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Slow Tourism in Emilia Romagna

by /// August 31, 2021
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This blogpost is dedicated to you.

To you who want to travel at a slow pace.
To you who always try to get in touch with nature and its inhabitants.
To you who consider yourself a temporary citizen of the place you visit, and not a hit-and-run tourist.
To you who prefer to live the moment, rather than share it in real time.
To you who have a new awareness and prefer to know and deepen the small realities, devoting them the necessary time, rather than collecting places to brag about.
To you who live again the experience every time you tell about it, enthusiastically, to relatives and friends.
To you who try to better understand the past to work for a better future.

What is Slow Tourism

2019 in Italy is the year dedicated to slow tourism, the trend that involves an ever-increasing number of travelers interested in a new way to travel and make experiences, based on these 6 elements:

Sustainability: minimizing the impact on the environment;

Authenticity: enhancing the peculiarities of the places;

Slowness: favoring non-frenetic rhythms;

Contamination: stimulating more interactions with the host community;

Emotion: involving the tourist in a multi-sensory experience that will enrich him;

Respect: for the environment and the ecosystem, as well as for traditions and people.

An excellent opportunity to enhance the territories that are less known by international tourism, relaunching them in a sustainable way, in order to foster innovative travel experiences: from paths to cycle lanes, from small villages to natural parks, from local protected food and wine products to spas.

  • The Way of The Gods – Ancient Roman Road | Ph. AppenninoSlow
  • Bologna, SanLuca by bike | Ph. Dynamo Velostazione
  • Bobbio | Ph. @businaroalessandro
  • Museo Guatelli, Ozzano Taro (PR) | Ph. @guatellicontemporaneo
  • Castrocaro terme (FC) | Ph. Terme di Castrocaro
  • Tagliatelle | Ph. (Italian Food Blogger Association)

Slow Tourism in Emilia Romagna

Doing slow tourism in Emilia Romagna means being able to make multiple experiences, such as:

Don’t miss the chance to learn about places, memories, knowledge and craftsmanship that make our country unique: a beauty spread over the territory that civilization has not affected over the centuries.

Your next slow tourism experience is in Emilia Romagna, we’re waiting for you!



Elisa Mazzini

Social Media Manager for @inEmiliaRomagna and full-time mom.

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  • Marina Teramond

    I am glad that I came across your article because nowadays slow tourism is really popularized and gaining momentum, but before this moment I hadn’t had a clear view of this concept. After reading your article, I realized all its significance and benefit for our life, which is really important. Of course, slow tourism is the best way to get huge pleasure from traveling and from every moment, restoring your resources and getting a great burst of energy. It is so wonderful that slow tourism makes such a global sense for the environment because a lot of people can make their own contribution, by choosing this type of tourism. I fall in love with hiking trips because I think that it is the best way to become closer to nature and be filled up with the feeling of relaxation, experiencing areas of natural beauty.

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