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The Emilia-Romagna’s most beautiful sunsets

by /// September 17, 2021
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Before summer ends and the magic of the good season fades away, we’d like to take you on a tour in Emilia-Romagna and suggest you some places that, in our opinion, might give you suggestive “windows” to enjoy all the charm of a sunset.

Of course, the image of the sunset has always been something magical, way before we came to this world. Nonetheless, it always awakens in us this emotion, even if feeble, making us feel a sense of astonishment and wonder.

From a balcony overlooking the sea, on the top of a mountain or simply on the road, it still remains an amazing spectacle, a verse of the poem of nature that takes shape in the sky and intoxicates our senses.

There’s never a sunset like the other: there are so many sunsets, all different from one another and all equally beautiful.

A burning sunset on the valleys of Ravenna

Tramonto Valli Marina Romea (Ravenna)
Marina Romea at sunset (Ravenna) | Photo © RavennaTourism

Take the road from Ravenna leads to Comacchio, and drive running along the coast. At a certain point, passed Porto Corsini, you will reach Marina Romea, a little sea village in Ravenna, at the back of which develops the brackish lagoon of Piallassa Baiona.

It’s a water basin of about 11 sqm made of water ponds, divided by banks and canals, and inhabited by birds of any kind that mark most part of the beaches north of Ravenna. Not everybody knows, but it is maybe one of the most relaxing and fascinating spots in the whole territory, especially during the sunset hours, when rather than Romagna, it seems to be one of those landscapes in Africa, on the banks of some river.

The sun is burning high in the sky and colours with a million nuances the waters of the valleys, standing out against the historical Pine Forest of San Vitale, which outlines the horizon, filling with wonder the eyes of whoever is watching.

Cervia and Comacchio: unforgettable sunsets over the salt pans.

Fenicotteri in Salina al tramonto
Pink flamingos in the Cervia Salt Pans at sunset | Photo @merendimassimo, via @visitcervia

Along the coasts of the Adriatic Sea, inside the Po Delta Park, the area between Cervia and Comacchio hosts large natural reserves connected to the salt production. The two great natural ecosystems cover thousands of hectares of sweet and salty waters, hosting flamingoes, black-winged stilts, avocets and many other protected species.

Just over 50 km distance divides one area from the other, but they share, along with the salt production, wonderful landscapes that you enjoy best when the sun sets, creating a lively and astonishing play of lights on the water surface.

In Cottolica, on the coasts of Romagna

Riviera di Romagna dal monte Gabicce
The Riviera Romagnola from Mount Gabicce | Photo ©

Strolling around the beach while the sun is slowly vanishing in the horizon is always touching and enchanting.

Unfortunately, the geography of our region doesn’t allow us to enjoy this wonder on the sea (you’re all aware that the sun sets over the Tyrrhenian Sea and not the Adriatic ― right?). Nonetheless, Cattolica hides a delightful surprise to those of you who love sunsets and seas.

The peculiarity of this place, as also Gabicce, is the port looking northwards. This allows us to see both the sunset and the sunrise over the sea, enjoying a walk along the seafront up to the tourist port.

Sunsets on the Modenese Apennines

Tramonto sul Lago Scafaiolo
Sunset over Lake Scafaiolo (Bologna) | Photo ©

The Modenese Apennines are a wonderful place to discover during the hot summer days, and it has very suggestive glimpses and exciting itineraries if you’re willing to spend some time in direct contact with nature.

Among all those glimpses, the Arcane Cross (no less than at 1670 m height) is maybe the best place where to look at the sky, hence the sun setting as well.
Placed on the border between Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna, for centuries it was the best place to connect easily to the Adriatic side and the Tyrrhenian side. Today, you can reach it on foot following the CAI track no. 413, or even by car or motorbike.

Its peculiar position gives you an all-around view that from Valle Della Lima runs to the highest tops of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, reaching, in the clearest days, even the tops of the Apuan Alps and the Alps.

Not far away, another unmissable sunset is the one observed over ​​Lake Scafaiolo (located at 1,817 meters above sea level), the highest lake in the Apennines. The scenery you can see is impressive: your gaze can run far away, sliding from valley to valley until it disappears on the horizon, beyond the clouds …

Sunset on the banks of the Po River

Tramonto sul grande fiume Po a Boretto (Reggio nell’Emilia)
Sunset over Po River, Boretto (Reggio Emilia)

About 20 km of river banks near Reggio Emilia give you suggestive sunset scenarios against the Po river.

Our advice is to let the warm colours of the sun soothe you: You can go in Boretto and its stenographic river port, Guastalla with its bike track connecting the city centre to the river, or maybe you can opt for Luzzara, where you can wait, amidst poplars and birches, the sunset on the foot of the Po river banks.

And what sunset would you recommend? Write it below in the comments


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