good subject or landscape to capture. Even a flower is enough with the right angle. Volano is the right beach for you, the farthest north locality of the beaches of Comacchio: it is a natural oasis entrapped between a lush flora and sea-inlets, its isolated position and the strong streams make it the ideal destination for kiters, surfers, and windsurfers.

Sacca di Bellocchio | Pic by Carabinieri

Sacca di Bellocchio | Photo © Carabinieri


You are not the party-goer type and you are trying to escape social life. You don’t like crowded beaches, mothers, and crying children and you are searching for silence with tenacity and stubbornness. Our suggestion is to spread your towel on the sand of Ancona di Bellocchio. It is located in the municipality of Comacchio, south of Lido di Spina, in one of the areas of the Po Delta Park. A piece of coast is decorated with a flourishing and old pine forest and there are only a few facilities and seaside resorts. The only thing around you is the sound of the sea and some distant voices carried on the wind.


You want the word “freedom” to mean something. You would like to be surrounded by a natural environment, so close to the sea to hear its lapping. In this case, the beaches in the ‘Lidi Nord’ of Ravenna suit you: the great expanse of sand surrounded by gentle dunes and a luxuriant pine forest with many well-equipped campings is your thing.

Beaches of Ravenna | Photo © Fabrizio Zani (Archive RavennaTourism images)

Beaches of Ravenna | Photo © Fabrizio Zani (Archive RavennaTourism images)


Every year thousands of young Indie music enthusiasts – and not arrive from all over Europe on the beaches of Marina di Ravenna. What they are looking for is a relaxed atmosphere and a place where to lie in the summer sun and to live the magic of a concert or a festival like Beaches Brew with their bare feet immersed in the sand.

Beaches Brew Festival | Photo © Francesca Sara Cauli

Beaches Brew Festival | Photo © Francesca Sara Cauli


If you are searching for a direct contact with nature in your birthday suit – without any clothes to be clear – then the beach of Bassona in Ravenna is the right place for you. We are in the Nature Reserve of the River Bevano Mouth, one of the most beautiful beaches in all the Riviera. In this area, naturism is accepted and you won’t be frowned at if you decide to take off your swimsuit. Just pay attention though – respect others and the surrounding nature.


Do you want to take a break from everyday life and relax as much as possible? Well, there is a solution: to lie down under the sun of Spiaggia Delle Tamerici (The Tamarisk Beach) in Valverde di Cesenatico. The changing rooms, the chairs, the tables are all made of wood and covered with greenery, even the trees are umbrella-shaped here.


If you love Sports, all the Riviera Romagnola is the right place for you. Beach volley, beach tennis, beach soccer, kite surfing: you have but the choice to practice sport on the beach. So, you don’t have to worry. If we should suggest you one specific place though, we would recommend you Cervia, which started to host the IronMan “Made in Italy” race last year, one of the hardest triathlon races in the world.

Riviera dello Sport - Beach Tennis | Photo © Archive Apt

Riviera dello Sport – Beach Tennis | Photo © Archive Apt

Family Traveller

Holidays are a special moment for you and sharing it every year with your family makes you happy. You don’t want too many hitches and you want all the pieces of the puzzle to fit. What suits you are the golden beaches between Cervia and Bellaria Igea Marina: pure waters and a shallow sea bottom, safe play areas, amusement parks, animation and excellent restaurants on the shore during the pleasant summer evenings.


Who said that to enjoy summer parties and feasts you need to fly to Ibiza? At night, between Rimini and Riccione, the Riviera turns into an explosion of transgression and craziness which are every bit as good as the Balearic Islands. During the day, however, the beaches welcome and hug you with their excellent services

Notte Rosa, Rimini | Photo © Luca/ Lucchesi/ Giorgio Salvatori/

Notte Rosa, Rimini | Photo © Luca/ Lucchesi/ Giorgio Salvatori/


If you love sunsets, long walks hand in the hand, runs out of breath along the shore and eyes towards the horizon embraced by the words “I love you”, the right beach for you might be Cattolica. On the foot of Mount Gabicce, bordering with Marche, in what is maybe even the most beautiful of the lagoons along the Northern Adriatic Sea

The Aperitif Lovers

It’s sunset and, no matter what, you want an aperitif. There are several beaches in this case where you can celebrate this ritual and each of them offers different declinations according to the type of clientele. Well, now it’s your turn: we give you carte blanche and we will be waiting for your tips!

Sunset on Gabicce Mare | Photo taken from ©

Sunset on Gabicce Mare | Photo taken from ©


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