The most gorgeous waterfalls in Emilia-Romagna | Part II
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The most gorgeous waterfalls in Emilia-Romagna | Part II

by /// September 16, 2021 /// Estimated reading time: 3 minutes

Nature & Outdoor

Nature & Outdoor


Nature & Outdoor

Nature & Outdoor


After the first episode here we are with some new tips in case you want to discover some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Emilia-Romagna. Ready to immerse yourself in water and nature with us?

We remind you that bathing in many of these waterfalls is forbidden because it can be dangerous; we suggest to always follow the indications of the local regulations and to use common sense.


These waterfalls are located in Frignano Park, near Fellicarolo. From the small village of Fanano, immersed in the woods, you can proceed towards Taburri and then reach these natural masterpieces. They are the highest waterfalls near Modena, with an altitude of 1190 meters and a difference in height of 120 meters.
Since 2009 these waterfalls are also accessible to everyone, thanks to the elimination of architectural barriers along an old track now recovered. The route is equipped with flooring, protective barriers, equipment suitable for wheelchairs and multi-sensory items dedicated to nature.

Cascate del Doccione | ph. Alessandro Cappellini


Cascata dell’Acqua Caduta (waterfall of the fallen water) is located on the Appennino bolognese, in Monteacuto Delle Alpi, near the sanctuary of the Madonna del Faggio. This one is a small and solitary eighteenth-century church located in a suggestive beech forest. The waterfall is to be reached by a ring route of medium difficult. The way back starts from Monteacuto Delle Alpi, which also touches the Mill of Squaglia, Pian dello Stellaio and the Piana del Rombicciaio.

Cascata dell’Acqua Caduta | ph. mocram2 via


Along the river Saterno, right on the border between Emilia-Romagna and Tuscany, between Bologna and Florence, is this suggestive waterfall. This place is also ideal for a picnic or as a summer alternative to the sea, as the river is full of pools made for bathing.

The place can be reached along the provincial road Montanara, that starts from Imola towards the Futa pass. About 6 km beyond Castel del Rio you can reach the hamlet of Moraduccio, at the end of the town there is the road that goes down to the riverbed, from which you can admire the waterfall called Rio dei Briganti, about 30m high. Do not miss the nearby abandoned village of Castiglioncello.

Cascate del Moraduccio | ph. @eliagaso via Instagram


The waterfall on the river Alferello is located near Bagno di Romagna, just at the edge of the Casentinesi Forest Park. It is also commonly called the Trout Waterfall due to the high presence of this fish species along the river. The 32 meters high and the geomorphological characteristics of the territory give the waterfall a real monumental aspect; to reach it, just walk from the town of Alfero for about 25 minutes.

Cascata dell’Alferello | ph


Scalandrini waterfalls are located near Bagno di Romagna in the Valle della Lama, in the heart of the Casentinesi Forest Park

The waterfall can be reached by taking an excursion of about 40 minutes along the path 227 starting from Rifugio dei Fangacci. The trail leads first on a wooden bridge at the top of the waterfall, then descends on the rock steps (the Scalandrini), reaching the base of the waterfall, where you can enjoy a breathtaking spectacle.

If you want to proceed along the complete ring, the hike – suitable for people with good training – is 12 km with a difference in height of 660 m, for a total of 5 hours of walking.

Cascata degli Scaladrini | ph. eni8ele via Instagram

Se avete consigli su altre cascate da non perdere in Emilia-Romagna che sono rimaste fuori dai nostri due elenchi non esitate a segnalarcele; le aggiungeremo con piacere alla lista 🙂


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