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Welcome to Modena, one of the most productive Italian cities in the automobile field and headquarters of world-famous brands such as Ferrari, Maserati, and Pagani (in addition to the very close Lamborghini and Dallara).
A city dedicated to fast engines, but whose gastronomic symbol is Balsamic Vinegar, which takes more than twenty years to mature and which has been able to achieve a unique balance between calm, creativity, and the energy, essential to the challenge and to reach important goals.
The center of this passion for mechanics and speed had been for more than twenty years the Modena Circuit which, born as an airport like many European circuits (i.e.: Silverstone), over time it has become the center of a community of enthusiasts who have made the name of Modena great in the world.


Built-in 1949 and inaugurated on May 7th, 1950, with the Modena Grand Prix reserved for Formula 2 cars and won by Alberto Ascari, the Old Modena Circuit was located in the city ( where he currently stands the Enzo Ferrari Park) center and was active mainly in the fifties and sixties, being used as an airport , test circuit.
The original Circuit was built close to the Via Emilia in a place that from 1910 housed an aircraft landing strip and an airship dock.

Modena Circuit

The Old Modena Race Track and Airport – Ph. Comune di Modena

Rising including an airport inside and near the city center where they were many car workshops, the Old Modena Circuit was naturally subject to crowding problems (it was a test track, a Ferrari and Maserati test track, and was used by the neighboring military Barracks of the 6th Campale).
During its activity, the Circuit hosted twenty-two editions of the Modena Motorcycle Grand Prix, usually valid for the Italian Championship. This Grand Prix often took on considerable importance because it was the first event after the long winter break, attracting the interest of Case and pilots and enthusiasts.

Despite being widely used, the Aerautodromo revealed, however, structural problems both as regards the crowding of the plant, and because its construction was not functional to the racing cars of the late 60s.
At the time there was a city debate about the construction of a more suitable track in Marzaglia, in the outskirts of the city but, after long controversies, the project of a new track was suspended for many years.
This was the period in which the legendary Fiorano Circuit was born in Maranello; Enzo Ferrari, in fact, without a circuit on which to test his cars, decided to break the delay and build his own test track near the Ferrari factory.

In the 70s, the Modena Circuit ended its activity, but its closure did not succeed in extinguishing the Modenese people attitude to build powerful engines and fast cars so that, in 2012, a new plant was inaugurated in Marzaglia together with the new Enzo Ferrari Museum.

Today in place of the ancient Modenese Circuit there is a Public Park, which however still bears the marks of a glorious automotive past of racing and sports cars through the name with which it was inaugurated: we are talking about the Enzo Ferrari Park.

The new Modena Circuit

Modena Circuit

Modena Race Track – Ph. Autodromo di Modena

With a constant width of 12 meters all along the entire track, the new Modena Circuit now offers visitors and riders exciting curves, fast straights, and turns that make the circuit particularly interesting for both cars and motorcycles. In fact, the terrain on which the Autodromo is built has been shaped to create fascinating curves that make the track even more fun and technical, as already experienced by champions, technicians and experts, with over two kilometers of asphalt on which let the engines run for a wonderful feeling of freedom, in complete safety.

Modena Circuit

A Ferrari driving lesson at Modena Race Track – Ph. Autodromo di Modena

In its standard configuration the Circuit is the ideal track to look for maneuverability and the right response to cornering solicitations, but for those who intend to carry out technical tests and for road use, it is possible to eliminate a section of the circuit to have a second straight parallel.

The Modena Circuit is the best place for all those motor enthusiasts who want to try their hand at a challenging and fun circuit. To drive your car or your bike on the track, we advise you to book on the official website of the structure according to the calendar shown on the official site or to present yourself directly at the racetrack on days when it is open to the public.

The Circuit is also available to car and motorcycle manufacturers to test products under development. The Modena racetrack is in fact located in the heart of the Motor Valley of Emilia-Romagna, which makes the runway particularly convenient also from a logistical point of view, as well as for the total privacy it guarantees.

How to reach the Modena Circuit

The Modena Race Track is located just 3 minutes from SS9 “Via Emilia” and it can be reached:

By Car
A1 Highway, Modena Nord exit.
Follow indications “Tangenziale” and take direction Maranello.
Take exit n°16, towards Milan, Reggio Emilia.
Continue on the SS9 “Via Emilia Ovest” for about 3.5 km (2,2 mi.)
At the Marzaglia roundabout (on SS9) take the third exit on “Strada Marzaglia Nuova”
Continue for approximately 1.4 km (0,8 mi.), turn left on “Strada Pomposiana” and continue for about 1 km. (0,6 mi.)

By Train
Modena Railway Station
Reggio Emilia AV Mediopadana Station

By Bus
Urban Lines with Bus stop at the Race Track entrance

By Airplane
Bologna Airport 52 km
Verona Airport 108 km
Milan Airport 167 km
Modena Aeroclub which allows you to get on the track even by helicopter or private plane.

Tel. +39 059/388711
Fax +39 059/388788
E-mail: info@autodromodimodena.it


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