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Up hills and down dales: unusual routes around Rimini

by /// August 31, 2021
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Excursions, boat trips, and a millennium-old history to discover.
Spending a few days in Rimini doesn’t just mean sunbathing on the beach. A land rich in history, nature and excellent gastronomy is within reach.

Along with the classics of seaside holidays, we suggest some new and unusual routes for discovering this territory. Up hills and down dales: Rimini is going to offer you some peculiar and unique experiences.

The Valconca Route

Coriano | Ph. Riviera di Rimini

The ancient equilibrium between human activity and nature gives birth to one of the most beautiful valleys in Romagna. It is a treasure of small medieval villages, castles, and fortresses situated in a landscape that seems to come straight out of a painting. The hills descend sweetly into the sea, creating an astonishing view.

An itinerary… for those who love tranquillity, small Italian villages and their routines, and also for those who want to relax and enjoy the local gastronomic products.

Along the ridges of the Gothic Line in MTB

Exclusively dedicated to mountain bikers, this itinerary runs along the ridges of the Gothic Line where, least than a century ago, many ferocious battles were fought. It is a ring route that rides along the border with Marche, between vineyards, grain fields, and olive groves. Some unexpected glimpses of the Montefeltro hills surprise the eye of the rider.

An itinerary… for those who love cycling, but also for those wishing to approach this sport in the open air.

Balconies of Piero della Francesca – Petrella Guidi

The landscape seen in the portrait of Battista Sforza – Panoramic view above Maiolo and San Leo

The Balconies of Piero della Francesco is a route that goes through the privileged observation points of the Italian masters of painting. It is a journey back to the time of the Renaissance art, the junction point between some familiar places and the great masterpieces of painting.
Leonardo da Vinci, Raffaello, Piero della Francesco and other great artists of the past set their paintings in this hills. Many of the work we admire today in the most important museum portray this very landscape.

An itinerary… for all dreamers and art lovers

The “Città del Vino” in the Riviera di Rimini

Santarcangelo di Romagna

Rimini, Santarcangelo di Romagna, Verucchio, San Clemente, San Giovanni in Marignano and Coriano have something in common. They’re the cities of Sangiovese di Romagna, one of the most famous Italian wines.
This is a travel through the villages and the wine cellars that rely on this traditional production, in its shades and variety. This trip is specifically gastronomic; try convincing a nondrinking friend to be your driver so you can have all the sips you wish.

An itinerary… to all lovers of good food and wine

Boat Trips

Have you ever dreamed of spending a nice sunny day on a boat, sunbathing and swinging with the sea?
The chances for a small cruise are many and various, you can set sail from Rimini, Cattolica, Bellaria, and Misano. Whatever excursion you choose, just remember to bring a strong sunscreen and a hat. The sun on a boat is not the same of the land: you wouldn’t want a sunburn.

An itinerary… for those who love adventure,  sea but above all, they are looking for a fabulous tanning


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