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Six trips for students #inEmiliaRomagna | Travel Emilia-Romagna

by /// August 31, 2021
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Emilia-Romagna stands out for its historical academic realities rooted in its territory. In addition to the University of Bologna, the oldest in Europe, that has offices located also in Romagna, the universities of Ferrara, Modena and Reggio Emilia, Parma, and Piacenza stand out. The university is a reality that every year brings thousands of new freshmen to Emilia-Romagna. Nonetheless, there are many Erasmus and foreign students that decide to study abroad, in Emilia-Romagna. Over time they learn to know and appreciate the cities in which they are located. It is precisely for them that we thought of trips out of town, at low cost and via public transport, for a break from study in the name of art, nature, history and good food.

From Piacenza: Bobbio

Classified third among the most beautiful villages in Italy in 2018, Bobbio is about an hour’s bus ride from the center of Piacenza and is easily reachable by bus. It is a small village full of history and all to be discovered. If you visit it during the day you should not miss the two architectural symbols of the city: the Devil’s Bridge and the Abbey.
If you decide instead to visit it for the weekend you can catch this opportunity and explore the Trebbia Valley and its natural wonders.


The town of Bobbio

From Parma: the Castle of Torrechiara and Reggia di Colorno

The renowned circuit of the Castles of the Duchy of Parma and Piacenza deserves to be explored in every corner, but in this case, we recommend two castles easily accessible and known for their beauty. The first is the famous Castle of Torrechiara, built by Pier Maria Rossi in the fifteenth century. Easily accessible by bus and can be visited in a day, it is a real joy for the eyes. The rooms, many of them created by Benedetto Brembo, still bear the traces of the intense love between Pier Maria and Bianca Pellegrini. The Castle of Torrechiara is part of the MIBACT museum circuit and can be visited free on the first Sunday of each month.

North of Parma we recommend a visit to a completely different building: the Palace of Colorno. It belonged originally to the San Severino family, but it has been then inhabited by many European royal families. It contains within it 400 rooms to be discovered. With the arrival of summer, you can also explore the rich Italian garden of the palace: the entrance to this one is always free, while access to the building is discounted for university students. The Colorno’s palace can be easily reached from Parma with a 45-minute bus ride.

From Modena And Reggio Emilia: the Ferrari museum and the Apennines’ villages

For mechanical enthusiasts (but also for beginners) we recommend the Ferrari museum, located just outside Modena, in Maranello, which can be reached in about half an hour by bus. An excellent opportunity not only to visit the temporary exhibitions but also to enjoy a tour of the prancing horse factory. For Modena’s students, we also recommend guided tours to traditional vinegar factories.

If you are a student at the Reggio Emilia’s site, we recommend you visit the unmissable Apennine villages. Canossa, Rossena, Brescello; each with its own history, its culture and its hidden wonders. The small capitals of the Po are also spectacular.

For nature lovers, however, it is possible to visit the Mab Unesco Reserve of the Tosco Emiliano Apennines with its Natural Park, although in this case, it would be more convenient to stay for a couple of days.

Ferrari Factory – Ph. Ferrari Museum

From Ferrara: Comacchio

Ferrara is one of the historically richest and most spectacular cities in Italy, so much so that it is entirely considered a UNESCO heritage. If, however, you are interested in a trip to its territory, we suggest you take a ride in Comacchio: it is about two hours by public transport but totally worth it.
Comacchio is a small village on the shore of the Po, the small Venice of Emilia-Romagna. Located in the areas of the Po Delta Park, it can be an excellent starting point to enjoy a relaxing weekend in the reserve. Comacchio is a place that will surely amaze you with its play of light, the atmosphere of other times and its natural wonders.

From Bologna and the sites of Romagna: the Bologna hills, Brisighella and San Marino.

Bologna is an excellent hub for any of the aforementioned trips. The University of Bologna, among other things, is characterized, besides the history and the wealth of departments, for the decentralized offices in Romagna, and we have also thought about those.

If you are an off-site student in Bologna, however, we can help but recommend a ride on the Bologna hills, to admire Bologna from a different point of view and to enjoy some nature just outside the city. The hills can be easily reached by public transport in just over half an hour. The Romagna offices of the University of Bologna are located in Forlì, Cesena, Rimini and Ravenna.

Starting from Ravenna we suggest you to explore the wonders of the area that surrounds it by organizing an itinerary starting from the routes recommended in this article by Ravenna Tourism. You can also explore the natural areas of this land: from the NatuRa Museum of Sant’Alberto to the Pinewoods of San Vitale and Classe.
For the Forlì and Cesena sites, in addition to the exploration of the Forlivese Apennines, a visit to the village of Brisighella is not to be missed. If you are interested in the sea you can head to Rimini or organize a trip to Cesenatico.
From Rimini, in addition to the city, a trip abroad is highly recommended: San Marino is in fact just a few kilometers from there. It is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of to admire a small state and, in particular, its castle. Also not to be missed is the small village of San Leo.

Emilia Romagna Villages

The Castle by the Manfredi family, Brisighella


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