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Winter is Coming

by /// February 15, 2022
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Great things are done, when men and mountains meet.
– William Blake

“Winter is coming”, that’s what the Stark would say in Game of Thrones. As winter is approaching, it’s almost time to wear your boots, pack your ski, snowborad and everything you need. Enjoy the bitter cold, the mulled wine and the races on the slopes.

The Apennines during winter

The Tuscan-Emilian Appennines offer plenty of possibilities during winter. There are as many as 15 ski stations in the territory, as well as 3.000 km worth of paths and new snowparks. There are also many lovely towns and villages where you can just relax and enjoy the winter landscape from the comfort of your hotel room.
Three destinations ski lovers can’t miss are: Cerreto Laghi (Re), Comprensorio del Cimone (Mo) and Corno alle Scale (Bo).

Cerreto Laghi

Cerreto Laghi is 1.344 ASL: here people can ski sourrounded by the breathtaking landscapes of the Tuscan-Emilian National Park.
This place has become one of the most popular and well-equipped ski stations in the region, with the possibility to practice any winter sport (like coss-country ski, ice skating and snowboarding). It’s also easy to reach from all directions, since it’s well connected to Reggio Emilia, La Spezia and Aulla.

Ph. Giorgio Galeotti

Comprensorio del Cimone

One of the best-equipped stations of the area. These ski stations were built after WWII, when the chairlift in Seggiola-Pian del Falco (the first one in Emilia) was installed, followed by the cable car in Passo del Lupo-Pian Cavallaro and then the Polle and Cimoncino’s chairlifts.
Today this ski area can count on 50km worth of circuits, and skiers can found anything they need in Sestola, Fanano, Riolunato and Montecreto. Also the nearby towns of Bobbio and Fiumalbo are worth the trip.

Ph. Roberto Zanasi

Corno alle Scale

Halfway between Florence and Bologna, the Corno alle Scale ski station is situated 1944 meters ASL. It can count on 36km worth of circuits, 80% of which are served by artificial snow systems, making it possible to ski 150 days a year.
The characteristics of the slopes have allowed the area to host international competitive events. Snowboarding is also popular here, with the possibility of having fun off-track as well. There are also cross-country skiing circuits in the park for those who want to immerse themselves in nature.

Ph. Giovanni M.



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