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Photography for the Holidays: first tour of Photo Valley

by /// December 21, 2023
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Christmas holidays under the banner of photography in Emilia Romagna.

From Piacenza to Rimini, there is so a large program of exhibitions, that it would take a couple of articles to list them all. And a good plan to see them.

They range from the exhibition dedicated to Eve Arnold in Forlì to the one by Andreas Gurky in Bologna.
Also in Bologna, Architecture and photography in the countryside of Emilia-Romagna. Maura Savini, surveys and projects – Guido Guidi, photographs should be mentioned. And Pierluigi Vannozzi with his Nello spazio del tempo.
The collective exhibition L’altra stagione (The Other Season) is shown on the beach dune in Rimini, while Modena presents Evan Roth and Perimetro Piacenza is held in Piacenza.
Finally, the exhibitions by members of the Foto Cine Club Forlì.

  • Evan Roth MondiDistorti FMAV Palazzo Santa Margherita Ph ©Rolando Paolo Guerzoni
  • Pierluigi Vannozzi 'Nello spazio del tempo | da e con Telemach Wiesinger' 2022 stampa su carta extramatt
cm 30x30 ©Pierluigi Vannozzi
  • Guido Guidi, Granarolo, 2023, C-print, 17x17 cm per ingrandimento da negativo 6x6 cm su carta politenata
24x30 cm Courtesy Viasaterna, Milano ©Guido Guidi
  • Guido Guidi, San Giorgio, 2023 C-print a contatto da negativo 20x25 cm su carta politenata 24x30 cm
Courtesy Viasaterna, Milano ©Guido Guidi
  • USA. Nevada. FILM: The Misfits. Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift during filming of 'The Misfits'. 1960.
  • CHINA. Inner Mongolia. Equestrians acrobats rehearsing. 1979.
  • Vogue, Tim Herzog
  • Andreas Gursky, Amazon, 2016 ©Andreas Gursky, by Siae 2023 Courtesy: Sprüth Magers
  • Natale in Padania! Si sta come a Natale sui viali le luminarie ©Alessandro Varacca in Perimetro Piacenza
  • Campo Imperatore ©Valentina Tisselli Foto Cine Club Forlì
  • ©Deris Lombardi, foto dalla personale La mia Natura Foto Cine Club Forlì

Eve Arnold. L’opera 1950-1980, highlights the author’s determination (she was the first woman, along with Inge Morath, to join the Magnum Photos agency), her desire to avoid stereotypes, her curiosity about the world, and her commitment to women’s emancipation, which characterize her work, whether portraits of film stars or investigative reportage.
It is on at the Museo Civico San Domenico in Forlì until 7 January 2024.

At the MAST Foundation in Bologna, the exhibition Andreas Gursky. Visual Spaces of Today is on display. It’s the first extensive anthological exhibition in Italy, covering over forty years of the German photographer’s work. Forty, like the images on display, all of them large-format and become contemporary icons, in which the present is dissected to flow into his visual compositions.
They range from the earliest works of the late 1980s to the most recent ones, always dealing with significant themes and places, such as work, economy and globalization, temples of consumption, transport hubs, places of energy and food production.
Until 7 January 2024.

MAMbo – Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna, in collaboration with the Department of Architecture of the University of Bologna, proposes Architecture and photography in the countryside of Emilia-Romagna. Maura Savini, surveys and projects – Guido Guidi, photographs, a project based on the comparison of two different ways of knowing (those of photography and architecture) that tend towards the common goal of making comprehensible those built places where our collective identity resides.
Until 7 January 2024.

Also in Bologna, L’Ariete artecontemporanea gallery is showing Nello spazio del tempo, in which Pierluigi Vannozzi explores the different qualities of time: thus, motionless time, flowing time, perceived time and, of course, photographic time coexist in the same image.
Until 17 January 2024.

Moving along the Photo Valley of Emilia Romagna, in Modena, Palazzo Santa Margherita, FMAV – Fondazione Modena Arti Visive proposes Evan Roth. Mondi Distorti (Distorted Worlds). For the first time in Italy with a solo exhibition, the American artist works with different visual languages, including photography. At the center of his research are the distortions, both at technical and socio-political levels, in the world of digital networks: Roth wants to make the invisible aspects of communication technologies visible and to question the normal perception we have of them.
Until 11 February 2024.

In Piacenza, on the occasion of the second edition of XNL Aperto, a diffuse project of contemporary art, Perimetro Piacenza is also presented. This photographic exhibition is the result of a project conceived by Perimetro and Cesura with the collaboration of Luca Santese, which narrates a collective work dedicated to the representation of the city, a kind of choral portrait, through its artistic communities.
Until 7 January 2024.

At the other end of Emilia Romagna, in Rimini, you can enjoy L’altra stagione (The Other Season), an en plein air exhibition that, in addition to depicting the sea in winter, boasts a special location. This collective exhibition of 54 artists from Rimini (26 photographers and photographers and 28 poets and poetesses, writers), is set up on the large sand dune on the city’s coast.
Until 7 January 2024.

Our tour through photography ends where it began, with exhibitions by members of the Foto Cine Club Forlì, which will close on 31 December 2023. These are Deris Lombardi, with his personal exhibition La mia natura (My Nature), and Valentina Tisselli, who is exhibiting an image of Campo Imperatore in the showcase in Via delle Torri.


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