ColornoPhotoLife. Exhibitions and trends in photography
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ColornoPhotoLife. Exhibitions and trends in photography

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Photo Valley

Photo Valley


At the ColornoPhotoLife, it may happen one manages to exhibit his photos next to those by photographers who made the history of photography.

Indeed, it is an event that deals with photographic culture, a thematic festival where:

  • everyone can see well-known photographs,
  • emerging authors can display their works,
  • photography enthusiasts of all levels can submit their portfolio to critical reading and can experience moments of training and practice in the field, as well.

The 2021 focus is on “the Human Factor”, a topic that cannot leave us indifferent. Many ideas and many remarkable authors, therefore, let people explore different styles and approaches, by offering them matter for discussion on relevant issues.

The Colorno Photo Life, recently opened, runs through December 8th with a rich program. Here are some tips but don’t miss the rest of the proposals.

  • Ferdinando Scianna, Italian Writer Leonardo Sciascia © Magnum Photos; ColornoPhotoLife
  • Eduardo de Filippo Ph. Carla Cerati – courtesy Elena Ceratti
  • Giulio Di Meo, Anticorpi Bolognesi, ColornoPhotoLife
  • Shooting in Sarajevo, Luigi Ottani, ColornoPhotoLife
  • Matteo Placucci, Crossing the Balkans, ColornoPhotoLife
  • Michele di Donato, Brain Damage, ColornoPhotoLife
  • Veronica Benedetti, Il Condominio (strati di me), Carta d’Identità, ColornoPhotoLife

The exhibitions at the Reggia

The exhibitions Ferdinando Scianna. Due scrittori: Leonardo Sciascia e Jorge Louis Borges and Uno sguardo di donna su volti, corpi, paesaggi by Carla Cerati are on show at the Reggia of Colorno until December 8th. Curated by Sandro Parmiggiani, the exhibitions are organized in collaboration with Antea and the Centro Studi e Archivio della Comunicazione dell’Università degli Studi di Parma.

Scianna and Cerati: two authors who “are the history” of photography.

We, fans of analogue B&W, look at the images of Scianna with the greatest pleasure. And the show by Carla Cerati is a chance to get back to Colorno in order to observe her images as well as the magnificent Reggia that hosts them.

The "Aranciaia"

The MUPAC, the Colorno Ethnographic Museum, is situated in the eighteenth-century Aranciaia (a fascinating space) that features photographic exhibitions dialoguing with antiques and contemporary artworks.

Among them, Crossing the Balcans by Placucci, Brain Damage by Michele di Donato and Il condominio – Strati di me by Veronica Benedetti (all on until October 4th).

October 15th – November 7th: we get to the heart of the exhibition program, with twelve soloshows at the same time. We are intrigued by Anticorpi Bolognesi by Giulio Di Meo in collaboration with Stop – a small independent photography festival, and Shooting Sarajevo by Luigi Ottani, based on a project by Roberta Biagiarelli and Luigi Ottani.

Too long to mention here all the authors and their works, but it is certainly worth following the program, full of issues, proposals, and events to think about.

Francesca Artoni, mostra Ruggine, ColornoPhotoLife
Francesca Artoni, mostra Ruggine, ColornoPhotoLife
Maria Cristina Comparato, mostra Della presenza
Maria Cristina Comparato, mostra Della presenza

A contest for portfolios

The Portfolio Italia stage of October 16th and 17th will be held in Colorno. It’s a contest dedicated to portfolios that covers the whole national territory and it’s unique to its characteristics.

Critics, historians of photography, photographers and professionals are available to examine, comment and acknowledge the works by young photographers or photographers on their way to professionalism.

This special formula combines the peculiarities of a work presentation and those of a photo competition, taking the best from each: the motivation to compete is combined with the presentation of an organic work.

The educational program

The Festival also proposes workshops, scheduled from September 23rd to 26th and during the October 9th-10th weekend. As for the issues: Come (e perché) fare una fanzine (Loredana De Pace), Il Ritratto (Ugo Baldassarre), La ricerca dello stile fotografico (Sara Munari), Il Fattore Umano (Giulio di Meo).

From vision to practice

Admiring photography is nice, but practising it actively is engaging, too.
Worth mentioning a tourist / photographic walk on the banks of the Po river in the morning and a boat ride during the sunset to capture the dazzling lights offered by the river and its nature (Saturday 18th and Sunday 19th September).

The focus is on the light, its effects on water and vegetation. A reflex or a mirrorless camera with a medium telephoto is recommended in order to capture lights among the leaves, during Il fiume scorre, la luce lo illumina with the photographers Gigi Montali and Stefano Anzola.

Colorno Ph. gigimontali
Colorno Ph. gigimontali

It’s also a chance to visit the Sacca di Colorno, an island of the Po in the Middle Ages. In this very place are going to be presented, Emilia-Romagna, omaggio in versi e fotografie (a book curated by Giorgio Montanari, photos by FIAF authors from Emilia Romagna) and a volume collecting the stories by the photographer Gianni Pezzani.
Same weekend and same location for the Padus Mirabilis 1st edition, a festival of the territorial singularities of the Po and other waterways.




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