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La |V|ia Emilia: Emilia-Romagna by Kidvikk

by /// June 17, 2021
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There are people who when they look at a monument, a panorama they view much more then what the eyes can see: they see parallel universes, alternative realities, fairytale scenarios. These people have the ability to capture the essence of what is around them, to find moments of magic in the details of the world, to celebrate the revenge of the imagination.

Vittoria, aka Kidvikk on Instagram, is one of these people: a mother-teacher-artist with a passion for photography and digital graphics. Victoria lives in Cremona but her origins are rooted in Piacenza’s hinterland, in the Lands of Verdi, and that’s why she recognizes in our Region her first home.

Today we bring you discovering Emilia-Romagna through her eyes:

  • @kidvikk | Fontanellato Fortress
  • @kidvikk | Bardi Castle
  • @kidvikk | Torrechiara Castle
  • @kidvikk | Vigoleno Castle
  • @kidvikk | Colorno Palace
  • @kidvikk | Sala Baganza Fortress
  • @kidvikk | Parma Baptistery
  • @kidvikk | Parma Cathedral
  • @kidvikk | Magnani Rocca Foundation
  • @kidvikk | Ferrara Castle
  • @kidvikk | Ferrara Cathedral
  • @kidvikk | San Romano Church, Ferrara
  • @kidvikk | Ferrara
  • @kidvikk & @iena70 | San Cataldo Cemetery, Modena
  • @kidvikk & @iena70 | Milano Marittima
  • @kidvikk | Castelvetro Piacentino
  • kidvikk | Sant’Agata



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