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The Po Delta Park in Emilia-Romagna

by /// April 27, 2022
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On the eastern border of the Po Valley, where the great river, the Po, flows into the Adriatic Sea, along the 40 km of coastline between Ferrara and Ravenna coast and near Argenta, there is a park listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site: Ferrara, city of the Renaissance and the Po Delta.
The Po Delta Park, together with the Veneto side, forms the Po Delta Biosphere Reserve, recognised as a UNESCO MaB in 2015 as an ecosystem in which the enhancement of biodiversity is combined with sustainable development strategies.
An extraordinary territory between the provinces of Ferrara and Ravenna, characterised by ducal residences and the adjacent reclaimed areas, which constitutes a unique cultural and natural landscape. A paradise not only for birdwatchers.
On foot, by boat, by bicycle, by motorbike or on horseback: there are many ways to explore this wetland ecosystem, just a short distance from the beauty and history of cities such as Ravenna, Ferrara and Venice.
Follow us to discover the wonders of the Park!

  • San Vitale Pinewood | Pic by RavennaTourism
  • Cervia Saltpans | Ph. Cervia Turismo
  • Egret | Pic by nadia_virgili for WLM2017
  • Flamingoes | Pic by PrimaveraSlow
  • Comacchio Historic centre | Pic by vanni_lazzari for WLM2017
  • Pic by servizio_turismo for WLM2016
  • Primavera Slow (Bike tour)  | Ph. Delta2000
  • Comacchio Valleys | Ph.

What to do in the Po Delta Park

The Po Delta Park offers experiences to be enjoyed, captured and shared all year round. Here are the activities we recommend for each season.


This land offers many excursions to be made on foot or by bike. There is also the chance to explore and admire the Fossil Dunes of Massenzatica which are evidence of the position of the Adriatic coastline during the Bronze Age. Among the events, we would like to point out Primavera Slow, a rich programme (educational workshops, exhibitions, guided tours, sporting events, food and wine tours) to which at least one weekend should be devoted. And if birdlife is your passion, you cannot miss the International Birdwatching Fair, perfect for people who love photography, slow tourism, biodiversity and sustainability.


All you need to do is remember to wear a good sunscreen (and a mosquito repellent for those with delicate skin) to explore the Park’s valleys by motorboat through canals and reeds. Horse-riding enthusiasts should definitely take a romantic ride along the water at dawn or at dusk. If you feel like relaxing at the end of the day, we recommend a therapeutic break at the Thermae Oasis.


Even if the days begin to shorten when Autumn arrives, there are many ways to get to know the Park: by motorbike amidst nature and art, at the restaurant tasting the local delicacies during the Eel Festival. You can walk between the silence and lush of the pinewoods of Ravenna or in the folds of history visiting Garibaldi’s hut.


When the weather worsens, a visit to the Park can focus on the cultural heritage: exploring the 9 towns that are part of the Park (Argenta, Ostellato, Comacchio, Codigoro, Goro and Mesola in the Ferrara area and Cervia, Ravenna and Alfonsine in the Ravenna area) or the numerous museums and monuments (Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe, Delizie Estensi, House Museum Remo Brindisi, Pomposa Abbey) that dot the territory.

3 places to visit within the Po Delta Park

  • Mesola Woodland Natural Reserve | This wooded area has medieval origins and lies on the dune banks formed by the Po di Goro and Po di Volano, a reminder of the ancient forests that existed until a few centuries ago along the Adriatic coast. Between woodland and marshland, it is also possible to meet the “King of the Woods”: the Mesola Deer. A unique experience to live, rediscovering the charm of an unspoilt nature..
  • Cervia Saltpans | To the south of the park is an environment of great natural and scenic interest, as it is populated by Flamingos, Black-winged Stilts and other protected species. There are many experiences to be had (walks, boat trips or visits at sunset) to learn about the history and tradition of Cervia’s salt production.
  • Valli di Comacchio | The extensive wetland and marsh area, recognised as a Wetland of International Importance, offers spectacular natural scenery. Along the bodies of water and stretches of sand, between valleys, canals, fishing huts, pine forests and woods, it is impossible to remain unimpressed and not capture the extraordinary views that the area offers..

Visiting centers in the Po Delta Park

The regional headquarters of the Park is located in Comacchio (FE): there are many visitor centers (Alfonsine, Argenta, Cervia, Comacchio, Massenzatica, Mesola, Ostellato, Sant’Alberto and Savio) where you can find all the information and tourist material you need in order to fully enjoy this territory.

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