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Emilia Romagna’s magic tales: the fairy Bema

by /// August 31, 2021
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Her name is Fairy Bema and she’s a gentle ghost for the young brides.
She arrived for the first time in Montechiarugolo in the year 1593, during a visit that Ranuccio I made to the Earls Torelli, she proposed him to read his hand.

Castello di Montechiarugolo

Castello di Montechiarugolo – Ph. Casato dei Rossi

Fairy Bema wandered accompanied by two faithful servants, reading future to the gentlemen and common people on her way.
Ranuccio, who feared everything that concerned the occult, ordered immediately the arrest of the girl and her imprisonment in the jail of the Rocchetta, forcing her to spend the rest of her life escaping and wandering to get away from the Duke’s persecution.

She ended her life in Montechiarugolo anyway, loved and welcome by the people of the village, so much that nowadays she’s remembered as a gentle ghost who appears to the young brides the night before their wedding to teach them how to handle their new life.
It is said that on the night of the 18th of May, in the private rooms of the castle, the Ghost of the fairy Bema appears. The beautiful girl comes back to her castle hoping to see the man she loved.

castello monte


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