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[MotorValley Presents] The Guzzi Brunelli collection in Forlimpopoli

by /// August 31, 2021
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A story of friendship and passion.

I can’t start this blogpost differently, thanks to these simple words the small Forlimpopoli Museum of Moto Guzzi was born, a unique collection dedicated to a historic brand of the Italian motoring history.


We are in Forlimpopoli, a few km from the adjacent Forlì, when Elio Brunelli in 1989 received a Moto Guzzi Falcone Tourism tour from 1953, and is love at first sight: in a short time, with is famous mechanic friend,  Vero Tumidei, begins a restoration adventure and collection of antique motorcycles.

A perfectly restored Moto Guzzi collection, following every detail, with minimality and love with the carriages of Mandello del Lario‘s home.
Thanks also to the help of Professor Augusto Farneti, famous in the antiquarian motorcycle environment for his passion for the Guzzi brand, Elio begins to personally renovate his carriages. Thus, an incredible relationship of friendship between the two is consolidated, lasting over 25 years until the master’s disappearance in May 2014.

With the passage of time the need arises to show these jewels to the world and thus begins the exhibition on Viale Roma 32 where thanks to the help of a couple of friends and their personal collections of Ducati and Lambretta, a museum dedicated to Motor Valley of Forlimpopoli, dedicated today to the late professor Farneti.

The collection

Although it is not possible to admire all the models created by Moto Guzzi, the desire was to describe the motorist experience of the Italian people from the late 30’s to the late 70’s:
Italians that find in the two wheels a perfect way to travel “the boot”, relaxing by the sea or looking for refreshment on the hills.
Moto Guzzi also boasts a number of models linked to the history of the motorway of Italian law enforcement and the Italian army, kept here with great care and passion.

With 50 different models of the Italian brand, the collection also boasts two equally interesting subdivisions dedicated to Ducati and Lambretta, guaranteed by two great friends of the owner Fausto Mazzocchi and Lotti Walter.

The bikes are all registered, approved ASIs and can therefore circulate on the road, although this is not allowed.

Our Advices

ph. perkele

A trip to Forlimpopoli for the Guzzi museum can be an opportunity to discover three different locations of the town:
if you are a fan of the art cities, medieval art, and want to rethink the history of the hamlet, a free visit to the Ordelaff Fortress is a must! Perfectly restored and preserved, though with some modification over the centuries, it is located in the center of Forlimpopoli surrounded by restaurants that will show you the happiness of the Romagna table.

A link to another passion of Emilia-Romagna…good food! Do you know who was born in Forlimpopoli? Pellegrino Artusi, father of Italian cuisine.
Discover Casa Artusi, famous for its great traditional restaurant and Romagna cooking classes.

Finally, following the fortified hills behind Forlimpopoli, you can’t not notice Bertinoro, the balcony of Romagna. Take the car and in a couple of km you can enjoy a great red wine, served with cheesecake and cold cuts, watching the sun set on Romagna, from Ravenna to Rimini, with a breathtaking view!

How to get here

The location is conveniently located a few steps from Forlimpopoli train station, in viale Roma 32, but this is a private museum  and it is necessary to agree before the meeting with the owner. Just call at + 39.0543 / 1908018 or mail and good visit!


Arturo Castellini

I am a curious explorer from Emilia-Romagna and usually spend my time planning my next trip, searching for the most authentic traditions of the Italian hinterland.

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