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From Emilia-Romagna to Tuscany on two wheels: the Muraglione pass

by /// August 31, 2021
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For our section dedicated to Emilia Romagna by motorbike, today we propose a motorbike route on the Romagna Apennines, made of many curves, green nature and breathtaking landscapes: the Muraglione pass.

I’m telling you about one of those paths that always fascinated me, since when I was a child. A mountain pass that joins my Forlì city to the beautiful Florence, with a path that reaches 100km between winding curves and inhabited sections (Predappio-Florence).

If when I was 8 years – in the car together with my parents and my GameBoy – I used to complain for the nausea due to the number of ups and downs, today I have a lot of fun in retracing these mountain roads with my Triumph.

The starting point certainly remains Forlì, passing from Castrocaro or from Predappio, choosing one of the two valleys, in the common direction of Florence. The mileage remains virtually unchanged so the choice is yours!


From this side the path may appear a little bit longer, although it always depends on where we come from (direction via Emilia north/south), but I certainly don’t find a better starting point: a spa open 365 days a year, good food in every season and the medieval beauties of the ancient village of Terra del Sole. I don’t think it’s necessary to add anything else.

Few miles on the SS67 and we arrive in Dovadola, in the valley of the Montone River, towards Rocca San Casciano, a village surrounded by green forests and loved by the locals for his Bonfire Feast, that takes place every year in early April, between allegorical wagons, colorful costumes and high fires, to celebrate the history of the town.

Our trip on our two wheels can not end here, and we head for miles and miles on increasingly winding roads, toward San Benedetto in Alpe. Here, to defeat the heat of summer, I usually stop for a nice dip in the fresh waters of the river. The Acquacheta waterfall never betrays the expectations.

We’ve already arrived in Tuscany, meeting the Casentino Forest Park. From here in less than 5 km you reach Marradi, highly recommended in the autumn season to make a big supply of chestnuts.
Only 10 km far from San Benedetto the people’s accent is already changed, the “c” disappears, and a blink we arrive at the legendary Bar Cavallino.

San Godenzo is another obligatory stop on this mythical journey, where to find refreshment even just for a coffee and a snack, before taking on the final stretch.
But now the most is done, the pass overcome, from here we descend towards San Bavello, then to Dicomano, in the direction of San Lorenzo. And that’s it.


The parallel route to the one from Castrocaro is the one from Predappio: also going up the Rabbi valley we can reach the Muraglione pass. The provincial road 9b takes us in the direction of Tontola, famous in the summer season for its pools at Tontola Beach.
The road goes up to San Zeno and along the street you can find taverns always frequented by bikers, where you can learn what it (really) means to eat Romagna’s traditional food.

The path, with its fun bends, allows you to reach Premilcuore without any major obstacles.
Castel Dell’Alpe represents the intermediate stage, before this path rejoins the one described above at San Godenzo, the focal point of the route.

Historically the route became viable during the reign of Leopold II, Grand Duke of Tuscany. The pass rises up to 907 meters above sea level, taking its name from the large stone wall built in 1836, which allowed – and still does – to shelter when the strong winds typical of this area and the Mugello blow.

A MAP can always be useful!


Arturo Castellini

I am a curious explorer from Emilia-Romagna and usually spend my time planning my next trip, searching for the most authentic traditions of the Italian hinterland.

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