Amusement parks #inEmiliaRomagna: open for Xmas holidays
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Amusement parks #inEmiliaRomagna: open for Xmas holidays

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Many are waiting for Christmas holidays all year round, others can not wait to finish as soon as possible.
Whether you are among lovers of tradition and classic family lunches or alternatives looking for things to do to avoid them know that these parties will be fun #inEmiliaRomagna.
Funny attraction (even for the little ones) and wildlife parks await for you.
Here are all the Emilia-Romagna’s parks open for holidays, where to celebrate – having fun – from today until January 7th!


The park is ready to welcome us with shimmering and colorful decorations. In addition to trying its most famous attractions, from Katun to iSpeed, you can attend the Parade of Santa Claus with lots of sleigh, tinkling bells, and clatter of hooves, to many Christmas themed shows and enter the La Terra of eternal snows, a fairy tale to live with open eyes for children, ice rink included!
Do not miss the visit to the House of Santa, including elves, letters and stacks of gifts.
In the event of a drop in temperature and energy, there are many tasty snacks to try: from mulled wine to hot chocolate, from waffles to roasted chestnuts.

Open: 8-9-10 December, 16-17 December and from 26 December to 7 January

Possibility of combined tickets Park + Hotel


Fiabilandia is a magical place where the world of fairy tales and the real world meets each other. BorgoMagico, Castoria, Capitan Nemo Adventure, the magical Castle of Mago Merlino and the Valley of the Gnomes are ready to be “invaded” by the little ones. You can explore Europe in Miniature, the pedestrian path from which you can observe the main European monuments, while you can not miss the Movie Show, La Piccola Sirena and Il Bambino di Legno, which will excite even the biggest ones. Open until late at night on December 31 for a “sparkling” New Year.

Open: 8-9-10 December and from 29 December to 7 January

Special winter opening tickets


In the most long-lived and famous miniatures in Italy, the Italian squares are lit up, decorated with light and “mignon” Christmas trees that light up the afternoons of the parties.

From 15.00 in fact, to venture among the miniatures that reproduce monuments, churches and palaces, it will be even more evocative of lights, Christmas music and programmed snowfall (every 30 minutes), even on board the Rainbow Monorail. You can also choose to sail in a Venice on a 1: 5 scale, walk through the fairy tale of Pinocchio through the 3D chapters of the book, experience the laws of physics at the Science Park, dominate the world from the Panoramic Tower or dive into the the colored balls of PlayMart for the little ones.
Also provided for tasty cold-proof menus: homemade lasagna and piadina, to taste the flavors of Romagna.

Open: 8-9-10 December, 16-17-23 December and from 26 December to 7 January

Possibility of combined tickets with Cattolica, Aquafan and Oltremare Aquariums

OLTREMARE – Riccione (RN)

Also in Oltremare there is a festive atmosphere, around the fire, under the Christmas tree 5 meters high. Scheduled at the Overseas Theater projections full of effects, guided tours to Darwin, Planet Sea and Dolphin Lagoon that as if by magic will turn into the Country of Christmas. Do not miss the appointments with Dolphins – the Spectacle of Nature, the Flight of Birds of Prey, the Farm and A Doghouse: know your dog, demonstration of dog education. Also envisaged creative workshops for children in Santa’s workshop.

Open: 8-9-10 December and from 26 December to 7 January

Possibility of combined tickets with Cattolica, Aquafan and Italia in miniature


In the largest aquarium in the Adriatic, new guests arrive in the 100 pools where multicolored fish already come from and the biggest bull sharks in Italy: these are the characters of the Nativity scene.
Many underwater cribs ready to be admired: a fascinating art gallery of original Nativity in terracotta, blown glass and ceramics, non-toxic and sustainable materials, which every year is enriched with contributions by artists and sculptors from all over Italy. After visiting the 4 paths then creative workshops for children in the workshop of Santa Claus and the opportunity to visit a preview of the new exhibition “Abysses, Earth Alien”, the most complete exhibition on the species that inhabit the world of the abyss.

Open: 8-9-10-17 December and from 26 December to 7 January

Possibility of tickets combined with Aquafan, Italy in miniature and Oltremare


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