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Winter in Italy: Where to Ski in Emilia-Romagna

by /// December 13, 2023
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With 15 ski resorts and more than 300 km of slopes, the Emilia Romagna region holds many chances to wear overalls, gloves, and winter boots to have fun skiing in the snow of the Italian Apennines.

If you are here on holiday for a few days, or if you simply want to know where to ski in Emilia Romagna, choose from the list of locations below and come enjoy the winter with us.

Cimone Ski Resort | Credit: Cimone Sci
Cimone Ski Resort | Credit: Cimone Sci


Monte Cimone

With 50 km of slopes and 26 slopes connected to each other, the Cimone ski area, in the Modenese Apennines, is the largest in the entire Italian Apennines.

The slopes are served by 21 modern and fast ski lifts, which can be accessed with the same ski pass; check out all the information on openings and prices.

At Cimone (2165 m) there are numerous school camps, cross-country ski runs, one for snowshoes (here’s the calendar of guided excursions), and a Baby Park at Ninfa Lake.
An integral part of the 50 km of slopes and accessible with the same ski pass, is also the Ninfa Snow Park with numerous sequential structures installed along the entire track: jumps, rails and step-ups for all levels, from beginners to pro snowboarders.

Where to Ski in Emilia Romagna
Monte Cimone Ski Map | Ph. Cimone Sci


The Frassinoro-Piandelagotti area, in the Frignano Natural Park, winds along the Tuscan-Emilian ridge and is known to be the cross-country paradise.

The Cross-Country Center Boscoreale is, in fact, an important spot for cross-country skiing, with 50 km of tracks that multiply thanks to various connections with the Tuscany area and Reggio-Emilia Apennines.

It is possible to find also trails dedicated to snowshoes and on a ring of 2.5 km perfectly illuminated and even artificially snow-covered it is possible to practice Nordic skiing and snowshoeing even at night.

Nearby, the slopes of Lago Murato offer rings of varying length and difficulty, for a total of 10 km that cross historic landscapes and roads.


In Pievepelago and Sant’Annapelago you can ski right into the village thanks to the cross-country trails that wind close to the town, while in the Acque Chiare area there is a suggestive permanent track for Nordic skiing.

The ski area contains also 12 km of descents (2 red runs, 4 blue runs, and 2 green runs) equipped with three ski lifts (one ski-lift and two two-seater chairlifts), in addition to the SnowPark, which is perfect for board lovers.

Piane di Mocogno

Have you ever faced a descent on a rubber boat? It’s the snow tubing and you can try it at the Piane di Mocogno, one of the most historic winter resorts in the Apennines, it was opened in the far 1928.

The station includes 4 downhill slopes, a training ground, a Baby Park and a toboggan run, while the Centro Fondo Lama Mocogno offers 40 km of cross-country tracks divided into 8 rings, with routes suitable for both beginners and experts.

Nearby a circuit of trails for over 25 km is dedicated to snowshoeing, a discipline that has made the station a reference point throughout the Emilian Apennines.


In Fiumalbo, a picturesque stone village in the Frignano Natural Park, the nearby ski area offers 2 cross-country skiing rings, 2 snow tubing slopes, and a SnowPark, also active at night.

Snowboarders can rent all the equipment, including snowshoes, to climb Cimone and make free riding descents in complete freedom with a drop of 800 meters.


Le Balze, Monte Fumaiolo

The Balze ski resort on Monte Fumaiolo (1407 m) is located near Verghereto, in the upper Val Savio. It’s mainly frequented by lovers of cross-country skiing, thanks to the 5 km ring track near the summit of the mountain, but it also has three downhill slopes of varying difficulty, from the blue track accessible even to the less experienced to the red central track of medium difficulty, up to the most challenging red slope which is on the opposite side of the ski lift.

For lovers of jumps, boxes and rails the Fumipark Snow Park is also active.

All the slopes have a ski lift and an artificial snow system. At the Biancaneve shelter at the top of the ski lifts, it is possible to rent any ski and snowboard equipment (we recommend booking in advance).
In addition to skiing, Monte Fumaiolo is also suitable for snowshoe excursions, organized by Fumaiolo Sentieri.

Campigna, Montefalco

Where to ski in Emilia Romagna
Campigna Ski Area | Credit: Igor Dall’Ara

The Campigna ski facility (which goes from an altitude of 1510 to an altitude of 1628 asl) is located in one of the most important historical forests, both nationally and internationally.

It currently consists of 2 tracks, one red and one black, served by a ski lift, a bobsleigh track and a sled run served by a treadmill, a track that is perfect as a training ground, a 5 km cross-country ski ring called Le Rondinaie, and wide paths for walks with snowshoes.

Snowboard lovers can also find a SnowPark with doors facilities where there are three lines of structures and two jumps of 5 and 8 meters.

In the station there’s also a Ski School and, if necessary, at the start of the slopes it’s possible to rent all the equipment to spend the day in the snow.


Corno alle Scale

On the Bologna Apennines, the Corno alle Scale is a large natural amphitheater that extends in a fan shape, inside the homonymous Natural Park, from the top of the Corno (1945 meters) to the Scaffaiolo Lake.

Here the ski slopes are about 36 km of varying difficulty, of which 80% are covered by artificial snow systems (which allow you to have fun anyway the season goes); the slopes are served by 5 chair lifts, 1 ski lift, and 1 moving walkway. Here is all the information on the opening and closing of the slopes.

Where to ski in Emilia Romagna
Corno Scale Ski Area | Ph. Corno Sci

The Snow Park, dedicated only to snowboarders, is located in Le Malghe, is about a hundred meters long and it is equipped with thorns, humps, rails, parabolic curves and jumps of different levels…all at the sound of music!

Exclusive for riders there is also a special track, the yellow one, served by the Cavone chairlift, on which to indulge with jumps and stunts.

For lovers of cross-country skiing instead, two possibilities: the more experienced can enjoy the difficult four-kilometer ring on a plateau near the town of Le Malghe, while beginners will be able to experience long the less demanding track along the Cavone Lake.

For the little ones, there is a Baby Park with inflatables and animations under the guidance of the ski school staff. At Corno alle Scale there are also two ski schools that have a total of about thirty federal teachers. Both schools organize individual or group lessons for beginners or athletes, both on skis and snowboards.


Cerreto Laghi

The Cerreto Laghi ski-resort is located in the heart of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, coinciding with the Passo del Cerreto ridge and crossroads between the Italian regions of Emilia Romagna, Liguria, and Tuscany.

Nestled among the striking views of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennine National Park, Cerreto Laghi develops around an Apennine lake of glacial origin, surrounded by snow-covered beech trees during the winter season.

The geographical exposure to the north also make Cerreto Laghi a tourist resort with good natural snow (it still has about 35 cannons with programmed snow) and can be easily reached both from the Emilian and from the Ligurian-Tuscan side, thanks to the easy connections with Reggio Emilia, La Spezia, and Aulla.

The Cerreto Laghi station now offers 7 ski lifts for a total of about 16 km of alpine ski slopes, which are flanked by another 12 km of cross-country ski runs and a new Ice Palace.

For children and beginners, an important ski school service is also offered to professional instructors who, thanks to their expertise, will be able to teach skiing techniques even to the less experienced.

Where to Ski in Emilia-Romagna
Cerreto Laghi – Ski Map


Ventasso Laghi is a ski-resort that rises around 1400 meters under the majestic profile of the homonymous Mount, in the heart of a dense beech forest.

Precisely because of its isolated position, the town is a popular tourist destination throughout the year thanks to the splendid hiking routes that can be practiced in close contact with a pristine wilderness environment.

The ski area develops on the mountainside of Ventasso Mount and is equipped with four ski lifts that serve 11 km of alpine downhill slopes, to which are added some cross-country trails.

The ski slopes are usually wide, equipped with artificial snow and with gentle slopes, a feature that allows the ski resort to be a real paradise for beginners and snowboarders, along with for those who want to enjoy the skiing holiday sign of fun not too demanding.

Skiing in Ventasso Laghi allows you to enjoy a day of sport and relaxation, away from the confusion of the most popular ski resorts, and with the availability to practice the various skiing disciplines anyway. In addition, the Ventasso Laghi area has a good network of routes for skiing and stunning off-piste skiing.


Dedicated exclusively to cross-country skiing, the Pratizzano ski-station in the municipality of Ramiseto is today one of the Apennine headquarter of this important winter discipline, while the local school of masters is one of the most accredited and famous in the entire Emilia-Romagna Region.

The Pratizzano station today offers 3 cross-country trails of 3-5-10 km of varying difficulty, with the chance of renting equipment and snowshoes for wonderful walks through the Apennine woods.

The station also offers the possibility of a hiking guide service, upon reservation, together with the organization of excursions on beaten and experimental routes.


In the winter season, Febbio turns into a fully equipped ski resort which is also the highest in the northern Apennines (1200-2063m).

The two chairlifts of the station allow everyone to fully enjoy the 19 km of slopes that present different levels of difficulty and that, thanks to the altitude and modern artificial snowmaking systems, can be enjoyed until late spring.

Snowboard enthusiasts will find plenty of space for their evolutions in Febbio 2000, while for the little ones the station is equipped with a school field and a track for Bob and Sledding.

For all winter mountain enthusiasts, we also mention the possibility of long snowshoeing in the woods that cover the northern slopes of Cusna Mount, as well as the possibility of enjoying beautiful views from the Rifugio del Crinale (2000m asl).

Piacenza and Parma

Passo Penice

Passo Penice, on the border between the Piedimont and Emilia-Romagna, is the only ski resort in the Piacenza area and is just a few kilometers from the ancient medieval village of Bobbio.

The area includes slopes of various difficulty levels, which are also open at night.
The historic ski school is great for making children take their first steps with skis on and fun is also guaranteed on the 3 bobsleigh tracks.


Where to ski in Emilia Romagna
Schia Ski Map | Ph.

The town of Schia is located on the Parma mountains on the slopes of the panoramic Monte Caio, an isolated mountain massif rich in forests less than an hour from the city by car.

The ski resort offers slopes for alpine skiing and snowboarding but is also suitable for lovers of ski touring and off-piste skiing.

The 10 runs, a total of over 15 km, are served by 4 ski lifts (2 ski lifts, 1 treadmill, and 1 two-seater chairlift) while in Pian delle Guide, near the chairlift departure, there is the SnowPark, curated from the local Caio Riders which is ideal for freestyle enthusiasts, and it is equipped with jumps, boxes, rails and a lighting system that allows their use even at night.


The town of Prato Spilla, also on the eastern Parma Apennines, is located near the town of Monchio delle Corti, in the heart of the Regional Park of the Cedra and Parma Valleys, also known as Parco dei Cento Laghi.

The small but complete ski area has 10 km of slopes served by three lifts (one chairlift and two ski lifts) and a fully equipped SnowPark.

Not to be missed is the Rio Spilla chairlift which leads to an altitude of 1,700 m, from where you can admire a unique panorama that sweeps from the Mediterranean sea to the Alpine chain.

Sciare in Emilia Romagna CC BY NC SA
Sciare in Emilia Romagna CC BY NC SA


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