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5 beaches in Emilia-Romagna to enjoy the seaside in Autumn

by /// November 2, 2023
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There, on my quiet days, the sea is fresh and gentle,
lying on the shore like dew
Elsa Morante

In autumn I want stillness. I want to bundle up with jumpers and face the first chills. I want long walks in the sunset before winter starts. I want to get as much sunshine as I can. I want the seaside like it is in summer, but more than summer itself. If you live near the seaside, you take it for granted indeed – in autumn – you don’t. You want to leave my jacket at home, take the car and go to the seaside with your thick jumper.

On the seaside, there is no one or almost nobody. This increases its charm. This pushes away any problem. The cold air crystallizes the look at yourself, while the vigour and strength of waves make the rest, reducing any stress or shadow of the spirit.

Infinite space and freedom – these are the two aspects I require the seaside to impart to me. Only in this way, my imagination becomes more colorful and I can wander through my thoughts with my eyes painted in blue and my feet dirty with sand.

To do this, I have my places, stretch of Adriatic coast that I turned into refuges for the soul with a romantic, poetic and even wild taste.

Isola dell’Amore (Goro, FE)

Goro (FE), Isola dell’Amore
Goro (FE), Isola dell’Amore | Credit: Carlo Pelagalli, via Wikimedia

The Isola dell’Amore (literally “Island of Love”), is a sandy coast located inside the Po Delta Park, between the southest branch of the Po river and the Sacca di Goro and it is accessible only from the sea.

In 2007 it has been recognized by Legambiente as one of the 13 best beaches in Italy. A lighthouse dominates the landscape, giving to this place an irresistible romantic flair.

Silence and wind cut through a landscape surrounded all over by dunes and marsh vegetation.

→ How to get there: by motorboat departing from the small town of Gorino or from Porto Garibaldi.

Lido di Volano (FE)

Lido di Volano (FE), Mare d'inverno
Lido di Volano (FE), Mare d’inverno | Credit: Elisa Greco, via Flickr

A green area stolen to the sea and made by greenery and water valleys that every year shape the land in a different way – it is an always changing landscape, and nature lovers or people in search of the sea’s voice will enjoy getting lost in the midst of this unspoilt nature.

→ How to get there: by driving along Strada Statale Romea (SS309) until arriving at the abbey of Pomposa and from there, taking Via Girarlda Centrale, in Lido di Volano

Ancona di Bellocchio (Lido di Spina, FE))

Comacchio (Fe), Sacca di Bellocchio
Comacchio (Fe), Sacca di Bellocchio | Credit: Carabinieri per la Biodiversità

On the border between Comacchio and Ravenna, starting from the mouth of the Reno river, the salty Laguna of Bellocchio extends over an unblemished surface of 3km-length.

In summer it is very crowded, but in winter it is almost desert, bestowing deafening silences, sometimes broken by some rare bird’s or mammal’s call living there.

→ How to get there: driving along Strada Statale Romea (SS309) arriving in Lido di Spina. Once on the seaside, the track continues southwards arriving at the banks of the mouth of the river Reno.

Mouth of the river Lamone (Marina Romea, RA)

Marina Romea (Ravenna)
Marina Romea (Ravenna) | Credit: Adriano Zanni, via Flickr

Animated by a multitude of tourists during summer, in autumn it is the perfect place for a long walk in the sand in a peaceful silence. By running along the river Lamone, you reach the sea.

The foreshore opens up southly, dotted on the horizon with some couples, a man with his dog, some surfers in search of waves and a group of people on horses. Looking at the sea with these appearances is the century-old pinewood.

→ How to get there: take the street running along the south banks of the mouth of the river Lamone in Marina Romea and once arrived in a little car park on the sides of the beach, continues on foot along the seashore.

The Bassona beach (Lido di Dante, RA)

Lido di Dante (RA), Spiaggia della Bassona
Lido di Dante (RA), The beach of Bassona | Credit: mirtillause, via Panoramio

It is a stretch of coast of about 1km-length with a wild charm and without any services or touristic facilities. At its back, the unblemished vegetation of the historical pinewood of Classe, one of the green lungs of Ravenna, invades the dunes of golden sand, part of the Natural Reserve of the mouth of the river Bevano.

In summer it is a naturist beach, but in autumn it turns into an ideal place for long walks immersed in the silence, talking only to the sea and oneself.

→ How to get there: leave Ravenna’s city centre and drive until Ponte Nuovo, once you reach the Ancient Port of Classe, take via Marabina in the direction of Lido di Dante. The beach of Bassona starts right there until the mouth of the river Bevano.


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