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The Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum

by /// August 31, 2021
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I had never stopped thinking about the ideal motor car… All I had to do was construct a plant to build it
Ferruccio Lamborghini

Opened in 2014 in the premises of the former Lamborghini Oleodinamica factory, the Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum in Argelato, Bologna, is an area entirely dedicated to the memory of a genial entrepreneur.
Completely re-designed by Tonino Lamborghini, the Ferruccio’s son, the Museum is now a great monument to the memory of Cav. Lamborghini and collects the most important mechanical creations of Taurus along with the most significant family archive photos with the intent of exalting and deepening the figure of Ferruccio, one of the true creative genius of the latest century.

Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum

Ferruccio Lamborghini – Ph. Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum


The first Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum dedicated to industrial history of the “Taurus” brandmark was inaugurated in 1995 in Dosso, a small village in the Ferrara countryside , right next to Lamborghini Calor, one of the many companies that were part of the Ferruccio’s business and consisted mainly of cars and prototypes of the personal collection of the Lamborghini Family. After about 19 years and thousands of visitors, in 2014 Tonino Lamborghini decided to bring the Museum closer to the center of Bologna, one of the hearts of the of Emilia Romagna’s MotorValley.
In the Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum of Argelato today it is possible to find almost the entire Lamborghini engineer industry, from the first tractors to the mythical supercars, on a road that from 1945 to ’80s embraces much of the Italian industrial history.

Here’s how Tonino Lamborghini, the current owner of the Argelato Museum, tells the origins of the Museum and the creations of his Father Ferruccio:

The Museum Collection

Like a family gathering of Lamborghini’s entire industrial history, the Argelato Museum today exhibits to visitors objects and prototypes that range from the first years after the Second World War to the mid-1980s for a collection that goes through 40 years of mechanical engineering and of the Italian Automotive.
The visit route begins with the first models of Carioca Tractors that were derived using the engines and pieces of a recovered military with whom Lamborghini started his manufacturing industry.

Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum

Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum

From that moment on, Lamborghini will no longer abandon the world of agricultural machinery, expanding its production to sports cars, marine engines, and even design a helicopter.
The track continues with some of the “Taurus” home prototypes such as the legendary 350 GTV, the first car produced by Lamborghini and that was the result of a legendary automotive challenge between Enzo Ferrari and Ferruccio Lamborghini.

We have to mention the personal MiuraSV of Ferruccio Lamborghini, the mythical car named in honor of the famous Spanish breeder of bulls Don Eduardo Miura Fernandez, and who was a true concentrator of creative Italian genius. Born from a mechanical design by Dallara and Stanzani engineers (Here is an interview with Paolo Stanzani who remember the times when he worked at Lamborghini), Miura has its fame for its particularly innovative shape for the era and for its amazing dress, designed by a young artist named Bertone.

  • An old Italian Tractor from ’60 – Ph. Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum
  • MiuraSV – Ph. Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum
  • Lamborghini Countach – Ph. Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum
  • Off-Shore Fast45 Diablo Class 1 Motorboat – Ph. Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum
  • Lamborghini 350 GT – Ph. Andrea Margelli
  • Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum – Ph. Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum
  • MiuraSV – Ph. Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum

Presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 1966, Miura denied an incredible success right away and laid the foundations of that Lamborghini myth, fast and impossible cars, which still soak the “Taurus” house today.

The Expo then continues with an exemplar of the Off-Shore Fast45 Diablo Class 1 Motorboat, which thanks to the Lamborghini engine wins 11 World Championships, a helicopter specimen, and the “Barchetta”, a car that was specially crafted by Ferruccio to attend the Mille Miglia of 1948.
There are also unique models around the world including Urraco’s prototype, made in 1975, 1982’s Jalpa spider, the only prototype with a soft top, the 1972 Jarama SVR restyling that was edited by legendary engineer and tester Bob Wallace, The prototype of Espada with a Gullwing opening made in 1967.

About Lamborghini

First of all, the sign of “Taurus”, a symbol of the Lamborghini home and industry and zodiacal sign of Ferruccio Lamborghini, which has transformed it into the distinctive feature of its sports life. Power, majesty and sinuosity that share the strong character of Ferruccio contributed to giving a strong personality to his cars.
Then the deal with the engineer Enzo Ferrari:

“Lamborghini, you may be able to drive a tractor but you will never be able to handle a Ferrari properly”

This is the answer that Enzo Ferrari gave to Ferruccio Lamborghini when he presented with his Ferrari 250GT with some gearbox problems. It was in response to this answer that Ferruccio decided to starts the production of high-tech cars and able to compete with Ferrari. The stated goal right away? Building “A perfect car, though not particularly revolutionary“, and to do this Lamborghini surrounded itself by high-tech engineers such as Bizzarrini, Dallara, Stanzani, Bertone and much more.
Finally the owners; like big automakers, Lamborghini owes its fame to its owner Ferruccio but also to countless VIPs, Hollywood actors and famous characters who, over the years, appreciated and bought these cars. Among the illustrious Lamborghini owners, we have to mention on Grace Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Roger Moore, the Shah of Persia, Rod Stewart, Dean Martin, Nicholas Cage, Russell Crowe, the singer Jamiroquai, Cristiano Ronaldo and many more …

How to Get There

The Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum is Located in S. P. 4 Galliera n. 319 Funo di Argelato (Bologna) Italy

By Car

The Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum is easily reachable thanks to its closeness to the motorway A13 Bologna-Padova (exit Bologna Interporto). After the toll, turn right, enter road SP3 and continue for 3 km. Turn right at the street signs Bologna/Galliera/Funo/S. Giorgio di Piano and at crossroads turn left towards road Strada Provinciale 4 Galliera. After about 1 km, the museum is on the left.

By Train

A railway station is an only 15-minute walk from the Museum. Route Bologna-Ferrara-Venezia is operated by Trenitalia (stops Funo-Centergross). For further information, please see You can arrive at Bologna Central Station via Frecciarossa or Italo trains and reach the Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum by taxi. The AV train takes only 60 minutes from Milan, 40 from Florence and 1 hour and 15 minutes from Venice to reach the Museum.

By Plane

The Ferruccio Lamborghini Museum is only 40 minutes away from G. Marconi Bologna airport.

By Bus

From Bologna coach station Bologna Autostazione, Piazza XX Settembre, close to Bologna train station: bus line 97 Lame (approx. 30 min.) The museum is located about 2 minutes walk from the bus stop: Zona Industriale Larghe. You can check timetables here

Informations and Contacts

Ph. +39 051.863366
Fax +39 051.864956

Guided tours: +39 051.863366

General information:
To organize events at the Museum:


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