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Historical Spas in Emilia-Romagna

by /// January 8, 2024
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Spas, as you know, are places where you go to take care of yourself, breaking away from the daily routine, immersing yourself in moments of pure well-being.

In Emilia Romagna there are some thermal baths that, in addition to this, also offer an experience of immersion in art and history. These are the Historical Baths, buildings that for their architecture and decorations, can tell (better than any history of art book), an artistic current or movement.

Here are five Spas of Emilia-Romagna housed in historic buildings.

Terme di Salsomaggiore (PR)

Salsomaggiore Terme (PR), Terme Berzieri
Salsomaggiore Terme (PR), Terme Berzieri | Credit: marcostucchi

It is one of Italy’s most famous spas.
If the name of Salsomaggiore Terme, a town in the Parma hinterland, has been synonymous with thermal waters since Roman times, it is by crossing the threshold of the fascinating Liberty-style building of the Terme Berzieri, dating back to 1923, that a true journey into art begins.

Admire the art of Galileo Chini, who decorated the façade and interiors in the elegant Art Nouveau style, skilfully blending oriental influences.


Terme di Sant'Andrea (PR)

Medesano (PR), Terme di Sant’Andrea
Medesano (PR), Terme di Sant’Andrea

The Terme di Sant’Andrea spa is located in Medesano, an hour and a half away from Parma, in the atmosphere of an elegant Liberty-style building surrounded by rolling hills.

Created at the end of the 19th century thanks to the chance discovery of local thermal water springs, its waters have 7 different chemical and physical compositions, for as many therapeutic effects.


Terme della Salvarola (MO)

Sassuolo (MO), Terme della Salvarola
Sassuolo (MO), Terme della Salvarola | Credit:

Immersed in the green hills of Modena, the Terme della Salvarola spa is located inside an elegant Liberty-style building dating back to 1910.

The benefits of its waters were already known in medieval times: it is said that even Matilde di Canossa went there to enjoy the therapeutic properties of these waters, even defined as “divine” by the Sassolese doctor Giambattista Moreali in the eighteenth century.


Terme di Riolo (RA)

Riolo Terme (RA), Padiglione Liberty
Riolo Terme (RA), Padiglione Liberty | Credit: Luca Rontini

The thermal bath in Riolo Terme, located on the hills between Imola and Faenza, dates back to 1877 but the benefits of its waters have been known since the Renaissance period.

Even before the birth of the spa as we can admire it today, Riolo was a destination chosen for the healing power of its waters even by illustrious personalities such as Lord Byron, Gioacchino Murat, the Bonaparte princes, Pellegrino Artusi and Giosué Carducci.

Today the spa complex, with its elegant Liberty-style pavilions, is housed within a scenic centuries-old park and consists of two accommodation facilities: the Grand Hotel Terme and the Hotel Villa delle Fonti.


Terme di Castrocaro (FC)

Castrocaro Terme (FC), Grand Hotel Castrocaro
Castrocaro Terme (FC), Grand Hotel Castrocaro

Nestled in the hills of Forlì, not far from the town of Romagna, is the Castrocaro Terme Spa complex.

The discovery of the benefic local thermal waters dates back to 1838 and immediately acquired a growing fame, so much so that in a few years, in 1844, the first small thermal establishment was built.

In the early years of the twentieth century, new springs were discovered and the establishment was expanded, which led to the inauguration of the “Stabilimento Termale Demaniale” (State Spa) in 1938.

The complex of Castrocaro – and in particular the Grand Hotel Terme di Castrocaro – was built in the typical Rationalist style of the period, characterized by essential lines and functionality of the spaces.

In addition to the Grand Hotel, which is the main spa, the complex also includes two other pavilions, including the Padiglione delle Feste, a Liberty-style masterpiece.



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