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Emilia Romagna: a world of Wellness to be discovered

by /// August 31, 2021
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The fine quality of life has always been an essence of Emilia Romagna’s DNA: sincere relationships, tasty cuisine, passion for sport and active life, discovery of coastal paths or in the hinterland, the allure of the villages and castles, city centres rich in history and culture. Especially the Romagna region it is the only extraordinary land capable of offering such peculiarities all together in a unique and unrepeatable holiday and life experience. The history of this region traces its roots to olden times, a heritage that still conserves today in its charming, fortified villages, forts and castles, all perfectly preserved.


If in the past the aim of these fortifications were to defend and control the area, today they stand as examples of medieval and renaissance architecture, and places where the authenticity of the people’s culture is kept alive, and still promotes the simplicity, hospitality and wellbeing of a lifestyle that is free from stress, atmospheric pollution and dense with the original values of the people that imbue the air and are handed down through the generations.


Did you know that this is the Italian region with the greatest number of cycling paths? Throughout the whole region there is a total of 8,000 kilometres for enthusiasts, among road routes and unpaved tracks, 2,000 of which in the Wellness Valley. That’s why riding a bike in Romagna is nice, easy and fun.  From urban cycle routes for families and amateurs to more demanding routes for better trained cyclists. Just get on your bike and start pedalling! There are lots of itineraries you can choose from, among those that are immersed in the natural beauty of the territory or those passing through medieval hamlets on the hinterland hills.
And when you need to recharge your batteries, take a tasty break: the local gastronomy offers excellent food and savoury specialties, great for a healthy and balanced diet.


Talking about Nature we suggest you to discover the green and uncontaminated woods where traces of the territory’s history harmonically blend with the beauty of nature and reveal the nature reserve, and uphold the wealth of the environment. Visiting the Wellness Valley means immersing oneself in an irresistibly attractive nature and landscape.

But, if you are interested to the chance to live a relaxing holiday immersed in the atmosphere of a SPA, nothing is better than Romagna. In the heart of the Wellness Valley, at the thermal baths of Castrocaro, wellness and health destination since 1838. We suggest you try the “Long Life Formula” method, designed to improve the quality of life thanks to a multidisciplinary approach aimed at the individual’s well-being.


Bagno di Romagna, surrounded by the woods of the Casentinesi forests, is the ultimate destination specialized in wellness, health and relaxation: immersed in the deep green of the Apennines of Tuscany and Romagna, its hyperthermal waters flow at 45 Celsius degrees, ideal for prevention and well-being treatments.

For all this reasons the Wellness Valley represents an innovative mentality in terms of lifestyle, food and healthy habits and the chance to live a unique experience immersed in one of the best part of the Italian territory.


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