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The Winter Sea in Emilia-Romagna

by /// January 10, 2022
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I love the winter sea. I love its colours, the crushing of the waves and that sense of peace that I feel whenever I’m in front of it.

There is a deep conversation going on at that very moment. I talk, he listens. He talks, I listen. As a background, the whole beach: expanses of silent sand emptied of their tourists, umbrellas and sunbeds, with just a few blurry shadows of men and women on the horizon talking, just like me, to the wind and to themselves.

Marina Romea_Ravenna

Marina Romea (RA) | Photo © Adriano Zanni, via #Flickr

It’s an overwhelming love ours, a love that strengthens ever more in winter. Every weekend, we find ourselves and confide in one another again.
It’s a one-sided relationship, of course, I would be mad to think differently, but the sea always gives me that balance that everyday life tends to take me away sometimes.

Many persons chose the beaches in Emilia Romagna during winter to search for this kind of awareness. There are so many ways to try confrontation, find a sort of approach.

If you love the silence and the long strolls, the perfect places where to get lost in your thoughts are absolutely the beaches in Comacchio, one above all is Lido di Volano, protected by the wide and wild coastal pine forest.
Even the area between Casalborsetti and Marina Romea offers an excellent refuge to the most sensitive and melancholic ones. Someone searches for tellins, someone looks at the horizon, someone else rides a horse or runs with their dog.

For the runners, the winter sea might be the perfect departure or arrival point. The coastal pine forests in Ravenna offers a perfect scenario: kilometres of landscapes surrounded by oaks, ashes, maritime pines, and many other trees. In Marina di Ravenna there is also the small dam (3 km) that relaxes and invigorates you, it leads you in the middle of the sea until reaching a lighthouse.

The Winter Sea | Photo ©

The Winter Sea | Photo ©

Despite the charming, wild soul of these beaches, during winter maritime cities such as Cervia (Milano Marittima) or Cesenatico have to pay the price for the dependency on their beloved sea. Right for this reason, if you are searching for a stay that can offer you the loneliness of a stroll along the beach, the frenzy of a shopping afternoon, or the well-being of thermal treatment, these places may be the right ones.

On the one side, you will see harbors crowded with fishers busy untying the nets, the boats, and the fisher markets; on the other, big hotels and beach resorts, some of which open for lunch, especially in the weekends. Moreover, beyond the usual and prestigious shopping, their historical centres offer a rich programme of events for all, even in the coldest months.

Heading south, even in Rimini, Riccione, and Cattolica you can find this sort of chemistry. You cannot avoid it: the sea here is something you cannot escape. Undressed of all its summer clothes, it appears as it is—without artifices or superfluities. It shapes behaviours and characters. It’s a place in which you seek refuge during your lunch break, going in one of the open bars, restaurants or beach resorts; it’s flat to all surfers and kiters; it’s a stroll you cannot turn down during the mild winter afternoons; most of all, it’s a friend to whom confide your deepest secrets.

“The sea in winter is an idea the mind does not contemplate…” used to sing Loredana Berté (an Italian singer) at the beginning of the 1980s.
Well, My advice is to listen to its voice instead.


Davide Marino

Davide Marino was born archaeologist but ended up doing other things. Rational – but not methodic, slow – but passionate. A young enthusiast with grey hair

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