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20 unique places to visit in Emilia-Romagna

by /// August 31, 2021
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A warm and welcoming region, Emilia-Romagna treats its visitors to renowned art cities and top-class gastronomy. Many other attractions remain largely undiscovered, offering a range of intriguing sights to draw you away from the beaten track.

Stretching nearly from coast to coast, Emilia-Romagna lies at the heart of northern Italy. Its many art cities are spread evenly across the region, making it easy to hop from one to the other. In between them, both lowland and mountain landscapes are dotted with historic landmarks and ancient villages, while the Riviera Romagnola takes centre stage in summer. Notoriously warm local hospitality adds to the allure, serving as a much fitting complement to one of Italy’s most celebrated regional cuisines.

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  • Garisenda Tower Ph. DebbyR via wiki
  • Torrechiara Ph. Massimo Telo via wiki
  • Parmigiano Reggiano Ph. Matt Lewis via Flickr
  • Teodorico Palace Ph. opi1010 via wiki
  • Comacchio Saltpan Ph. @francesco1978 via wiki
  • Tiberius Bridge in Rimini Ph. scorpione68 via wiki
  • Este Castle in Ferrara Ph. Vanni Lazzari via wiki
  • Malatestiana Library Ph. Boschetti Marco 65 via wiki
  • Canossa Castle Ph. Marco Cattani via wiki
  • Masone Labyrinth Ph. sailko via wiki
  • Ghirlandina Tower in Modena Ph. Angelo Nastri Nacchio via wiki
  • Bobbio Ph. Matteo Russo via Flickr


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