Tasty November #inEmiliaRomagna
Food Valley

Tasty November #inEmiliaRomagna

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Food Valley

Food Valley


Food Valley

Food Valley


Chestnuts, truffles, cheeses, oil, but also Adriatic fish, special cured meats and local wines. In November Emilia Romagna offers gastronomic experiences for all the tastes. Here is a selection of events not to be missed on the next weekends (and if you want you can leave your signals and advices with a comment).

Every weekend until November 19th in different towns on Bologna’s Apennines, the local white truffle is celebrated. Gourmet food markets (and more) , delicious menus and many initiatives to tickle the taste buds and the stomachs of the lovers of this precious tuber.
For more informations and the full calendar of dates: Tartufesta 2017.

From November 1st to 5th the autumn date with the Adriatic Fish Festival is back. Along the Canal Port and the streets of Cesenatico’s historic center there are numerous ways to taste grilled fish, fries and typical seafood dishes, such as risotto alla marinara, cuttlefish with peas, passatelli with fish soup, skewers and the classic “rustide”.
All the details about the eating points and the planned activities: Fish Festival 2017.

From November 1st to 26th, Parma Lowlands enlivens with the 16th edition of November Porc. This 4-stages gourmet festival celebrates the gastronomic excellence of the area (and in particular its tasty cured meats such as culatello, strolghino, coppa and spalla cotta) with a varied program of initiatives and full themed menus in the restaurants of the territory.
The calendar is divided as follows:
November 1-5 in Sissa “Pork’s flavours”
November 10-12 in Polesine “We cook Priests and Bishops “
November 17-19 in Zibello “Pleasures and delicacies at the Court of King Culatello”
November 24-26 at Roccabianca “Harmonies of spices and herbal teas”
For more information about the planned initiatives: November Porc 2017.

From 4th to 26th of November in Imola and nearby towns of Bologna countryside, Baccanale Festival is back with an edition dedicated to “Under Ground” products: protagonists are tubers, truffles and the many varieties of garlic and onions. Numerous activities are organized in the historic center, restaurants and shops of the area, such as workshops, shows, markets, tastings and thematic meetings. All details of the program: Baccanale 2017.

On November 18th and 19th in the old town center of Talamello, a scenic village in the Marecchia Valley (Rimini’s hinterland), the gastronomic event dedicated to the local cheese is back. This unmistakeable cheese is seasoned in pits dug out of sandstone, in a tradition that has been around since the Middle Ages.
To learn more about this product and the planned events: 32^ Amber of Talamello.

On Sunday November 19th at Mulino Lentino, a small medieval hamlet nearby Nibbiano (in the province of Piacenza), the old traditions and rites of millers work (nowadays almost disappeared) resumes for a day. Here we can find markets of crafts and local organic delicacies, as well as tastings of typical local produce combined with DOC wines.
More info: Millers Festival 2017.

On Sunday November 26th Brisighella celebrates its local DOP oil (the production of which was already present in Roman times) with the 58th edition of the exhibition-market along the streets of the village. Among the stalls we can find the sought-after local extra-virgin olive oil, while in the square we can assist to the process of squeezing the olives, as well as enjoying the typical dishes accompanied by olio “novello” (new oil).
More informations: Brisighella Oil Festival 2017.



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