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by /// April 22, 2024
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Would you like to collaborate with our @inemiliaromagna Instagram profile and share your point of view about our beautiful region? Let’s find out how to do it.


Thanks to Instagram’s COLLAB feature you can simultaneously publish the same content on the feed of two different accounts.

This opportunity enables the two ‘collaborating’ accounts to simultaneously publish videos/photos and become co-authors of the content.

This makes it possible to add up the likes and comments received and, at the same time, for the content to be viewed by a larger number of followers.

Given this opportunity, this document aims to regulate the terms of collaboration and publishing on the @inEmiliaRomagna Instagram profile, held by the company APT Servizi srl and aimed at the tourism promotion of the Emilia-Romagna region.


One of the two ‘collaborating’ profiles creates a post by following the quick and easy steps summarised below:

  1. Choose the photo or reel to be shared;
  2. Click on the ‘Tag people’ option before publishing;
  3. Select ‘Invite collaborator’ and search for the account you want to collaborate with;
  4. Publish the photo or reel.

For these steps to be successful, the co-author must accept the collaboration by clicking on “Accept” in the notification sent as a DM on Instagram. If you do not accept the collaboration, the post only shows on the feed of the person who posted the photo or reel.


The following are required to activate a collaboration with the IG @inEmiliaRomagna profile:

  • The suggested content must be in line with the objectives of the regional tourism promotion, both on a macro and micro level;
  • The type of content published on the profile of the proposing account must be tourism, culture and art-related, and specifically aimed at the promotion of the whole Emilia-Romagna region or of a specific destination (e.g. local authorities, municipalities, DMOs, pro loco, associations, travel bloggers);
  • The collaborating accounts must not have direct or indirect commercial purposes;
  • The collaborating accounts must not mention any kind of businesses on their profile, including accommodation and/or catering facilities in Emilia-Romagna.


The shared photographs/reels must be owned by the person applying to be a contributor, whether they were materially taken by him/her, received by donation or legally purchased from third parties.

APT Servizi srl shall not be held responsible for the publication of photographs that do not comply with this conditions.


Anyone wishing to apply for this type of collaboration should send an email to and copy and

The application should include the following key points:

  • the type of collaboration you wish to start;
  • the content you would like to share;
  • the reasons behind your application.

Sending the request does not automatically result in the start of the collaboration and partnership between the parties.

The editorial office of Apt Servizi reserves the right to approve or reject the proposal received and will provide the appropriate reasons in the event of non-acceptance.

There is a maximum of 5 successful partnership requests allowed per calendar year. However, exceptions can be made e.g. in the case of partnerships carried out by Apt Servizi srl and the Emilia-Romagna Region directly, in accordance with the regional tourism promotion plans.


The two parties select the photos, agree on the copy of the post including the hashtags, set the geotag and define the date and time of publishing.

The @inEmiliaRomagna Instagram account reserves the right to be an active part of the Collab and to proceed with publishing the content itself on its profile.

On the agreed day, the @inEmiliaRomagna account prepares the post and adds the other account as collaborator, so that, once the post is published, the collaborator account can accept the request and simultaneously publish the post on its feed.

Photo Courtesy: @babilunghe via Instagram



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