The water sports for a wellness Summer in Emilia-Romagna
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The water sports for a wellness Summer in Emilia-Romagna

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Wellness Valley

Wellness Valley


Wellness Valley

Wellness Valley


The beautiful Summer in Emilia-Romagna lies in the versatility of a territory that is ready to give us the opportunity to live the blue sea or, just a few steps away from it, the green of the mountain, choosing the relax away from work, or the adrenaline and love for the most extreme sport … in short, there is really for all tastes.

Today, far from wanting to sip an ice-cold drink under the umbrella, we will launch along the rugged rivers, then, as far as the sea, climb up the sweetest canyons in the canoe, observing the flora and fauna of the delta. We will challenge the rainy days by swifting up on our wicked table, ready to show Neptune how good we are to inflating the kite sails by juggling us in the air!

Discover the water sports in Emilia-Romagna with funny Summer activities.


If you are in love with slow rhythms, unspoilt nature and sunshine at nightfall, what we recommend is a lovely canoeing excursion! In the valleys of Comacchio you will be able to slip on the Po river delta, in an experience that Stazione Foce will lead you into the Fattibello valley, Spavola and Capre.

Even Ravenna and its northern shores will surely be able to conquer you, perhaps discovering the brackish lagoon of Pialassa della Baiona or the Canna Valley, where so many rare birds nest, making the area even more interesting.


An interesting sport that is able to combine physical and technical skill in mastering a medium of great potential. On the Riviera there are different nautical and sailing clubs that organize courses for all levels: from Rimini to the up to the ferrarese coasts, with the experts that will bring you to the discovery of the pleasant wind in the stern!

In the sweet as well as salty, the Suviana Lake awaits you in the Saltapicchio Adventure Park to make you sail on the eastern waters, immersed in the Suviana and Brasimone Lakes National Park, just a few steps from Bologna.


In Emilia-Romagna it is possible to seek adventure along the rivers: along the Trebbia, the tributary of Po, in the town of Cortebrugnatella, you can learn and experience everything on the river canoe. The canyoning and kayaking school awaits you for downhill kayaking and canyoning. The river Enza also has morphological features suitable for kayaking.

In the western part of the Taro and Ceno valleys, the kayak finds favorable conditions, well-known by the enthusiasts, thanks to the particular conditions of Taro, Ceno and some of their tributaries.

Even more adventurous is rafting, an unforgettable river experience, leading us to descend the river beds on the canoe. Obstacles and difficulties can be defeated by technique, and for this reason the sports centers are different. A short walk from Bologna you can go down the river Limentra, preparing the floating jacket and a beautiful paddle!


For even the most extreme, the sea is ready to give you many joys: certainly to be transported from the wind with your sail, it seems less challenging to fly flying clinging to the kite ropes! The Adriatic is good for this sport born on the white beaches of Hawaii.

The kite every year attracts more and more enthusiasts, showing them how to combine two different elements, such as water and air.
Discover the schools of the Riviera and go for the adventure!


diving school “Gian Neri” in Rimini

The underwater world is certainly very fascinating: to be immersed in the dark waters, exploring the backdrops in search of something that strikes their attention, where silence is the absolute master. Contemplation and training, in an activity that leads to discovering the wrecks, like the Paguro Wreck, a methane drilling platform inaugurated in 1963 in Porto Corsini (Ravenna), destroyed and suspended after a serious accident. Today it is visitable, between the flora and fauna of our sea, and if you are lucky to see some funny dolphins!

To dive, you need to know the discipline and the patent is necessary.
Discover the diving centers in Emilia-Romagna.


Ever banal, in an area of ​​Italy that has given the world great champions and where the tradition blends with equipment suitable for training and agony with the many Olympic pools of the resorts of the Riviera. A sport that gives wellness and health, accelerating fat mass reduction and gaining good physical fitness.

And if the chlorine frightens you, do not be afraid, take a dip at the sea and find out what it’s like to “count the buoys”, armed after arm, along the shores of our riviera!


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