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Modena with its places full of history, from the plains to the Apennines

by /// August 31, 2021
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Today we bring you to the city between the Apennines and the plain, called Modena. But do not worry, it will not be a boring trip: we will travel between towns, villages and landscapes, discovering the Modenese area.

The first stage of this trip can only be Modena, capital of the province, a city rich in history and charm and very attentive to new technologies, with advanced infrastructure and museums dedicated to the engines as the MEF  (Museum Enzo Ferrari).

Piazza della Pomposa, Modena

But Modena is not only about Ferrari, a walk – obviously under the arcades – between the old shops of the old town, could lead you through the various food specialties of the city, such as traditional balsamic or parmigiano reggiano. talking about food, if you are a traditional markets lover, you will not miss a visit to Albinelli historic market, which still preserves the culinary essence of the city. But Modena is also a lots of culture and beautiful monuments to see and visit, from the Ghirlandina tower of the Cathedral, which became in 1997, together with the central Piazza Grande, a UNESCO Heritage Site.

  • Levizzano Rangone – Modena
  • Spiral staircase designed by Vignola – Angelo Nacchio
  • Campiglio
  • Savignano Alto
  • Levizzano Rangone – Angelo Nacchio
  • Fioritura Castelnuovo Rangone
  • Cycle route in Vignola – Marano sul Panaro
  • Castelnuovo Rangone centro
  • Castello di Montecuccolo
  • Poppy Fields (Formigine)
  • Enzo Ferrari Museum Modena – Luca Nacchio
  • The Vignola Fortress
  • Sassi di Roccamalatina – Angelo Nacchio

Moving from Modena to the countryside the choices are endless: moving from Castelvetro to Savignano, the hills are beautifully covered with colors in every season from Lambrusco vineyards, and the cities of the ceramic district, Formigine and Sassuolo, are embellished with castles and palaces from every era: they will captivate you.

Moving to the south, we are in the Modenese Apennines unique scenarios, with small towns-jewel which in September are setted among the green mountains. Here, countries like Fiumalbo, Sestola, Riolunato and Frassinoro make us feel at home. Not only for the beauty of the landscapes that surround them, but also for the welcome and the genuine goodness of local food, like the traditional Crescentina, cooked between the crackling of a fire.


Montecuccolo Castle

Return from the Apennines, do not miss a walk in the renaissance city of Carpi, which although hit by the 2012 earthquake, still preserves intact its timeless beauty of arcades, Palazzo dei Pio, and the beautiful Piazza dei Martiri.

In short, you have no excuse not to come and visit us!


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