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Parks and thermal spas: a weekend of wellbeing

by /// August 31, 2021
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Taking some inspiration from the section on Emilia-Romagna’s parks, here is a list of parks where visitors can enjoy pristine nature and some relaxing spa treatments.

The 17 protected areas #InEmiliaRomagna (2 national, 1 interregional and 14 regional parks) include 5 parks—one is a national park and four are regional parks—where, after exploring nature on foot, by bike or on horseback, you can take a break and soak up the healing benefits of thermal water.

Thanks to their wonderful setting, these places are a balm for your soul. So, take some time for yourself in one of our SPAs – Salus Per Aquam.


Situated between the provinces of Forlì-Cesena, Arezzo and Florence, this park has always been an unspoilt and almost mystical place, which over the centuries has inspired both artists and saints, from Dante to Saint Francis.

In 2017 the Sasso Fratino Nature Reserve and the park’s century-old beech woods were included in UNESCO’s World Heritage list.
Whether you decide to explore it on foot or by bike, every season will leave you yearning for more.
Among the 15 Visit Centres there is one, in Bagno di Romagna, that focuses on the Geology and thermal waters of Bagno di Romagna.

At Grand Hotel Terme Roseo, set in the ancient Biozzi Palace, you can soak in bicarbonate-alkaline-sulphurous hyperthermal waters at 45° or enjoy the Wellness Centre, where you will find a thermal pool at 37° with 46 hot tubs and jets, thermal cave, underwater sunbeds and chromotherapy.
The many treatments to try out include: grapeseed oil or aromatherapy massages, ayurvedic massages for muscle tension relief, bioenergetic-antistress massages, decontracting massages, as well as Lomi Lomi or mud massages. You can even book the hot tub for yourself!
The pool is open all-day until after dinner time on some days while the spa is open all-day every day until dinner time.

Hotel delle Terme Santa Agnese has its own thermal spring, which was already known in Roman times. Here the Grand Duke of Tuscany Leopold II “made these baths public and comfortable”.You can enjoy its natural caves, thermal pools with hot tubs and jets, balneotherapy or Kneipp circuits.
After a hike, there is nothing better than one of these treatments: energising chocolate or relaxing honey massages, de-stress massages with essential oils, and the spa treatment programme (you can choose between natural and sports wellness).
Open seasonally.

In order to enjoy its hyperthermal water (natural spring temperature above 45°) to the fullest, the Ròseo Euroterme Wellness Resort boasts both an indoor and an outdoor swimming pool with waterfalls and a brand-new spa.
At the end of a hike there is nothing better than relaxing with at least one of these massages: a relaxing shiatsu massage in thermal water, a bio thai sport active massage aimed at decontracting body muscles or a clay wrap to relieve muscle tension.
Before going to bed, don’t forget to take a last dive into the swimming pool, the perfect ending to a day of hiking. Swimming pool and SPA are open all-day every day until after dinner time.


Situated between the provinces of Parma and Piacenza, this park combines the habitat of the Stirone river with the geological features of the Piacenziano nature reserve. Ranging from the riverbed to the rural landscape, from the Apennines to the badlands, this varied landscape boasts an invaluable ecosystem with rich biodiversity and is home to many varied species of plants and animals.
Once upon a time the Po Valley was covered by the sea, which is why it is now full of marine fossils, especially molluscs and gastropods from the late Miocene, Pliocene and Pleistocene: yet another treasure trove to discover.
The park can be explored leisurely, discovering fossiliferous outcrops or just nice picnic spots, or more dynamically, through some challenging hikes. Don’t forget to try some local culinary specialities along the way.

The park also includes Salsomaggiore Terme and Tabiano Terme.

There are four types of thermal waters at Terme di Salsomaggiore: water rich in salts and iodine, with or without iron, thermal spring water, and thermal spring water without calcium. They are at the core of the treatments offered by the Berzieri Wellness Centre, a prime example of Art Deco architecture.
You can either choose to relax in one of its 3 “Mari d’Oriente” pools—500 square metres of lights, music and water jets— or pick one of its spa treatments, which include Day Relax, an aromatherapy facial with argan oil, Day extremitas (hands or feet), an aromatherapy massage with salt and mud, and Day for Two, a couple’s massage.
Opening hours vary according to the time of the year.

Centro Termale Il Baistrocchi is the perfect place to relax after a long day’s walk. Nestled in the quiet of a centuries-old park, it offers a wide variety of treatments, combining the properties of thermal water with eastern and western massage techniques. Here you can find a hammam, a steam room with chromotherapy showers, a Finnish sauna with frigidarium, a salt-steam room, and much more.
Open all week until dinner time.

Terme di Tabiano is a thermal spa known for its treatments concerning the respiratory system and its sulphurous water, one of the best in Europe. Come here for a perfect combination of prevention and spa treatments offered by the T-SPATIUM Centre.End your weekend on a high note with thermal water and mud treatments, or by balancing your energy using the four elements with the Flumen, Meditatio, Levitas and Constantia programmes. If you just want to relax, then the Otium programme, short but very intense, is the one for you.
Opening hours vary according to the time of the year.


Situated between the provinces of Ferrara and Ravenna, it is the largest park of the region, covering over 50,000 hectares. The Po Delta Regional Park is home to a variety of animals, especially birds, which makes it a dream destination for nature lovers, biologists, tourists and birdwatchers.
It is one of the most important wetlands in Europe and includes not only natural, but also historical and cultural points of interest, such as the cities of Ferrara and Ravenna.
The park was shaped by water and its valleys, canals, reed beds and pine forests are rich in biodiversity. There are many hikes you can do around the area to learn everything there is to know about its main feature: water (be it fresh water, saltwater or brackish water).On foot or horseback, by boat, bike or motorbike: there are many ways you can explore this ecosystem, which encompasses Lido delle Nazioni, Cervia, Ravenna and Punta Marina Terme.

Thermae Oasis, the only wellness centre in the province of Ferrara, is the perfect place for families who want to relax and have fun while surrounded by nature.Take some time for yourself at the Wellness Gardens, enjoying the benefits of hydrotherapy in a beautiful rock garden inspired by Roman thermal baths. For the ultimate relaxation experience, try one of their fruit rituals or one of their pampering treatments inspired by the four elements.
Open seasonally.

At Terme di Cervia you can soak in thermal water and be lulled by the gentle sounds of the sea in the shade of an ancient pine forest.
Cervia boasts spring water rich in bromine, iodine and salts from the salt pans and mud rich in beneficial properties. There are many spa treatments you can choose from, including salt peeling and mud treatments, treatments with Dunaliella salina and glasswort. There is also a dedicated area for children.
Open seasonally.

If you are looking for another thermal spa by the sea then you can go to Terme di Punta Marina, renowned for its mineral water rich in bromine, iodine and salts as well as calcium and magnesium. Soak in the thermal water and choose among many thermal water treatments.
Our personal favourites are the body peeling treatment, pressotherapy and the special SPA programmes.
Open seasonally, closed on Sundays.


It may be the largest karst park in the Emilia-Romagna region, but it has more than caves to offer. Set in the hills of Bologna, it includes chalky outcrops and the extraordinary Abbadessa Badlands, with sinkholes, plateaus, steephead valleys and cliffs. There are over 100 cave entrances, the most famous being the Farneto and Spipola ones. The caves are home to some very interesting subterranean fauna, including some species of bats and many invertebrates that are adapted to live in underground environments.
The park is set in the hills to the south-east of Bologna, between the Savena, Zena, Idice and Quaderna creeks.

Terme Felsinee is a spa with three sulphur-bicarbonate and sulphurous water pools that differ in shape, size and depth.
It has a sauna, a hammam and a Kneipp circuit, crenotherapy in water at 37°C and specific spa treatment packages (access to the gym included): try the “de-stress” and “fitness” spa packages to kickstart your day in the best way possible and revitalise or the package to relieve the feeling of heavy legs after a hike. And what about a massage with oils, thermal minerals, honey, wild orchids, almonds and jujube fruits or even beer?
Open until after dinner time Monday to Saturday and only in the afternoon on Sundays.

Soak in bicarbonate-sulphate-calcium thermal water at Terme di San Luca, rich in 18 trace elements, to revitalise and restore your energy. There are many options for men, women and couples: de-stress, wellness and exclusive treatments to soothe your body and clear your mind. We also recommend trying sports and warm-oil massages. Open until late Monday to Friday, all day on Saturdays and until dinner time on Sundays.


The park consists of a breath-taking, silvery-grey chalky ridge crossing Romagna’s rolling hills, making this landscape truly unique and unforgettable. It is the longest and most famous chalky ridge in Italia, extending for 25 km between the Santerno, Senio, Sintria and Lamone creeks. This is another karst area with sinkholes, steephead valleys and caves, including the Tanaccia and the Re Tiberio caves. These caves are really worth a visit.

The park also encompasses the hamlet of Brisighella and Riolo Terme.

Make sure to visit the lovely hamlet of Riolo Terme and relax at Terme di Riolo, where you can soak and refuel in sulphurous-bicarbonate-alkaline water rich in sulphates.The spa, set within a century-old park, offers ancient beauty rituals, treatments promoting both mental and physical wellbeing, and natural remedies. The Wellness Centre boasts Thermarium, Thermal Pool, Kneipp circuit, Fitness Room and Outdoor Solarium. There is also a dedicated area for children.
Wellness Centre open all year, thermal spa open seasonally.

Brisighella has been known for the beneficial properties of its sulphurous thermal waters rich in salts and iodine since ancient times. Here you can enjoy four different types of treatments: hydrotherapy, air-therapy, earth-therapy, and nature-therapy.
UPDATE 2020 – The structure is currently closed for renovation.


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