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Skiing in Emilia-Romagna: tell me who you are and I’ll tell you where to go

by /// December 4, 2023
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Thanks to its 15 ski resorts and 300 km of slopes, Emilia-Romagna provides plenty of opportunities to put on ski suits, gloves, and boots and have fun in the snow.

This Italian region offers a variety of options for ski lovers, from alpine skiing to cross-country skiing, guaranteeing unforgettable experiences for every skill level.

Before setting off for your skiing adventure in Emilia-Romagna, it is important to understand what kind of skier you are: a beginner looking for quiet slopes and expert instruction, or an expert thrill seeker looking for more challenging slopes and breath-taking views?

Don’t worry! This land has something for everyone.

The aspiring champion

Corno alle Scale (BO), Parco giochi e scuola di sci sulle piste
Corno alle Scale Ski Resort (BO), Playground and ski school

If snow is part of your DNA and inside you feel that one day, sooner or later, you will become famous for your skiing prowess, what better place to put yourself to the test than Corno alle Scale, the place where the great Alberto Tomba started skiing?

This resort boasts 25 km of slopes including the two longest runs in the entire Apennines, a dozen lifts, a snow park and a babypark.

The high-altitude refuge Le Rocce is the ideal place to regain strength after a long ski run and to enjoy typical mountain specialities.


The adventurer

Monte Cimone (Modena), Panorama
Monte Cimone (Modena), Panoramic view of Monte Cimone

If the usual skiing is not enough for you and you are looking for adrenalin experiences, Cimone is the place for you!

The ski resort is named after the highest mountain in the northern Apennines. With more than 26 slopes totalling 50 km of descents, it has become known as a centre of excellence for snow adventure sports – you absolutely must try snow-kiting, where you can go 50/70 km pulled by a kite, and paragliding.

Thanks to the electronic ski pass (e-Skipass), which can be purchased and recharged online, you don’t even have to queue!


The fun-lover

Cerreto Laghi (RE), Stazione sciistica
Cerreto Laghi Ski Resort (RE)

If you like to vary your activities in the snow and accompany them with good food and wine, we certainly recommend Cerreto Laghi Ski Resort.

Cerreto is the top resort of the Reggio Emilia Apennines with 28 km of slopes, 5 lifts, snowpark, babypark and an ice rink frequented by numerous Olympic champions.

Don’t miss the 7 km of cross-country skiing track around Lake Pranda, snowshoeing with the Briganti di Cerreto and a plate of polenta with mushrooms!


The Party-lover

Are you always looking for an original idea for your parties with friends?
In the little Passo Penice Ski Resort, in province of Piacenza, you can rent two fully reserved slopes, a snow park and even organise a giant slalom race. Thanks to the lighting system, it is also possible to ski at night.


The photographer

Pratospilla (PR), Stazione sciistica
Pratospilla Ski resort (PR) | Credit:

If, for you, skiing is more of an excuse to reach the highest peaks, where you can take suggestive panoramic photos, we would definitely send you to Prato Spilla Ski Resort, in the municipality of Monchio delle Corti.

On the border between the provinces of Parma, Reggio Emilia and Massa Carrara, this small ski resort is located within the Regional Park of 100 Lakes and is served by the Rio Spilla chairlift that takes you up to an altitude of 1,700 metres, from where you can admire a stunning panorama stretching from the Gulf of La Spezia to the Alps.


The parent

Schia (PR), Stazione Sciistica
Schia Ski Resort (PR) | Credit

For those who want to take their children on the snow, the Schia Ski Resort is the ideal destination. It includes a school field with a treadmill, a babypark and 10 slopes of varying difficulty served by 4 lifts, just 45 minutes away from Parma.

If the more timid little ones just don’t want to have anything to do with it, there is an area where they can play on the inflatables even without skis on their feet, while the more expert can launch themselves into feats of skill in the snowpark.


The beginner

For those who are taking their first steps in the snow or who want to enjoy a day of skiing away from the hustle and bustle of the busier ski resorts, there is nothing better than Ventasso Laghi Ski Resort.

The ski resort is located on the mountainside of Ventasso and consists of 4 slopes with 2 ski lifts, for a total of 10 km, from the school slope to higher levels.

And if you get tired of skiing, the alternative is a nice excursion to nearby Lake Calamone, one of the most beautiful ones in the Reggio Emilia Apennines.


Who doesn’t handle stress

For those who can or wish to go skiing at the weekend, but without stress and far from chaos, the answer is the Alpe di Cusna Ski Resort.

Located in the municipality of Villa Minozzo, 65 km away from Reggio Emilia, it is the highest in the entire northern Apennines. It is in the heart of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines National Park, on the slopes of Mount Cusna, from whose summit you can admire a unique panorama of Tuscany, Emilia and Liguria.

The most technical track is the black slope, which can be reached by chairlift and starts at a height of 2063 metres, while on the Cusna ridge it is possible to practice downhill skiing and off-piste skiing in the natural gullies. For the little ones, there is an area equipped with games and sledges.

For those who can or wish to go skiing at the weekend, but without stress and far from chaos, the answer is the Alpe di Cusna ski resort.


The cross-country skier

If, more than downhill skiing, for you skiing means immersing yourself in the magical atmosphere of snow-covered forests, Pratizzano Ski Resort in the heart of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines National Park is perfect for you!

A vast natural prairie surrounded by beech forests transforms into cross-country trails in winter: 18 km on three circuits. Snow permitting, there is also a track connecting Pratizzano with the village of Succiso, for a total of another 20 km along the scenic Scalucchia road.

From here there is a beautiful view over the entire Secchia Valley and the Reggio Emilia Apennines as far as Cimone.


The loner

For those who think that skiing is an inner catharsis to be experienced alone with oneself, the small and cosy ski resort of Piane Mocogno Ski Resort, 75 km away from Modena, is the perfect solution for you!

It features a red slope of 1.4 km and a green slope of 800 m served by two ski lifts, a school camp and a baby park with snow-tubing track. During the winter season, it is also possible to ski under the stars, and for cross-country enthusiasts there are 40 km of slopes.


The radical-chic

Fiumalbo (MO), Stazione sciistica
Fiumalbo-Balze Sking Resort (MO) | Credit: ModenaTour

If what you are looking for from a skiing holiday is unspoilt nature and villages that smell of history, Fiumalbo is what you need.

This small village with stone houses, vaulted streets and a river running through it is located in the High Modenese Apennines Regional Park, at an altitude of 1,400 metres.

The Fiumalbo-Balze Ski Resort is immersed in a fairy-tale landscape and offers various and original opportunities: from ski-mountaineering to snowshoeing, from high-altitude snowmobile rides to free-riding and mountain biking in the snow.

Also not to be overlooked is the Abetone Val di Luce Skiing Area, which can be easily reached thanks to the free shuttle service.



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