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Grape and wine Festivals in Emilia Romagna

by /// August 31, 2021
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September in Italy is the month of transition between summer and autumn, but in the other hand is also the month in which it is celebrated the ancient rite of the harvest.
Centuries of folk wisdom condensed in the few days of harvesting, perfected by masters whom handed down for generations the secrets of an ancient art that has shaped the landscapes of Italy.

Wine is the earth’s poetry” said once Mario Soldati, and just as there is no poetry like another, each territory gives rise to a unique wine.
The Emilia Romagna is certainly no exception. Crossing the Via Emilia from Piacenza to Rimini you can admire different vineyards: some lesser-known, others the most famous and appreciated worldwide. To celebrate this ancient rite, local people organize holidays and festivals, moments of celebration of local products which are frequently situated at the end of the harvest labors.

Today we want to recommend you some of the most important festivals in Emilia Romagna, wines festivals that celebrate local product that are the exaltation of a deeper relationship; the relationship that man has always had with the nature of our land.


Landascape of Modena Hills
Pic by Fabio Nacchio

An itinerary to discover the wines of Val Tidone is what will be offered by four towns of this Piacenza valley –Borgonovo Val Tidone, Ziano, Nibbiano, Pianello – and will focus on the traditional food and wines of this area under the watchful eye of expert sommeliers. At the 6th edition of the Valtidone Wine Fest” there will be many cultural events and shows to accompany the tastings of ortrugo, gutturnio, malvasia and passiti. Chefs will perform in exciting cooking demonstrations, guided visits will help visitors get to know the traditions and history of the Valtidone, tasty dinners will offer traditional Piacenza dishes, for a festival full of flavors. September 4, 11, 18, 25.

If you want to relive tradition and experience for yourselves what it is like to stomp grapes with your feet, here in the Castle of Gropparello (Pc) you can finally get the chance. In the foothills of Val Vezzeno, where there are many vineyards, every Sunday of the month of September you can taste local D.O.C. wines and participate in guided tours of the castle. Children can play in the Fairytale Park and have great adventures in costume.September 4, 11, 18, 25.



Bologna’s vineyards
Pic by Fabio Nacchio

The historic center of Castellarano, in the Reggio Emilia hills, with its prized city walls, the well maintained Fortress from the 15th century and the crenellated Castle, will pay tribute to the grape and to its products with a whole weekend of music and dancing, a medieval market and old games, a hobby and street market, special menus and ancient craft demonstrations. For small children, there will also be a market just for them and an area with games. The medieval dinner and the historic parade will allow visitors to relive ancient splendors. On the last evening, there will be no better way to end the day than admiring the fireworks and colors that will paint the sky.September 14-18.

The party continues with the “Provincial Grape Festival” in Riolo Terme, just inland from Ravenna, among free tastings, great food stands, markets selling local products and a lot of great music. September 16-18.

Turning 61 years old is the Grape Festival” in Castenaso, in the plains outside Bologna. To celebrate the arrival of autumn and its products there is a packed calendar of events on schedule with music shows, theater performances, sports tournaments, artistic shows, and street markets. September 16-19.


Romagna’s Vineyards
Pic by @ElisaMazzavillani

Another gourmet event awaits in San Giovanni in Marignano (Rn), with the “New Year’s of Wine”. The town will be the star of an event created especially to welcome the new wine, a party in honor of the main product of this area, the result of years of tradition. At the “Palio della Pigiatura” the town “contrade”, each one represented by a man and a woman, will face off in a grape stomping competition to win the Palio di Marignano. This is a unique occasion that recalls the parties in farmyards when the community celebrated the good moments of farming life, in particular a good grape harvest. September 25.

Castelvetro, a hillside village of the province of Modena, is a country traditionally linked to its wine production. From September 17th to 25th, the 49th edition of the Grape and Lambrusco Grasparossa Wine Festival will be held here. The event includes tastings, music, art, fun but also follow-up meetings. In the heart of the town centre 14 kiosks representing the local wine companies will become the tasting path of Lambrusco Grasaprossa between Piazza Roma square and that of the church. These stands will make you appreciate and compare the different productions as you go about after having purchased the “Grape Festival kit” (glass cup with shoulder strap, carnet for tastings and map of the route). You can also get to know some wineries participating in “Meet the Producer”, meetings aimed at understanding a company and its products to be held at the St. Anthony of Padua Oratory.


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