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Emilia-Romagna by motorbike: 4 routes for passionate bikers

by /// July 24, 2023
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Being a biker is more than a hobby, it’s a way of life. It gives thrills and emotions that are hard to describe to those who have never experienced it.

I could continue – and I will – by saying that it’s even more exciting if you are crossing a land like Emilia-Romagna, with its amazing panoramas, views from the hills and ancient art cities.

And let’s not forget the well-known hospitality and friendliness and the food that characterises this land. Ready, set, start your engines!

“Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul”

Every biker is on a personal quest for streets and routes that are able of making him/her and the beloved bike fall in love.

Emilia-Romagna is a perfect land for bikers: there are few areas in Italy where so many kilometers of well-maintained roads are concentrated for riding a motorcycle.

It’s one of the few regions offering kms of well-kept and exciting streets along the Apennines. Crossing the regional borders several times, it is possible to reach territories of a cultural richness that would make half of Europe envious.

There’s an enormous difference between a biker and a driver, despite a common passion for engines.

The latter is usually more interested in the destination, in reaching a goal in as a short time as possible; the former is more focused on kms, curves and turns, and mostly on the sensations that the street can offer.

Keeping this perspective difference and romantic sensibility in mind, we suggest to all the “two-wheels, one-love” philosophers 4 different itineraries along the most beautiful streets of Emilia-Romagna.

From Rimini to Urbino, on the traces of Piero Della Francesca

Duration: two days by motorbike, a week if you are keen on visiting the different art cities
Length: 260 km.
Season: spring, summer and early autumn

From the National Motorcycle Museum in Rimini to the Palazzo Ducale in Urbino, this journey will bring you from the Adriatic Coast to the city of Arezzo in Tuscany, and back to the Marche, in the heart of the land of the Montefeltro dynasty.

You will cross the Marecchia Valley and meet the nature of the Apennines and further the gentle hills of the Tiberina Valley. Around you, from turn to turn, the art cities that in the Middle Age and Renaissance played a fundamental role in the artistic, cultural and political history of Italy.

Viaggio nel Delta del Po
Journey through the Po delta Park| Credit:

Po Delta Park by motorcycle betweet Art and Nature

Duration: 4 days including visit to the art cities
Length: 260 km
Season: spring and early autumn. During the summer keep in mind that temperature raises, but on a bike it is bearable

From Cervia Salt Pan to the northern border of Emilia-Romagna: a flat itinerary recommended to those who wish to relax surrounded by the pleasure of nature. Around you, the protected areas of the Po Delta, with their unique variety of flora and fauna enclosed in a breathtaking panorama between sky and water.

And also, the art of Ravenna, Ferrara, Codigoro (abbey of Pomposa) with unique treasures to discover and to admire; in the distance, Venice.

From Emilia-Romagna to Tuscany on two wheels: the Muraglione pass

Duration: 3 days
Length: 350 km
Season: spring to early autumn

Fuel your tank, bring the map and start a journey from Bologna towards the Apennines between Romagna and Tuscany. A fantastic trip between turns and chicane that crosses woods and landscapes, villages and towns, testing your riding skills.

Your journey will lead to some of the most important passages of the region: Passo Della Futa, Passo Della Raticolosa and Passo del Muraglione. In between, the magic of Mugello and its racing circuit. 3 days of continuous curves and roads from Tuscany to Emilia-Romagna, final destination: Forlì.

Motorcycle trip from Reggio Emilia to Tuscany

Duration: 3-4 days
Length: 425 km
Season: spring to early autumn

An adventure starting from Reggio Emilia to the passages of the Apennines between Romagna and Tuscany and further to the Alps. Along the way, a web of streets that will satisfy the needs of those bikers looking for great landscapes and ultimate riding performances. A return trip that will leave the heart of the Romagna towards the Tyrrhenian Sea and then back to Modena.


Davide Marino

Davide Marino was born archaeologist but ended up doing other things. Rational – but not methodic, slow – but passionate. A young enthusiast with grey hair

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    El año pasado tuve la ocasión de poder mostrar la Motorvalley a un grupo de ducatistas argentinos. Parejas, padres e hijos, gente amante de los motores y del viaje en moto. Han llorado de la emoción cuando entramos al circuito de Misano durante el WDW, y se les puso la piel de gallina cuando visitaron la fábrica de Ducati. No podían creer comer una increíble pizza en la Trattoria Da Rossi, en Tavullia. Y dormir dominando la Valconca, en Montegridolfo, donde llegaban cada día a bordo de sus potentes Multistrada ( alquiladas en Milán). El broche de oro fue el aperitivo romagnolo en barca a vela en la baia della Vallugola. Fantastica la Motorvalley italiana. Hay mucho para emocionarse.

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