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The Future is here with Maserati

by /// November 9, 2021
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Maserati is one of those iconic Italian luxury sports cars with its design, (that inimitable bonnet!), gorgeous materials, and meticulous hand craft. For more than eight decades, the Trident has been rolling out cars from its Viale Ciro Menotti factory which is more like an atelier or artists bottega and museum. Maserati’s team of inspired designers and technicians craft, assemble and customise primarily by hand.

During the 2021 Motor Valley Fest, I sat down with Maserati’s Francesco Tonon, Head of Global Product Planning and Head of Maserati Fuoriserie & Classiche Program, to talk about the Maserati of today and the future.

  • Maserati Factory | Ph. Erica Firpo
  • Maserati production line | Ph. Erica Firpo
  • Maserati MC20 | Ph. Erica Firpo
  • Maserati Factory | Ph. Erica Firpo

What is Maserati of today?
FT: I think we have such a strong brand in our hands. We have this combination of luxury, performance, innovation, so it’s really a brand that can drive a lot of emotion and passion in our consumer as well. What we are facing right now is this kind of revolution, what we call the “BEVolution,” in our words, this new world that’s coming. We really see an opportunity here, because there is a consumer that is changing. Your luxury consumer is younger and they look for sustainability, innovation.

Over the next three years, Maserati will be releasing 10 new models including the Levante SUV hybrid, the 600bhp, mid-engined, V6 turbo hybrid MC20 supercar, the Ghibli Hybrid and its first all electric vehicle – Is heritage important?
FT: Yes, heritage is important, the DNA is always important, but you need to bring the future into the brand, otherwise, the brand will be a dinosaur in the market.

Is the future here for Maserati?
FT: I believe that if Alfieri Maserati would start the Maserati brand [today], one hundred years later, he would embrace electrification because electrification can bring a new meaning in the market for the consumer. So, that’s why the future has already started for Maserati with the Ghibli Hybrid, with the Levante Hybrid that we are going to launch
now…The new Gran Turismo, this iconic, beautiful car that will be blending the iconic history of the brand together with future technology. So Gran Turismo electric next year, and then all the rest of the line that will be electrified.

What is it about Emilia Romagna that makes it a nexus for amazing vehicles?
FT: I think we are lucky because the place where you were born defines yourself in some way. I believe that this place, this area of the world, is unique for passion, audacity, and innovation. You can see a connection between the brand we have and the place where we live. People here are really passionate about motor racing and these kinds of emotions…they are also able to take risks, and this comes to the innovation part. Being here is great because basically, you’re adding the DNA of this place with all the innovation that we are able to provide to the consumer.

I love your use of the word “audace” (audacious) because it beautifully describes this new direction. And Maserati’s new color Bianco Audace is gorgeous…
FT: On the logo of the city of Modena reads Avia Perdia, it is a sort of audacity, so that is something that is coming from the DNA of the city.

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