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Autumn horse riding in Emilia Romagna

by /// August 31, 2021
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Autumn is in full swing, the warmth of summer days has already become a distant memory and someone might even feel a sense of deep sadness looking behind. But we don’t! On the contrary, indeed: it’s right now that we can fully enjoy open-air life without the sultriness of July and August.

Don’t know what about you, but towards the end of summer, the seaside and the beaches start to be a little “straitjacket” and we feel a strong desire for something different, like a walk in the forest or a good lunch on a hill, the heat of a fireplace or the warm colors of autumn.

But how to enjoy these precious days before the coldness of winter arrives?
Well, there’s but the choice in Emilia Romagna. You can choose one of the many festivals in the little villages in the territory, have a bike ride on the hill or along the cycle paths of the Po Delta Park, you can even become a pilgrim and take one of the 18 regional walks, do high-altitude trekking on the Apennines or even something more special, like a horse ride. And it’s right this last activity we suggest you today!

Autumn horse riding in the inland of Emilia Romagna | Photo ©

Maybe it’s not the first thing you would think about when you wonder what to do in your free time, but, we assure you, it could be a relaxing and exciting experience.
The horse trek allows you to take some time for yourself and for your physical and psychological well-being.

Along the path you will have the chance to get in direct contact with nature, crossing the ancient streets that centuries ago by travellers and pilgrims. You can admire extraordinary landscapes and works of art and immerse yourself in the nature of the territory and to know in this way the profound spirit of hospitality of its inhabitants.

The great regional bridlepath

If you feel so brave and you want to try, then, Emilia Romagna is the perfect place. Maybe, not many of you know that here you will find a well-equipped and long itinerary that stretches for over 1000km: it’s the Grande Ippovia Regionale (“The great regional bridlepath”), based on an ancient network of tracks and streets.
It can be entirely travelled on a horse, stretching from the province of Piacenza up to the one of Rimini, alternating the Apennine area with pre-hill areas, the luxuriant planes of the hinterland and the wide coastal zones.

The whole itinerary is divided in several circuits. They are different from one another from a natural, a historical and a cultural point of view, which are all easy roads thanks to the detailed signage, a good organization of the rest zones and the accommodation facilities.

Well, if you want to have a break from your routine and get in touch with nature, going for a horse riding excursion can be the right solution for you. What is waiting for?


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