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History and legends of Maioletto, the lost fortress

by /// August 31, 2021
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Maioletto was a medieval town that rose in the high Marecchia Valley, in Rimini’s hinterland. During the Middle Ages, Maioletto was an important settlement near a cliff, dominated by a fortress considered by everyone to be unbreakable until the night between May 29th and 30th, 1700. After a heavy rainfalls last almost two days, part of the hill fell off with almost all of the village and most of its inhabitants. This event marked the history of this place, after the hit by lightning occurred a few decades before that destroyed part of the wall at the foot of the fortress, and was seen as a divine punishment for the practice of the so-called angelic dances, a sort of sexual pagan rite.

The disastrous landslide put an end to the existence of Maioletto village and the surviving inhabitants dispersed through the Marecchia Valley. Today the cliff and the ruins of the fortress are surrounded by a beautiful landscape among hills, grassy clearings and woods, an ideal destination for archaeologists, botanists, rock climbers or simple hikers.

The Drone brings us to this breathtaking place and its wonderful view to the east with the magnificence of San Leo Fortress on the near cliff.

Video and text by Bacco.



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