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Snowshoeing in Emilia Romagna: enjoy the white Apennines

by /// August 31, 2021
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Anyone who loves to walk in the snow has tried them at least once in their life. They are built-in so many forms – even if in the collective imagination they always resemble big rackets – and their popularity has been growing fast in recent years.
We are talking about Snowshoes, an instrument that allows you to move easily on foot in the fresh snow along beautiful itineraries immersed in white and glacial silence.
The Apennines of Emilia Romagna is one of the best Italian places for this type of activity; bordering on the south with Tuscany and the Marche, our mountains are characterized by really different landscapes that open panoramas that go from the Ligurian coast to the gentle hills of Montefeltro.

Here is a brief excursus on the chance to enjoy snowshoeing in Emilia Romagna, from Bologna to Piacenza, walks, information and landscapes for the next winter 2020.

Christmas InEmiliaRomagna

Snowshoes – Pic by Neuro74


Lizzano in Belvedere is certainly the most famous resort in the Bolognese mountains. Located at the border between the provinces of Modena and Pistoia, at the extreme edge of the Bolognese Apennines, it is renowned for the presence of a ski resort, but above all for the “Corno alle Scale” regional park, that allows amazing itineraries for both winter and summer (some say that on clear winter days, you can even see the Corsica island).
In Lizzano snowshoeing hikes are organized for the months of January and February, with a busy schedule of events for all levels and difficulties. Among the many recommend the night snowshoe on January 19th, a suggestive way to discover the environments of the Park and the ancient glacial basins that still shapes these hills.
Info – Appennino Bolognese Tourist Office


Santa Sofia, Bagno di Romagna, Pemilcuore; Here are the mountain villages where you can find many beautiful excursions on the slopes of the Casentinesi Forests National Park.
Here are in fact some of the oldest forests in Europe persist, giving environments made of silences and wildlife.
Among the many initiatives you can choose, we suggest the nocturnal snowshoe on January 20th on FalteronaMount, a special way to experience the Park landscape during the winter nights.
Info – Casentinesi Forest National Park


Here we are in the Modena area, one of the most renowned ski resort of Emilia-Romagna. Sestola, Fiumalbo, Pievepelago, and Frassinoro: in this area, virtually all the municipalities located around Cimone Mount offer a specific program of walks and itineraries with snowshoes.
We are in the Frignano Natural Park, a perfect place to venture among the woods and valleys with snowshoes in search of traces of wild animals and bird songs, all without forgetting to taste the traditional gastronomic delicacies of typical of Modena mountains.
Info – Appennino Modenese Tourist Office

Snowshoeing in Emilia Romagna, Modena Apennines - Ph Modenatur

Landscapes of Modena Apennines – Ph. Modenatur


The Reggio-Emilia Apennines offers all visitors a fascinating panorama of valleys and mountains lying between Emilia-Romagna Romagna and Tuscany.
Here is the town of Cerreto Laghi and the starting point of long snowshoe hikes that lead up towards the ridges of theAppennino Tosco-Emiliano National Park; experiences and activities that take us back to the distant past, when snowshoes represented for the people of the Apennines the only way to get around in winter when snowfalls were abundant.

To the visitors of the locality of Reggio Emilia, the local associations offer daytime snowshoeing on Sunday, and nightly on Saturday evening.
Usually, at the end of snowshoeing, you return to the refuge, where you stop to taste typical local dishes such as polenta with mushrooms and wild boar, chestnut polenta, homemade cakes and liqueurs with wild berries.

For all those who wish, it is possible to sleep in the newly opened structure “The mill of Cerreto Alpi“, a rural accommodation housed in an ancient water mill on the banks of the river Secchia, which has 8 beds, an internal and an external bathroom, an equipped kitchen corner, and a large dining room.
Info – Tourist Office Castelnovo ne’ Monti 

Snowshoeing in Emilia Romagna

Cerreto Laghi Winter | Ph Carlo Alberto Conti


Among the highest reliefs of the Apennines of Emilia Romagna, the Parmense ones offer, especially at high altitude, corners that have nothing to envy to the alpine landscapes, and it is for this reason that much of the National Park of the Tuscan Emilian Apennines it is located right in this territory.
Corniglio, Monchio delle Corti, Tizzano Val Parma, and Borgo Val Taro are the places where most of the excursions depart, which will take you to discover the mountain ridge that divides Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany, and Liguria.
Info – Parma Tourist Office

Snowshoeing in Emilia Romagna - Parma Apennines

Parma Apennines, Lanscape – Ph.


In the Piacenza mountains, the Ferriere‘s local tourist association offers in the months of January, February and March a varied winter program at high altitude, including entertainment, trails, excursions in the Piacenza Apennines, some even at night.
The itineraries are developed around Prato Grande, a natural location at 1450 meters above sea level, on the left of the Nure stream, in Ferriere. Located at the intersection of several paths, including the one that reaches the Lardana waterfalls, Prato Grande is a unique place from which you can enjoy a wide panorama that sweeps over the peaks of the Apennines both Piacentino and Ligure.
Info – Piacenza Tourist Office


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