Amusement parks in Emilia Romagna: open for Xmas holidays
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Amusement parks in Emilia Romagna: open for Xmas holidays

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Many await the Christmas holidays all year round, others can’t wait for them to end as soon as possible.
Whether you are a lover of traditions and classic family lunches or among the alternatives looking for things to do to avoid them, you can be interested to know that holidays can be fun #inEmiliaRomagna.

How? Adrenaline-pumping attractions (even for the little ones) and wildlife parks await you.

Here are the amusement parks of Romagna open for Holidays, where you can have fun from December 5th to January 9th!


In the largest aquarium on the Adriatic, there are hundreds of marine and terrestrial species.
In the four indoor routes, you can discover the largest bull sharks in Italy, the Humboldt penguins, otters, caimans, boas, pythons, chameleons, seahorses, and thousands of fish and organisms from all the seas of the world. Alongside the reproductions of the creatures of the abyss, you can also learn to respect the Planet by diving into the Plastifiniamola area.
And during the holidays, from December 26th to January 9th, you can have even more fun with the Christmas settings.

Open: December 5-6-7-8-12-19 and from December 26th to January 9th*


Cattolica, Acquario di Cattolica, presepe
Cattolica, Acquario di Cattolica, Nativity scene

OLTREMARE – Riccione (RN)

Christmas with your family and then… everyone at the Oltremare park!
From 26 December to Epiphany, the Family Experience Park in Riccione hosts Fulmine, the first reindeer of Santa Claus, the wisest reindeer, and the one that defends the gifts of all the children of the world.

At the park you can get to know Fulmine and find out who all the other Santa Claus reindeers are, their history, their names, how they fly, and many other secrets. Fulmine will also be the ambassador of all the reindeer in the world and of the projects born in Europe to protect its species.

In the square of the Fountain of the Dolphins, you can then immerse yourself in the Christmas atmosphere with lots of curiosities about Santa’s helpers.
In the lagoon an appointment with Ulysses and the other dolphins, here the mascot meets the little ones.
Among the novelties of this Christmas there is also an in-depth study and an encounter with barn owl puppies. Oltremare awaits you with hawks, buzzards, owls, vultures, wallabies, the world of the barnyard and the alligators of Darwin.

Open: from December 26th to January 6th *


Riccione (RN), Babbo Natale a Oltremare, ph., CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0
Riccione (RN), Santa Claus at Oltremare | Ph. (CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0)


Science under the tree and…packed squares. In the longest-lived and most famous miniature park in Italy, gifts are not sought under the tall Christmas tree at the entrance but…in the squares, which light up, decorated with 5000 “mignon” Christmas trees to cheer these days of celebration.

Venturing among the miniatures that reproduce monuments, churches and palaces will be even more evocative among Christmas lights & musics in a game of perspectives and surprise theming with packages, greeting cards, and giant postcards.

You can choose whether to board the Rainbow Monorail, navigate in a Venice in 1: 5 scale, cross the fairy tale of Pinocchio by train by browsing the 3D chapters of the book, dominate the world from the Panoramic Tower or dive into the colored balls of PlayMart or among the special effects of the adrenalin-pumping CineMagia7D. Instead, to understand how Santa Claus delivers gifts all over the world in a single night, the appointment is with Science under the tree, a show at the Science Funfair.

Open: December 8-15-22 and from December 26 to January 6 *


Rimini, Natale a Italia In Miniatura Ph. CC-BY-NC-SA-3.0
Rimini, Christmas at Italia In Miniatura | Ph. CC-BY-NC-SA-3.0

Amusement parks #InEmiliaRomagna, let the party begin!

* free admission for all children (accompanied by two full paying adults at the cash desks) up to 140 cm tall carrying a Christmas ball.

Info about the Emilia-Romagna’s Amusement Parks


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