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Factory tour: visiting the factories of the Italian Motor Valley

by /// September 27, 2023
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I have always been fascinated by the complex mechanics and sophisticated engineering behind the illusory simplicity of the chassis of a motorbike or of the body of a car.

Well, I was not right a speed enthusiast when I was a child, but the industriousness of the assembly line workers I saw flailing about on the newscasts always caught my attention and imagination.

That’s why today I decided to take a tour away from the standard tourist routes and move to the MotorValley, that little patch of land along the Via Emilia between Modena and Bologna, secret guardian of the world’s most beautiful and fastest cars.


Museo Maserati (MO)
Modena (MO), Maserati Museum

More than a century ago, Maserati was founded. It was 1914 and the house of the “trident” was born as a car repair shop. Since then, Maserati has come a long way, becoming that brand of prestige, refinement, and elegance that is well-known all over the world.

Thanks to a tour in its plant in Modena, today you will be able to see first-hand its car park, to know its history but, most of all, to walk along the assembly lines of the industrial production to understand how a car is created.


Sant'Agata Bolognese, Museo Lamborghini (MO)
Sant’Agata Bolognese (MO), Lamborghini Museum | Credit:

The entire Italian automotive tradition enclosed in one real tour on the history of one of the most famous car maker plants in the world: we are in Lamborghini in Sant’Agata Bolognese, in the heart of the Italian motor valley.

Founded in 1963, the company with a bull as its symbol has no need to be introduced: its cars have been the dream of generations of enthusiasts.

Here is where the dream of Ferruccio Lamborghini first started, and here, today, you can live a unique experience among craftsmanship and technology.

You can follow the assembly of the V12 Aventador – the Lamborghini manufactory’s feather in the cap, and get to know the meticulous work on its interiors, leathers, structure and body, engine, gearshift, suspensions, and brakes – following the entire manufacturing process until its launch on the road.


Maranello (Modena), Stabilimento Ferrari
Maranello (Modena), Ferrari Factory | Credit:

It is maybe the most famous car maker in the world. The history of the Maranello company does not need any premises: it was born more than 70 years ago from a dream of Enzo Ferrari and it has become today the symbol par excellence of the Made in Italy.

Its cars stem from the research of perfection, sportiveness, and driveability, moving the racing car from the circuit to the road of everyday life.

It is a car experience you simply have to try, visiting the Museum of Ferrari, which is based on the history of this trademark.

At its inside you will have an involving tour across the cars that made automotive history, and you can even live a series of amazing experiences: you can go on semi-professional Formula1 simulators; improvise yourself mechanic for one day with a standard pit-stop; do a panoramic tour on a shuttle bus inside the Circuit of Fiorano and in the plant along Viale Enzo Ferrari


Bologna (BO), Museo Ducati | Credit: Museo Ducati
Bologna (BO), Ducati Museum | Credit: Museo Ducati

If you say Ducati, the first thing that comes into your mind is MotoGP, the circuit races, an unmistakable style but, most of all, a motorbike rumble with no equals.

Proud testimony of the Made in Italy style, the historic plant in Borgo Panigale has been opening its doors to cyclists and motorbike-enthusiasts from all over the world for some years yet.

Guided tours that allow you to see the inside of the plant and see with your eyes how a motorbike is made and at the same time to meet men and women that make, day per day, this miracle happen.

During the tour, you can see the manufacturing and assembling steps of motorbikes, the tests and discover the legendary ‘Reparto Corse’ – race department, housed in the same building. And do not forget the Ducati Museum, which triumphantly retraces all the 90 years of activity of the company.


San Cesario Sul Panaro (MO), Tour in Pagani
San Cesario Sul Panaro (MO), Tour in Pagani | Credit:

Real supercars – this is Pagani. The innovative design and the high attention to details make these racing cars amazing luxury cars. Founded in 1999 by the Argentinian Horacio Pagani, Pagani opens to the public the doors of its atelier in San Cesario Sul Panaro, a little town between Modena and Bologna.

Art and craftsmanship, speed and future – all meet together in the avant-guard structure inaugurated towards the end of 2017.

A tour allows visitors to see the showrooms, the project offices and the production line of one of the world stars among the car makers.


Tazzari (Imola), Linea di montaggio Tazzari EV | Credit:
Tazzari (Imola), Linea di montaggio Tazzari EV | Credit:

Maybe the Tazzari cars are not at the top of the list for their speed, but as concerns technology and eco-sustainability, they are the top-tier. The history of this company is strictly connected to the one of the electric car in Italy.

In the plants of Imola, a half-century of skills in the manufacturing of shells, in the electronic development and in the design lead to the first model of “zero emission” electric car.

Today you can visit its production plants and see with your own eyes how a Tazzari car is made and manufactured – from its design project to the road.


Davide Marino

Davide Marino was born archaeologist but ended up doing other things. Rational – but not methodic, slow – but passionate. A young enthusiast with grey hair

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