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4 bike routes in Romagna among nature, hamlets and typical products

by /// April 25, 2024
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Rolling hills, fragrant pine forests, wetlands and boundless plains. In Romagna, every bike trip is a good opportunity to discover fascinating and unexpected landscapes.

A land of great cyclists, Romagna is a place where every two-wheel lover feels at home, regardless of age or level of training. It is no coincidence that this part of the region is the setting for so many bicycle races, and that the Tour de France itself chose to stop in Rimini and Cesenatico for the 2024 Grand Départ. This is where you can find a city like Ferrara, dubbed the bicycle capital, as well as the highest concentration of bike hotels in Italy.

It doesn’t matter which bike you use, who you travel with and what type of route you prefer. The bike routes in Romagna are tailored to every kind of cyclist, from the most hardcore to the simple enthusiast. You will find a taste of them below.

Discovering the Little Venice

Comacchio (FE), Valli | Ph. ermess via Shutterstock
Comacchio (FE), Valleys | Ph. ermess via Shutterstock

Type of experience: Bike & Family
Recommended bike type: MTB
Route length: 18.9 km
Difficulty: Easy

Comacchio and its valleys are a haven for those who love quiet, water-side bike rides. Located in the Po Delta Park, it is the perfect backdrop for a slow, scenic tour of a World Heritage natural area.

This family (and non-family) route of about 19 kilometers starts from the town of Porto Garibaldi, an ancient fishing village, and then heads into the brackish valleys of Comacchio. Once you get to the “Little Venice,” Comacchio, we recommend you stop for a few hours for a stroll along the canals – don’t miss the scenic Trepponti Bridge – and a visit to the Manifattura dei Marinati, the museum dedicated to the history of eel, a delicious local specialty. Before getting back to the starting point you pass through Lido degli Estensi, from where you can board the bikes on the ferry towards Porto Garibaldi.

Route of the Fossa Cheese and Montetiffi’s Piadina

Sogliano al Rubicone (FC
Sogliano al Rubicone (FC) | Ph. © Archivio Comune_Sogliano al Rubicone

Type of experience: Food & Wine
Recommended bike type: Road bike
Route length: 35 km
Difficulty: Difficult

Let’s now head for the legendary hills of Forlì-Cesena, both fascinating and feared by cyclists because of their high concentration of climbs, more or less challenging, and well known to Granfondo riders.

This territory also knows how to refresh mind and body thanks to the beneficial waters of its hot springs as well as its culinary treasures, which are the protagonists of the Fossa cheese and piadina of Montetiffi route. Aimed at trained cyclists, this route winds for 35 kilometers with an elevation gain of 776 meters.

The toughest climbs of this itinerary (Montetiffi and Barbotto, at 5.8 percent and 6.9 percent average gradient, respectively) will be only a distant memory as soon as you lay hands on an inviting piadina stuffed with Fossa cheese. Typical of Montetiffi, in this hamlet the piadina is cooked on a terracotta pan, while the Formaggio di Fossa DOP cheese is the pride and joy of Sogliano al Rubicone, the starting point of the tour.

The Parks between Ravenna and Cervia

Classe (RA), pineta | Ph. Nicola Strocchi
Classe (RA), Pinewood | Ph. Nicola Strocchi

Type of experience: Iconic
Recommended bike type: MTB, Gravel
Route length: 73,8 km
Difficulty: Medium

Fancy a ride in nature? This route of the parks between Ravenna and Cervia could be just right for you. Starting from the centre of Ravenna you will ride through iconic and unspoilt places, the perfect opportunity to enjoy nature at a stone’s throw from the sea.

The first stop is the Pinewood of Classe, south of Ravenna, full of centuries-old plants and opportunities to go birdwatching. Mentioned by Dante Alighieri in the Divine Comedy, this spectacular pine forest is part of the Po Delta Park.

The route continues along dirt roads to Cervia and its Natural Park, a green oasis close to the city and its salt pans. The last, fascinating stop before returning to Ravenna, the Cervia Salt Pan is at its best at sunset, when the water in its pools is tinged with the thousands of shades of the sky at sunset.

The Hamlets of Torriana and Verucchio

Verucchio (RN) | Ph. FooTToo via Shutterstock
Verucchio (RN) | Ph. FooTToo via Shutterstock

Type of experience: Villages & Castles
Recommended bike type: Road bike
Route length: 29,5 km
Difficulty: Medium

The Marecchia Valley is the ideal destination for off-road enthusiasts. Starting from the coast, there are plenty of cycling routes climbing the hills of Rimini, often running alongside the river, in an area dotted with small and ancient villages and fortresses.

The route that leads to Torriana and Verucchio, for instance, enables you to explore two jewels just a few kilometres from Rimini, which can be reached on a medium-difficulty, almost 30-kilometre route. Leaving Santarcangelo di Romagna behind, you tackle a few not-too-difficult climbs before arriving first in Torriana – not to be missed is its scenic fortress – and then in Verucchio, at an altitude of 377 metres above sea level, the fulcrum of the Villanovan civilisation, from which you can enjoy a splendid view of the Marecchia Valley.

Bike Routes in Romagna for All Tastes

Haven’t found the right itinerary for you? Don’t worry: the bike routes in Romagna are tailor-made for every need, whether it be the type of bike you use (MTB, gravel, road or e-bike) the destination of your trip (Ferrara, Ravenna, Forlì-Cesena and Rimini) or the type of experience you would like to enjoy in the area.

As we have seen, you could go for a pleasant bike ride with the family, or opt for an experience that combines sport and food and wine. There is no shortage of routes through villages and castles perched on hillsides, nor those related to local secrets: one example is the one leading to the Onferno Caves, a UNESCO heritage site since 2023. Then there are truly unmissable, iconic excursions, ranging from the climbs of Marco Pantani to a cycling route between water and sky in the Comacchio Valleys.

Discover the full list of routes on the Romagna Bike website, where you can also download the GPX tracks.


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